A look at Youtube Secrets

A look at Youtube Secrets

Do you use Youtube.com?  Yeah, more than likely you do.  After all there are 4.39 billion internet users worldwide and over 1.9 billion of these people use Youtube.  So my guess is you’re probably a Youtuber too.

Well, If you’re also interested in making money online, then it’s quite possible that you may have come across people talking about Youtube Secrets when you’re browsing around on Youtube.

I’m gonna give you my own take on this program in this, my Youtube Secrets Review.   So right here in this post you’re going to find out if Youtube Secrets is a scam or if it’s legit.

Let’s hop right into it.

What you can expect to learn here?

This Youtube Secrets Review is going to open up your eyes to the inner workings of this program.  You will learn who created it, how it is supposed to work, what benefits the program promises for you and whether I consider it to be legit or not, among other things.

So what is Youtube Secrets?

Straight off the bat let me just say that there is a book out there.  Sold via Amazon with the name:  YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer.

The program under review here is not that book.  This is an entirely different and non-affiliated product.  Much more complex than a single ebook.

Youtube Secrets is actually an in depth step by step online course which makes the claim that you can learn the coveted and hidden secrets of how to make money on Youtube.

And get this.

You are supposed to earn money (and lots of it), without having to make even one video.

Youtube Secrets Surprise

When I saw that, I was definitely interested and wanted to learn about this stuff.

The program owner promises that when you complete the training you will know the exact process needed to setup your own Youtube business and generate regular monthly income on Youtube with no marketing, no filming of videos and no website either.

This promise sounds great to me, as I’ve always wanted to make money from YouTube but didn’t quite know how to even think about getting started.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to do this too?

There are people on Youtube today who earn millions of dollars US, just from being paid by Youtube for the ads seen by people who watch their videos.  So Youtube is a huge money making opportunity.

For instance check out this guy PewDiePie who is making millions on Youtube.  Can you imagine making even a couple thousand per month yourself on Youtube?

That would be cool, right?

Who’s gonna teach us how to conquer Youtube?

The creator of this program is a guy who calls himself Mike Williams.  He’s the one who wants to share all this knowledge with us.  Surprisingly, though I’ve done a fairly intensive search online for this Mark Williams and he remains surprisingly elusive.

He must be real good at keeping a low profile on the internet as well as making money on Youtube.

But anyways…

Let’s look at what YouTube Secrets is supposed to teach us

One reason that keeps a whole lot of people from trying to make money on YouTube is the lack of knowledge of how to make and edit the videos themselves, and they think they don’t have the skills to do so.

Of course that shouldn’t be much of an excuse because everyone can learn to do this if they really want to.  Another hurdle for other people is shyness or fear of appearing on camera.  This also can be overcome but that initial first step can be hard to make, I know.

But not to worry.  As mentioned before YouTubeSecrets or UTubeCash as it seems to have been called before is supposed to remove that hurdle.

You are supposed to learn:

How to find a virtually unlimited supply of Youtube videos that are copyright free.

How to repurpose these videos for your own use, and make money from them.

How to create really compelling titles for ‘your videos’.

Edit your videos.

How to choose the best keywords for your videos and avoid being penalized by Google.

How to increase the number of views to your videos.

How to increase your Youtube subscriber count.

Proper SEO for your videos.

Upload your optimized video to earn.

How to spend only a minimum of 30 minutes per week to earn a substantial monthly income.

Sounds intriguing I think.

So what’s with Youtube Secrets?

Let’s take a closer look inside and find out.  Come on and follow me down this rabbit hole.

Youtube Secrets Members Area

Above is a rendition of what the Members Area of the YoutubeSecrets website looks like, and here’s what you will find when you click each of the 8 sections you see represented in that image.

Member area sections

Step By Step Video Tutorials

Clicking the link to this section takes you into the Video tutorials and lectures available to you as a part of this make money with Youtube course.  You will find a total of 31 videos in this section.

These videos include titles such as:

Welcome to making money on Youtube

Video Editor Introductions

YouTube Video Editor How To

Advanced YouTube Settings

Descriptions are very important

Importance of Thumbnails



More views, more money

YouTube Earning Calculator

Or the YouTube Money Calculator as it is properly called is a calculator with which you are able to calculate how much money you will make on a daily, monthly and yearly basis from the number of views your videos get as well as the CPM or the rate you get paid per 1000 impressions.

Of course all this calculator can do is tell you how much you will earn if you get the number of views that you have entered into the calculator.  At this point that serves as nothing more than wishful thinking.  making your eyes see only dollar bills.

You gotta get those views to make those $$$ real.

Ebooks and Bonuses

In this section you will find 9 ebooks with the following titles.

The Secret to Building Your YouTube Business

3 Keys to YouTube Audience success

Viral YouTube traffic

YouTube Video Marketing For Business:  Tips & Techniques

Success in 10 Steps

Success Attitudes

Success: 30  interviews with Entrepreneurs & Executives

8605 Niche Marketing Words and Phrase That Sell Like Crazy

Niche Finder Mechanics

YouTube Secrets - Social media secrets

Social Media Secrets Tutorials

This section contains 22 more tutorial videos.  This time with instructions on how to market successfully on social media, plus 1 additional bonus video on, Shameless Self-Promotional Information.

YouTube Secrets Ebook

As mentioned earlier.  This is not the YouTube Secrets ebook written by Benji Travis & Sean Cannell, that you find on Amazon.

Instead this book is titled.  YouTube Secrets:  How to Make $1000 per day with YouTube Videos.

Tools & Resources

Here you have some tools and resources to help you with your moneymaking on Youtube.  There are a total of 20 different tools and resources and I was able to check through all of them.

Some of them seem to be really cool.  However, some of the others – Not so cool.

Tips and Tricks

This section gives you 11 tutorials dealing with strategies on how to grow your YouTube channel, how to never have your channel taken down, how to never run out of new video ideas and how to grow even if you have 0 views and 0 subscribers.

Interesting stuff, but I mean if you have 0 views and 0 subscribers.  The only thing you can realistically do, is grow.  Well unless you’re gonna stay forever at 0.


This area is where you are supposed to go if you need to make a general enquiry, report a lost password, request account support, request a refund or an instant membership cancellation.

There you have it.  We’ve been down the rabbit hole and come out the other side.  Now let’s look at some other things related to this program and our YouTube Secrets review.

How much does this program cost?

If you’re interested in this How to make money on Youtube program, then you can get started with a 7 day free trial that only costs $1.

If you like the program and decide that you want to continue after that 7 day period it is going to cost you $27 per month, recurring cost for as long as you stay subscribed.

Who is the program for?

In my opinion it’s for anyone who has $27 per month to spend and doesn’t rightly know of anything constructive to do with that money.  But hey!  That’s just my opinion.

The website says that the program is for YOU!Who Is Youtube Secrets For

Ok, so we’ve taken a look at the program.  Now let’s look at what I see as the pros and cons of Youtube Secrets.


Low initial price point.  At just $1 for the 7 day trial the program is relatively cheap to try.  Just make sure you get out even before the 7 days are up if possible.

Good amount of material in the members area.  I must admit that I was impressed by the number of videos tutorials and other resources that were compiled to put this program together.

Makes great promises.  Imagine making up to $10,000 per month off a huge marketplace like the Youtube market.  And what if you’ve always been interested in finding a way to make money on Youtube without videos.

Or alternatively, even trying to come up with a viable way to make money on Youtube videos.  Meaning other peoples videos of course.

If you were a person interested in any of these things and you came across this program, I bet you would be immediately interested because of the promises made about the program.

International business opportunity.  According to the website FAQ’s this business can be done from anywhere in the world.  It doesn’t only work for those who live in the USA.

60 day money back guarantee.  This is another amazing positive.  I mean, who does this.  A whole 60 days within which you can request your money back.


Can’t make money right away.  To even be considered to make money with a Youtube channel you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 watch hours over the course of the past 12 months.  That takes time to build.

While i definitely don’t believe in any program that promises instant money making.  I added this to my list of cons because quick money seems to be one of the basic tenets of this program, and its just not possible to make 1 cent without first accumulating those subscribers and watch hours.

Program material is free online.  Some of the content in the program is freely available for download online.  For instance I’ve found Viral Youtube Traffic, Success in 10 Steps, 8605 Niche Marketing Words and Phrase That Sell Like Crazy.  All free to download from websites on the internet.

Mike Williams seems to be a pseudonym.  As I mentioned earlier in this review.  I was not able to find a Mike Williams that was associated with the website and online business Youtube Secrets.

That was very strange to me and led me to the assumption that this was only a pseudonym.

Youtube Secrets - Mike Williams

Where are you Mikey.  Are you for real?  Or maybe just a Fiverr created figment of the imagination?

Yes folks, it seems this guy in the picture above is actually a Fiverr actor.  One who does gigs as a video spokesperson promoting companies.  Check it out!Youtube Secrets - Fake Mike Williams

Do you see a resemblance there between the actor and the fictitious Mike Williams.

Hell yeah!!

Kudos to the actor though.  After all he was only doing a job, and he did a pretty good job of it too.  I hope he gets lots of acting jobs as he’s darned good at it.

Kinda makes you wonder about all those people who did testimonials on the site too.  Doesn’t it?

What’s your take on the matter.  Do you think they’re actors as well?

The  business idea is unethical to say the least.  I mean the whole idea of “hijacking” and repurposing someone elses Youtube video as your own kinda leaves a sour taste in my mouth.   Besides isn’t there a word for that kind of stuff?

Name changed.  It seems as if YouTube Secrets was once called UTubeCash.  Not sure when the name change took place but I know it was called UTubeCash back in 2018.  I wonder why the name was changed.  Or should we say, repurposed.

Mysterious pricing.  The pricing of this product is a mystery to say the least.  Yes it’s all well and good that you try it out for only $1, and it’s even ok if you have to pay $27, in a matter of 7 days.  Unless you opt out by that time.

What is a mystery to me is the recurring $27 per month.  Why do buyers need to pay this sum every month?  There doesn’t seem to be anything else to the program other than what you get access to with that very first $1.  There is no additional training to come later, no additional products to buy.

Strange, to say the least.

So what do you think about the program i’ve shown you here today in this YouTube Secrets Review.  Have you managed to come to a conclusion on the question of whether YouTube Secrets is a scam or if it is legit after all.

Here are my thoughts on the question.

The Verdict

YouTube Secrets Review - The Verdict

I think that the YouTube Secrets program does have a lot of information for members.  However as i discovered some of that material is available elsewhere for free and i also found some of it to be outdated and therefore practically useless.

I also am not a fan of the basic premise on which the program is based.  That is taking another person’s Youtube videos and repurposing it to make money as your own.  That’s unrealistic and downright dishonest in my opinion for one thing.  Then of course there are copyright issues as the video belongs to someone else.

You may even be asked to take down your video by the original owner.  Then there are the Google algorithms that will penalize you by not sending traffic your way.

All in all.  Definitely not a good idea.

Other concerns are the fake name of the owner.  The actors used to try to try to convince us about how much of an awesome program this is, and finally the cost.  What is that recurring $27 for actually?

Now i don’t want to call the program a scam, but i definitly think it is kinda shady and i give it a total thumbs down.

I recommend that you pass this one by.  However if you feel otherwise then i would recommend that you go through as much as you can in that 7 day trial period.  If you still want more after that, then my recommendation is for you to finish the training.

Download what’s available to you and then hightail it out of there as soon as you can.  Instead of sticking around to pay multiple installments of $27 unneccessarily.

Top Recommended Way To Make Money

Best Alternative

If you’re really keen on being able to make money online and understand that making this money requires some work then i]ve got the ideal training program for you.  This program will help you to succeed whether you aim to make money on Youtube, make money with affiliate marketing, with your own e-commerce store, your own courses, etc.

Or whatever other kind of opportunity online.  You will learn just how to succeed in your business.  Click the image above to get started towards your better future today.


If you have any experiences with this make money online program and would like to share the experience with us, please leave a comment below.

We would really like to hear from you.

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