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Welcome to my Usana Health Sciences Review. It is my aim with this review to provide an unbiased look at the company that bears the name Usana Health Sciences, as well as the Usana products and the business opportunity that it offers to people like you and me in over 20 countries worldwide.

Let’s begin this review of the company by taking a quick look at the man who founded the company back in 1992, out in West Valley City, Utah U.S.A.

Usanas’ Founding Father

That man is Dr. Myron Wentz. He is the visionary scientist and entrepreneur who was able to transform his dream of a Nutrition and Health Sciences Company into the reality that it is today.

A truly global entity worth $1.5 billion USD, with its’ stocks (USNA) publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The Wentz Mission

Doctor Wentz has stated that his mission is to help people to live healthier lives through scientific research, advanced nutritional products, cutting edge medical facilities and progressive humanitarian work.

It seems he has been doing just that from the 1970s onwards.

In 1974 Myron Wentz founded Gull Laboratories. Gull Labs began as a one-man operation and it was here that he developed a test for diagnosing the Epstein-Barr virus, which is one of the viruses in the herpes family.

He also developed over 30 other tests, but that one for Epstein Barr has gotten the most acclaim.

As mentioned earlier, he went on to create Usana in 1992. Then 6 years later, In 1998 he founded the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico.

The Sanoviv facility is a fully licensed hospital and health resort offering a unique blending of conventional, alternative and integrative programs geared at helping people to maintain their good health and also treat a wide range of illnesses.

Usana Health Sciences Review - Sanoviv Medical Institute Mexico

Interesting Facts About Usana Health Sciences

Company Facts

Usana Health Sciences is a Direct Sales Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM) that manufactures high quality science-based dietary and nutritional supplements as well as personal care products.

At the moment there are at least 20 subsidiaries of the parent company which mostly seem to be Usana branches in different countries.

This business is better than MLM

However, among these subsidiaries is Pet Lane Inc. based in California, USA, which manufactures and markets pet products.

There is also BabyCare Ltd., which is a direct selling company based in Beijing, China that has operations in 21 cities and 16 provinces in China. The company develops, manufactures and sells nutritional products with special emphasis placed on products for infant nutrition.

In essence, BabyCare is an MLM company operating in China that pays commissions to its’ distributors.

Usana Health Sciences Review - Usana Babycare products

As a result of the Direct Selling and Multilevel Marketing business model that Usana uses it is unlikely that you will ever find the products on store shelves.

Instead, the products are marketed by affiliated Direct Sellers or a Usana Health Sciences Independent Sales Associate as the company calls them.

Associates are compensated via commissions on their own sales and the sales of each of their business centres which contain two legs of downlines, multiple levels deep.

I know that little bit there might be a bit confusing, but I promise I will explain later on as I look at the Compensation Plan for the Usana Independent associate.

Usana currently has over 1900 employees worldwide. I’m talking about actual company employees, not the Usana Multi Level marketers AKA Associates.


On March 8, 2019, Usana Health Sciences, Inc. received the BioTechnology Award For Health Supplement Company of the Year 2019. They won the same award in 2018 as well.

Other awards won in 2019 include:

Best of State Award
– Usana won the award for 4 categories
Stevie American Business Awards
– This time winning awards for 3 categories
Direct Selling News Global 100
  – USANA ranks 18th among the top revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world.
Some of these awards the company has won consecutively year after year. In fact since its’ inception in 1992 the company has won over 700 awards at local, national and international levels.

Usana Health Sciences Review - Usana wins awards

Team Usana

There are over 2,000 world class elite and professional athletes in countries around the world who trust their health to Usana. For athletes from Canada, this trust is backed by the Usana Athlete Guarantee.

This guarantee offers $1 million Canadian dollars to any Canadian athlete from Team Usana who tests positive for any banned substance during world class professional or amateur competition as a result of using Usana products.

Athletes from the Usana Athletes program have so far won 2449 World Cup medals, 108 Olympic medals, and 454 World Titles since the inception of the program.

Usana products and what they are supposed to do for you

Usana products fall into 3 main categories and are distributed in over 20 countries around the world. These 3 primary categories are:

The Usana Nutritionals line of products. This line currently features 32 products purported to be comprised of the highest quality supplements and food products providing all science based nutrients that will help you to experience great health every day.

Make money with Usana Nutritionals

The Sensé Beautiful Science® Line.  This line represents Usana’s latest breakthroughs in high performance skincare and bodycare products that are scientifically designed to satisfy your everyday haircare and skincare needs.

The line includes 22 different products and 2 other supporting products.

Usana Skin Care Products

The third Usana category is the Diet and Energy line which is comprised of 14 diet and energy products including shakes, snacks, supplements and energy drinks plus a cute Usana blender bottle.

All scientifically designed with the aim of keeping you satisfied and energized as you go throughout your day.

Usana Weight Loss Products

Are Usana products FDA approved?

Dietary and Nutritional supplements are seen as a form of specialty foods and are not considered to be drugs by the FDA.  As a result of this. they are not subject to the same stringent safety and effectiveness testing that is applied to drugs.

So effectively no dietary or nutritional supplements produced by Usana and other similar companies are FDA approved.

With that being said, Usana made claim in 2011 that it had acquired USFDA Drug Establishment Registration which gave it the clearance to manufacture over-the-counter (OTC) drugs

Usana Health Sciences Review - Usana Founder Quote

Usana Business Model

The Usana Business Model for the distribution of products is based on the Multi Level Marketing concept.

What this means is that the company’s products are distributed and sold primarily by utilizing a network of non-employee independent sales associates.

An associate is able to recruit other associates who once accepted to the program become the downline of the associate who recruited them.

In this way, Associates are capable of creating a vast network of downline associates in the system.

Usana Health Sciences Review - The Usana Business Model

Sales for the company are also generated via orders placed online directly from the company’s website.  Persons who buy via this method have the option to just purchase products and not participate in the business as an associate.

This means they will get their products at a discounted price from the site and be considered as a Preferred Customer.  Preferred customers will not earn commissions.  The only monetary benefit is the discounts they receive on the purchase price.

Usana Compensation Plan

Since the company’s inception in 1992 Usana has paid over $2 Billion dollars to associates who have earned commissions from distributing the company’s products as Independent network marketing Associates.

The Usana compensation plan which allows associates to earn commissions operates on a Binary structured framework.  This means that each associate creates at least one business centre.  This business centre has 2 legs, with the associate at the top of the structure.

As a new associate you can start with 1 business centre, or you can start with 3 centres.  Whichever option you choose is entirely up to you.

After you have created the business centres your next move will be to place new associates on each leg of your new business centres.

I won’t go further into the compensation plan here as it can be very detailed.  If you would like to learn more about the Usana Compensation plan please watch the video below for an overview.

How To Earn With Usana.  The 6 Ways

With the Usana business opportunity, you are able to earn money from 6 different income streams. These streams are:


Usana has different contests and other types of incentives every year. Some of the rewards are real attractive including things like luxury travel, cars, and cash.

Weekly Commissions

Remember those business centres i mentioned earlier, each with 2 legs? Well, when you have downline associates on both legs you can qualify to earn weekly commissions on the business generated by these downlines.

Retail Sales

For those associates who have mastered the art of selling and love to do it, this can become a very substantial income stream.

Retail Sales can generate up to 18% profit on every item that you sell yourself. This is the money you make from your own sales efforts. Different and apart from what you earn from the efforts of your downline organization.

You can come up with innovative ways to sell Usana products. Any method that you’re comfortable with that does not contravene the company’s rules is fine.

Have a Usana products party, or sell the products online. I’ve even seen Usana on Amazon.
Just choose a way of marketing the products that you are comfortable with and do your business. Just remember to teach your downline ways that they can sell the products too.

Usana on Amazon

Leadership Bonus

Whenever you get to the rank of Gold Director or anything above that, the company will reward you by giving you a share in its profits.

This profit share is awarded weekly and what the company actually does is reserve a 3% slice of its commissionable volumes. This is then divided up and shared among the associates who have achieved the levels mentioned earlier.

Is affiliate marketing better than MLM

Elite Bonus

This is another bonus that is reserved for the top echelons of Usana Sales Associates.
If you are ranked within the top 50 earners among all the associates worldwide in one quarter (a quarter is basically a 13 to 14 week period) then you qualify for this prestigious bonus.

As a result, you will earn a share of the Usana Elite Bonus Pool. The bonus pool is equal to 1% of the total of the company’s worldwide sales volumes for the quarter in which you qualified.

You receive a share of this pool based on factors including your actual place among the top 50 and your actual earnings in this quarter.

Usana lifetime Matching Bonus Commission

Lifetime Matching Bonus

Can you manage to duplicate your successes by helping your downline team members to achieve a certain level of results within their first 8 weeks?

If you can do that for members of your team then those successful members will receive the designated rank of Premier Pacesetters or Premium Platinum Pacesetters.

When your downline members hit these ranks you will be rewarded by the company with an additional bonus. This bonus is equal to between 2.5% to 15% of the commissions that these Pacesetters earn, and you receive this for as long as they remain in the business.

Who can Become a Usana Associate?

Usana currently has over 565,000 Associates worldwide.  If you meet the following criteria you can become an Independent Associate as well.

Do You Want To Join Usana - Become a Usana Distributor

First of all, you need to reside in one of the following countries or regions.

Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom.

Also available in the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

If you’ve met that initial requirement then you must be at the minimum required age of adulthood in your country of residence

Once you’ve met the above you are going to have to read the Usana Policies and Procedures, then submit a signed Associate application along with the purchase of a Usana Business Development System Starter Kit.

Usana and the Law

Usana has had a few legal wranglings over the years but has managed to weather the legal storms quite well.  Here are the cases that they have been involved in.

On March 9, 2017, a class action lawsuit was filed at the United States District Court in Utah against Usana Health Sciences by the Law firm R.M. Law PC. On behalf of all persons who had purchased USANA securities between March 2014 and February 13, 2017.

Read more about this.

The suit alleged that during the time stated the company made false and misleading statements to its shareholders and failed to declare material adverse facts about BabyCare, the company that it acquired in 2010 in the Peoples Republic of China.

On October 17, 2018, the courts issued a ruling, dismissing with prejudice this the most recent of Usana lawsuits.

Usana Lawsuits

Prior to this one in 2017, there were 2 other actions involving Usana in 2007.

One of these was filed in February 2007 by Usana against Mr. Barry Minkow and the Fraud Discovery Institute.  The suit alleged that Minkow and the Fraud Discovery Institute had defamed the company as part of a campaign to manipulate USNA stock prices.

The reason for this was a 500 page document that Minkow had distributed at the US Securities & Exchange Commission and the Internal Revenue Service alleging that Usana was operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

These parties were able to reach a final settlement in July 2008 when they agreed upon an undisclosed settlement that included the removal of all Usana related documents from the Fraud Institutes website and other locations.

The second lawsuit in 2007 was allegedly filed against Usana by a group of hundreds of Usana Associates in California State Court.

The associates claimed Usana was guilty of fraud and deception which resulted in these distributors being left with thousands of dollars in losses after they paid for business kits and products that they couldn’t sell at those inflated prices.

Usana Pros & Cons

The Good – Usana Pros

Good Foundation

Usana Health Sciences was built on good foundations. It’s founder Dr. Myron Wentz is a world renowned scientist, humanitarian and entrepreneur.

He has had many years of experience in microbiology, immunology and human cell culture technology.
Apart from Dr. Wentz, Usana has strong Management and Scientific teams.

Usana Health Sciences Review - Good Foundations But...

Company has a good track record

Usana has a good track record in the MLM industry. It is number 34 on the list of oldest MLM companies worldwide and it is also number 24 on the list of top 100 MLM’s worldwide in terms of the highest turnover in USD with a figure of $1.04 Billion.

The products are good

Usana products are world class and are actually rated by some as the very best with the products receiving the Top Rated Direct Selling Brand award for 6 consecutive years including 2019.

A lot of scientific research is involved in the process of creating this company’s products, and the manufacturing process treats the supplements with the same care as that which goes into the production of over the counter products.

All of the cellular nutritional science and the meticulous industry standard manufacturing process ensures that customers are treated to products that are designed to work at the micro cellular level in order to provide proper nourishment for your cells and in turn make you healthier while also allowing you to feel better.

Philanthropy at Usana

Usana Health Sciences has been involved in philanthropic activities via the Usana True Health Foundation which it founded in 2012.

The Foundation is dedicated to building a community of associates who are able to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families all over the world.

This represents one method by which the company strives to give back to the global community and provide help to ensure that impoverished children and families reach their fullest potential.

Usana True Health Foundation members

Usana Employee Benefits

Usana has great benefits for the employees of the company.  (Remember the employees, not the Associates)

These benefits include:

A 401K plan with employer match

Employee Health insurance

Paid Vacation Time

Free Usana Bucks to purchase Usana products

Employee Assistance Program

Tuition Reimbursement

The Bad – Cons of Usana

Usana products are expensive

Basically, all MLM products are a bit more expensive than their counterparts which are not sold via the Multilevel Marketing method.  Usanas products are no different in this way.

Usana products are expensive

There is no free trial period

Once you’ve decided you want to become an Associate you definitely have to pay that initial $29.95 for a Business Development Starter Pack to do so.  This pack provides the new Associate with some training, tools and the information required to start the business.

But that’s not all, as new Associates have to activate at least one business centre with the purchase of $280 worth of products.  If you don’t want to buy that many products, then you can sell that amount to qualify.

Alternatively you can opt to open three business centres instead of one, but of course, that’s going to require more cash upfront or more sales to make the required volumes.

Complicated Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for the company’s binary system is a very complicated one.  Not very easy to understand for a newbie to MLM marketing.

The Ugly

Warm Market Prospecting

There’s not a lot that could be termed ugly about Usana Health Sciences.  However, i must say this.

The MLM marketing concept used by MLM companies, in general, has had lots of new marketers approaching their warm market for product sales and creating new downline members.

Warm market is the term basically used to reference the people who you associate with.  This includes family members, friends, coworkers, etc. and it can present a very uncomfortable situation when they have to say no because they just do not see the vision.

Usana business - Nothing really ugly about Usana

Conclusion – Would I become a Usana Associate?

Usana represents a good business opportunity for people who reside in countries where Usana is currently available and are interested in making money with what seems to be one of the best direct sales opportunities available today.

But for persons who live in the remaining 170 or so countries around the world it is not a viable means to make money.  Simply because it is not available in these countries that make up the majority of the nations on earth.

For these persons who cannot participate in the dream of Mr. Myron Wentz, I want to recommend another business model that has a much wider international reach than multi level marketing.

With this business model, you are able to participate and earn an income no matter which country you are living in.

Personally, i would not opt to become a Usana associate for the simple reason that i have personally tried a few of these MLM companies before including Organo Gold (OG) and this other company Skinny Body Care (SBC).  SBC is not around any longer as it was acquired by the Valentis MLM company in 2018.

While i found the products to be good and had some good reviews from customers including women who got relief from menstrual cramping from one particular product.  I found that the price distributors had to sell the products at was very prohibitive and it was also really difficult to recruit downline members.

But that was my experience, and yours might be different if you decide to try an MLM company.  My recommendation to anyone seeking to start a business that involves marketing in any way, shape or form would be to go into Affiliate Marketing instead of the MLM’s.

Usana Health Sciences Review - Yes or no to Usana

Positives of Affiliate Marketing

No need to recruit

You choose the products.   You choose the  products or services that you want to market and there is virtually an unlimited supply of possible products you can promote.

Most affiliate programs are free to join.

No requirement to buy products.

No monthly quotas.  You do not have to buy products in order to maintain a certain quota each month to stay qualified to earn.

Training for Affiliate Marketing

There is very comprehensive affiliate marketing training available, designed to help marketers to understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.  You are taught how to set up an affiliate marketing business, and how to choose the area of focus for your new business.

You are also taught other important skills for success in your online business such as how to get interested people to visit your website to look at what you are marketing.

And this community of affiliate marketers will even allow you to quickly and easily build your website on their platform.

The process is so quick and easy that even a little kid could build themselves a website.

Your own business

Your affiliate marketing business is your own business.  You are not an independent associate for some company that decides how much money you are able to make and puts you through complicated hoops in order to earn any money at all.

You can become an affiliate for as many companies as you can manage, and there is no ceiling on how much money you can make.

Start Your Own Business

Learn more about affiliate marketing.   Sign up here to take our free 10 lesson course.  Then make your own informed decision about whether this is the business for you.

Please leave your thoughts or comments in the comments area below, and share the post with your social media contacts.

Thank you.

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