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Have you been trying to make money and not getting anywhere?  Plagued with the malady of empty pockets and the wrong fixed mindset for money.

Whether you’ve been trying to make money online or offline and irrespective of which country you live in or which method you’ve been using to try and make money.  This article is for you. 

If you seriously want to change your money situation, then this is a must read.  

So read on and learn of the shocking revelations about you, about money, and why money seems to have been keeping its distance from you in the past.

Be prepared though.  You’re going to have to ask a few questions of yourself.  Questions, whose answers might just come as a total shock to you, but which will eventually help you to remove the obstacles between you and the riches that you so rightfully deserve.

How do you feel about money?

Yes I know that sounds like a crazy question and of course the answer seems to be so obvious, so easy.  A total no brainer.  You love money, right?  You love it so much that you feel you just can’t get enough of those little bits of paper and metal coinage.

So why are you experiencing an entirely different reality?  Why are your pockets empty instead of overflowing with so much money that you have no idea what to do with it.

Because of the reality we are experiencing this is the very first question we need to ask ourselves.  To arrive at an answer you need to take a 20 minute break from your busy schedule.  Grab a pen and a notebook or a piece of paper.  Find somewhere where you can sit comfortably, and undisturbed.How do you feel about money

Then ask yourself these questions one by one.  

How do i really feel about money?  (Is money a good thing or a bad thing?)

Why do i want money?

Do i believe within myself that i deserve to have a lot of money?

How much money do i want to have?

If i was rich.  What would i do with my money?

Ask yourself the questions and allow yourself to be totally relaxed, as relaxed as possible, with your mind free of everyday distracting thoughts.

Quietly write down the answers that come to you from your subsconscious mind in response to each question.  Then move on to the next one on your list.

At the end of your 20 minutes while still remaining relaxed.  Take a look at the answers you put down to your questions.  If the exercise was done as explained then you now have in front of you your deepest feelings about money.  This is the basis for your current fixed mindset about moneymaking online and offline.

Reasons for negative feelings about money

The majority of us worldwide grew up hearing things like “Money is the root of all evil”, “rich people only got rich at the expense of others”, “I’d rather be happy than rich”, money doesn’t grow on trees and all sorts of other negative sayings and beliefs.  

Hearing all this and being exposed to all the negativity surrounding money from the day we were born until this moment has caused us to develop a deep seated expectation that all this negativity is true.  What this serves to do is keep money away from us.  

Change your Mindset To Money

We repel money like magnets with opposite polarities repel each other.  From out mouths and our conscious thoughts we shout.  “I want more money”, I need more money for this, or for that”, but deep down in our subconscious.  Deep in the core of our being, in our psyche we are exuding an energy and a vibration that actually says different.

This vibration is not in tune with money and therefore pushes it away from us at a subconscious level.

To get over this hurdle and change our thoughts and our vibration about money so that it is drawn to us and us to it, we have to change our thoughts about money and its availability for us.  We have to change our mindset for money.  This means changing our built up negative subconscious programming for money.

Change your mindset to money

You can do this.  Totally change the way you feel about money.  The very first step towards achieving this end is to deprogram all that crap that your subconscious was programmed with from birth.  It’s a daunting task i know because this stuff has been fed to you all your life.

Begin by changing the way you talk about money and money related things.  Remove the negatives from your vocabulary and from your thoughts as well.  

Whenever a thought like “I don’t have enough money for” pops into your head immediately mentally arrest that thought and replace it with something positive like “I have enough money” or “I always have enough for” and if you mistakenly speak such a negative, then you should also immediately stop and replace with positive words.

This simple mental hack will begin to change the orientation of your subconscious mind towards money.

“Never believe that you don’t have enough money, for anything at all”.        <–  Click To Tweet

Put your past money situation behind you.  Forget about the money issues you had in your past.  Those issues are in the past and dwelling on them will only keep you in that past situation because your energies, your vibration will still be those of those bad times.

Create a new money vibration for yourself.  One where you are attracting wealth in all it’s forms to yourself like a magnet.  Create this vibrational energy within and around you and money just can’t help but come to you.  This happens as a result of ohe of the basic laws of our universe.  

The Law of Attraction which states that similar vibrational energies are drawn to each other.  Always, everytime with no exceptions.  

So basically if you create a vibration of having the money you want, both from your business and every other aspect of your life.  Then money will automatically be drawn to you.  Like a moth to a flame.

Always be grateful.  Cultivate a habit of being grateful for what you currently have in your life.  Not just the money you have but gratitude for everything.  If you have an attitude of gratitude, you will find that additional things are constantly being provided for you to be grateful about.  Of course this will include money too.  So cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Money is not hard to come by

This might sound shocking to you, but it’s true.

Money is not hard to come by, unless you convince yourself that it is.      <—  Click To Tweet

By telling yourself that lie and then allowing that negative thought and other connected thoughts that come along with it to become your habitual way of thinking.  You allow those negative vibrations of thought to coalesces and as you believe the lie more and more it becomes your very reality.  

So if your current mindset about money is that it is very hard to come by and you have to work your butt off to get a little bit of it, then just remember you created that situation of lack.  You created that reality just by your habitual way of thinking about money.  Use the methods as discussed above to change that reality.

Here’s a little bit of proof that money is not hard to come by at all.

Look at some of the Youtube stars.  Making money enjoying themselves.  Just last night i was watching a very young Youtube couple, not more than 25 years old with a subscriber base of 5.83 million subscribers on Youtube.  They make a ton of money just having fun.  

They travel the world first class and blog about the exotic places they stay.  I’ve seen them blogging from Bali, Thessaloniki, Jamaica, The Maldives among other places.  See for yourself.  Their Youtube channel is named De’arra & Ken 4 Life.

Then there’s PewDiePie who has 102ange  million subscribers on his Youtube Channel, and what does PewDiePie do?  He plays games on Youtube and reviews them as well as doing podcasts.  He’s been doing this for the past 10 years and is now worth $30 million US dollars.

Next up is Mr. Ryan Kaji from the Ryan’s World channel, who has 22.4 million subscribers.  The amazing thing about Ryan is that he’s only 8 years old, but people love to see him playing with his toys and stuff.  For that Youtube pays him and his family some pretty decent money.

And just so you don’t get the feeling that this is only a thing for 8 year olds and 20 somethings, let me introduce you to Mastanamma, who’s a 100+ year old grandmother from India.  The channel she’s on is named Country Foods and features traditional Indian cooking done by grandma Mastanamma herself.

Another Youtube oldie but goodie is Mr. Tim Rowett, who at 77 has a whopping 1.31 million subscribers on his Youtube channel Grand Illusions.  Of course with over 1 million subscribers, Youtube has to be paying him a pretty hefty sum as well, and what does Tim do on his channel?  He does videos about toys, optical illusions and puzzles.

So there you have it.  We’ve discussed our relationship with money, the way we think about it and the obstacles that we might have blocking us from achieving our true wealth that we deserve.  We’ve also looked at ways to solve it and proven that making money doesn’t have to be hard work as we were taught by our mentors.

Who unintentionally and unknowingly misled us because this is what they were taught themselves all their own lives.

Armed with all this knowledge we can now go out and totally change our fixed mindset for moneymaking online to one that will bring us success in our online or offline businesses and wealth in every other area of our lives.

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