Yes, you can make money with a free website!  I’m positive about that.  There are many things that I do not agree with online, and one such is the misconception that a lot of people have regarding the idea that you need to ‘have money to make money’.

In today’s day and age, there is no need to actually spend money to get a website up and running. Nor is it hard to do it for free either. If you can consistently produce quality content that can generate and keep an audience, you can make money with a free website.  Not a lot of people realize it but this can be done by anyone.

Make money with a free website

There are many free web service providers that can be used to establish every kind of website, be it for the purpose of running a business, keeping a personal journal or creating a website for whatever other reason you may have. So, if you are seeking to find the best way to earn money online for free then this does not have to be a hard, daunting task to accomplish.

The really important thing to consider is what you do once your new website is established.  So here are some available options for monetization.

Make easy money online with Google AdSense

This is perhaps the most famous and the easiest way of making money online with a free website. The only thing you have to do is sign up for AdSense. After that Google provides a very specific code which you place on your website.  This causes the relevant advertisement to be shown to your sites visitors.

A very simple example of this is, if you have a website about dieting or weight loss, advertisement related to dieting or weight loss will be shown, like herbal tea, diet programs etc. Once visitors click on the ads, you will be paid for each visitor that clicks an ad (how much you get paid varies according to where the viewer is from).

The only part of this arrangement that you need to be cautious about is avoiding the violation of any of the Google AdSense policies (shown when you sign up for AdSense, so make sure you read them) The company is incredibly strict about all this, and are very quick to disable the AdSense account of anyone who commits an infraction.  So perhaps just this once, do not ignore the terms and policies.

Selling website ad space for Direct Ads

Instead of using Google AdSense, it is possible to directly sell companies ad space on your site. Simply browse for websites connecting businesses with advertisers.  Sign up with these sites, and after signing up, it is possible to approach companies willing to pay for ad space.

There are two legit ways to earn extra income online this way. One is somewhat similar to AdSense, you get paid upon how many people visit your website and view the ad. However, by using this method your income will then be drastically affected by how much traffic is generated by your website each month.

The other way is to be paid up front every month by the company.  This is done by setting up prices for different ad spaces. For example, side banner ad space, pop up ads etc. Your prices will depend upon what you think your website is worth. If you get less traffic but it is regular and the ad is related to your website, you can name a high price for your ad space.

Sponsored posts and articles

This is also a very effective way free websites make money. Basically, businesses pay you to post content that familiarizes your audience with their products and services. An example of this is Kylie Jenner posting a picture with Sugar Bear Hair bottles on Instagram.

Make money with a free website - Kylie Jenner

Photo by Walt Disney Television  CC License

(Now who would’nt want to buy Sugar Bear Hair Care from that beautiful young lady)

While most website owners cannot expect a million dollars per post, a lot of money can still be earned this way. The only requirement is a steady traffic flow, which can be achieved by posting regularly.  Once that is achieved, website owners can approach businesses related to their own niche.

For example, if I run a website that informs my audience about the latest sports news, I can approach any sports gear business, ranging from small local businesses to Adidas. All depends upon the amount of traffic on my website.

By creating reviews, writing posts mentioning the business sponsoring you, and recommending their products and services to your audience, a fair amount of money will be paid to you. However, you should take care not to deliver unauthentic information, as it will reflect poorly on you and will definitely affect your audience negatively.

Sell your own product

Most of us think that only celebrities can sell their own products, however, it is possible for any website owner to create their own products and sell them to their audience. It is, of course, easier to sell merchandise when your audience is emotionally invested in your content.

If you are a daily vlogger, a shirt or a phone cover with a common quote of yours may be quite a treat for your audience. On the other hand, if your content is not personal, the products you make and sell have to be related to your niche. If you post about food, it would not make sense to sell fashion accessories.

Make sure the product you design is something your audience would be interested in buying. After that, you can market the product for free on your website.

While designing products may require some investment, there are websites that allow you to design products for free. However, they take a percentage of the amount paid by the customer.

Create a Job Board

This is a unique way of making money from a free website. Businesses will post about their job vacancies on your job board. Your viewers will see these postings and apply. To make money from this method, you will need to charge a job posting fee, which can be in any range, mostly depending upon your niche and your audience.

Make money with a free website - Job board

It is common to charge $50 USD – $500 USD per posting. The only downside is that if not many people apply to the jobs posted, businesses might refrain from posting jobs on your job board.

Offer your services

A good way to earn money online from a free website is to sell your services to your audience. This can be done in many ways. By adding a ‘hire me’ button to your main page, you can get some job offers from an engaged audience. Even if your website does not reflect on your expertise, you can still earn money online through creating a course.

For example, if you run a successful website that posts the latest fashion trends, you can create a course to teach your audience exactly how you set up your website to gain traffic.

It is quite normal to charge a lot for such courses as you are selling secrets of the trade, so expect to earn a lot from this if your audience members sign up for it. To decide the exact price, simply think of the degree of advantage your course offers and charge accordingly.

It is imperative that you be sincere in what services you offer, as it can damage your credibility if any unsatisfied customer gives you a negative review.

Host paid webinars

While you run the risk of being called a sellout, this is a great way to make money from a free website. Just make sure the webinar is about something your audience members would pay to see. If you run a website giving advice to freelancers, you can offer them potential business leads.

Another idea you could leverage is to invite experts on related subject matters to be a guest on your webinar and provide your audience with tips and tricks on how to achieve success.

Keep the charges reasonable to ensure more people will join your webinar.

Sell your website

This suggestion may seem a little heart-breaking if you are emotionally invested in your websites. However, the amount businesses offer to buy your website for will surely make you feel better. It is very common to sell websites for 24,000 USD to 36,000 USD, If your website earns 1000 USD per month.

You can make money with a free website - For Sale

The amount you can ask for also depends on the kind of website you set up. If it is subscription based, businesses offer more but if it is content based the amount offered will be lower.

So if you have a flair for marketing, keep setting up free websites, promote them, and then sell them for insane amounts of money. If you work on a website for three years and sell it for 120K, it will be like earning an extra 40K every year, in addition to the revenues you earned through the website before you sold it.


Getting donations from your audience simply depends upon their level of engagement and sentimental investment in your content. Even if you have a very small set of viewers but they regularly visit your website, there is a very good chance that if you ask for donations, they will respond.

Affiliate Marketing

The term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ means promoting another business and earning money in the form of commissions. Businesses who want to expand their customer base create partnerships with independent affiliates (website owner, social media experts etc.), who then promote their products and services using product reviews and other methods.

For each sale generated in this way affiliates earn a commission which is a percentage of the total purchase price. When these commissions reach a certain value, they can be withdrawn to a Paypal account etc. The advantages of this method are that you do not need a large audience, you do not need to carry inventory and you can have many sources of income at the same time by signing multiple partnerships with different businesses.

Make money with a free website - WA

To ensure the success of your affiliate program, make sure the business you partner with is relevant to your niche, and be honest about the details of the product. This will result in positive reviews and in turn more sales and more money.

There is a program you can take a look at, which will provide all the necessary training you will need to get you started making money in affiliate marketing.  Any question you want to ask relating to niche marketing, affiliate marketing, website building and money making online will be answered for you within this program.  You will also get free websites plus free hosting for these sites.

Basically, you get all that you need to be successful online.  All in one place, with continuous 24 hour support.  And best of all.  You can have all the above for free.

So click the link here to benefit from all this.

All of the methods I’ve listed are ways to earn money online worldwide. By using a combination of these, it is possible to earn a very large income through a free website. No investment, no problem!

Don’t wait!  Chart your course to success online using the information you were presented with here.

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See you on the next post.

To your online success!

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safia · at 3:47

Hi friend,

I really learn new things today from your post. Host paid webinars is the new piece of info for me today. 

All the above ways to monetize website never work if the website is without traffic yet (new website). The traffic can be driven by quality contents. This is such a great way to help the audience. for example, Google Ads never validate your request if website has no sufficient traffic.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us so we can be great all together.

    Donald · at 11:14

    Glad i could help you to understand a little bit more Safia.

Shanta Rahman · at 10:49

Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Currently there is no need to spend money to create and run a website .If I consistently create and maintain quality content, then I can make money through a free website and I get it. That is why it is possible to make money through free websites .The most popular and easiest way to make money online through the Google AdSense Free website .I have a website about weight loss and show ads about diet or weight loss here. Visitors to herbal teas, diet programs, etc. who click and buy an ad and I make money .I get paid for how many people view and advertise on my website .How much traffic I have been able to generate each month affects my website drastically and can make a lot of money .Another way I found this through your article is Sponsored Posts and Articles. Through your article I found that it is also a very effective way to make money .

I will definitely try to make money from here I hope I will succeed and share my new experience with you soon .

    Donald · at 11:16

    You got it Shanta. I’m looking forward to hearing of your success at making money with your free website.

Ben · at 10:32

A wonderful, fantastic and very informative post!

Honestly, I did not know that there are other ways to earn online and I do like all the ideas you have posted.

This can help me a lot with my journey in online marketing.

By the way, I really learned  so much just by reading this so I would like to thanked you for that.

    Donald · at 11:20

    Thanks for stopping by Ben. I’m happy that you learned something here. Helping people to learn about and understand all facets of doing business and making money online is my aim with online money gigs.

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