I used to ask myself.  What is Etsy and what are they about?  Do you have any ideas concerning this?  Is Etsy safe to buy from?   Is it safe for international sellers?

If you’ve been thinking of doing a bit of shopping online for hand-crafted items like jewelry, craft pieces, or any interesting and unique pieces of art or other crafted pieces. 

Or you’re an artiste looking for a place to sell items like those described.

Then you might just have seen or heard the name Etsy mentioned somewhere in all of that.

What is Etsy?

The name Etsy doesn’t really give a clue in regards to what they’re all about does it?  So I decided to take a look into it myself. 

Read on to hear about what I found out.

Etsy is an online e-commerce platform which provides a community marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet and do business. 

The platforms main focus is directed towards unique and vintage products, lots of which are actually hand-made by the hundreds of designers, crafters and artistes who run e-commerce shops on Etsy.

It’s sort of like a combination of an online marketplace like Ebay and a huge craft fair.  A shopper on Etsy can browse through a huge range of goods. 

There are 15 top level categories and hundreds of sub categories ranging from new-born baby accessories to hand crafted shoes, clothing, jewelry and even such items as baked goods.

Signing up and opening your Etsy shop

Have you ever wondered about how to sell on Etsy?

First of all, you have to create an Etsy seller account.  To do this go to the Etsy webpage.  Click Sell on Etsy at the top right of that page, then Click the option to open your Etsy shop.

Provide your correct email then click continue.  Or alternatively Click Continue with Facebook or continue with Google

Select the correct options for your language and country, then click Save and continue.

Next step.  Choose your desired shop name and then add the items you want to put on Etsy for sale.

Choose your desired method of payment.  These will be the methods that your visitors to your shop are able to use to pay you for your items.

Payment methods

The methods that you have available to choose from include.

Etsy Payments – This is Etsy’s own unique method of payment, and is also the main payment method used on the Etsy platform. 

It’s not available in all countries though, so you will need to check the list of available countries to see if your country is among them.

Paypal – You can setup your own Paypal account to receive payments from shoppers.

Check or Money Order – To setup payments using one of these two methods first select Payment by Mail from the Accepted Payments list.  Then input the address you want to use to receive these methods of payment.

After you’ve finished inputting your information you may be required to enter your Credit Card information to complete the process of opening your shop depending on your country of residence. 

Etsy says that all card information entered on their site is secured by encrypted secure socket layer technology (SSL) therefore your details are supposedly safe.

When you’ve finally finished entering all the required details for your new Etsy shop you need to click Open Your Shop to complete the process.

Is it safe for International sellers

The answer to this question is definitely yes.  Etsy is a global marketplace and accepts sellers from all over the globe to take part in it’s business as sellers of merchandise. 

The apparent idea behind this marketplace is to operate like a global craft market where buyers can come to find a huge array of unique and truly rare vintage and hand crafted items created by artisans from all over the world.

For international Etsy sellers one benefit of being on this platform is that you get the opportunity to showcase your wares to people from all over the world.  Also in some cases you are able to earn more money for your merchandise than if you were to sell it back in your own country.

There is an available list of countries where Etsy payments are currently acceptable.  People who live in these countries are able to create an account and become a seller on the platform.

These are the countries that are currently on the list.








Czech Republic







Hong Kong









New Zealand











United Kingdom

United States

However, if your country is not listed among those on the list, then it does not necessarily mean that you cannot get in on the International business opportunity that this platform provides.

Once you are able to create a Paypal account, you can link that Paypal account to your Etsy store and receive payments via that method.

Why sell on Etsy?

Etsy provides a place online to sell your goods to the world, instead of selling only in a local community based markets or craft fairs.

This is a trusted platform.  There already are a lot of persons who know that this is a site that they can trust because in some cases they have already bought items successfully. 

In other cases they may know someone who has made a purchase and received the item they bought ok.  This builds a level of trust and these people are your prospective customers when you open your store.

The fees you pay as a seller are quite inexpensive.  For instance, you list your item for $0.20 USD and this list remains active for 4 months.  When you get a sale you pay 5% transaction fee and a 3% transaction fee plus $0.25 in payment processing fees.

Other considerations concerning what it costs to do such a business if you were to attempt it on your own include the cost of setting up a website, web hosting for that website, a shopping cart and possibly also a merchant account for your business.

When you consider these factors among others you will realize that setting up on Etsy instead of on your own is actually more economical.

At the ending of 2018 this marketing platform was hosting over 60 million items for sale and had roughly 2 million sellers all over the world.

Buying from Etsy

Buying from Etsy is even easier than it is to setup as a seller.  You can buy some items on Etsy as a guest, while others will require you to create an account to complete your Etsy purchases.

To get started making your Etsy purchases go to the Etsy website and browse the available categories and subcategories until you find the items you wish to purchase.  When you find an item click Add To Cart.

Etsy Baby Accessories

When you’ve finished selecting items click Proceed to Cart.  At that point you can choose to continue your checkout as a guest.  Or you can opt to create an account and then complete checkout of your Etsy order.

Whichever way you choose your payment is secure and your credit card information is safe.

This is what I was able to find out about Etsy.  I know that lots of people worldwide have been asking themselves and others questions like;  what is Etsy and is it safe, is Etsy reliable, is Etsy trustworthy.

There are quite possibly a whole lot of other questions that are being asked around the world about the Etsy marketplace.

I hope I have been able to answer some of these questions satisfactorily and helped to show you that this marketplace as it stands right now in August 2019 is a worthy place for both sellers and buyers of handcrafted and vintage products among other things.

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