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Welcome to this groundbreaking Unicity Review.  I’m guessing you’ve found this review because you were introduced to Unicity and you want to learn all you can before you even think about joining.  Or you simply just want some information about the company or the opportunity.  Either way, you’re at the right place.

As you read through you are going to learn the top 12 things that you need to know about this company, and I promise you there are going to be a couple of shocking truths along the way.

So let’s get started by taking a quick look at what this company is all about.

What is Unicity International?

The word Unicity appears to have different possible meanings in the English language.  However, the one we are concerned about here has to do with a certain successful business entity with headquarters in the United States.  One that claims to provide a lucrative business opportunity for you to start a new income stream and make money.

This entity, Unicity International is a multi-level marketing company that currently develops, manufactures, and distributes over 400 nutritional and dietary supplements as well as weight loss, skin care, and anti-aging products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Unicity came about as a result of the successful merger of 2 of the larger MLM companies in 2001.  Those companies were Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International.  Company’s who were both dealing with herbal and nutritional supplement and weight management products.

The merger of these already successful companies was the beginning of something far greater.  Well at least for two categories of people involved with the new company.  The owners of the company and as usual in MLM businesses, those distributors who were able to get in at the beginning.

Unicity International company profile

The company profile states that the company believes there is a power that comes whenever people can take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.  This power will come from the proper care of one’s body as we strive for physical health while facing life’s many other challenges.

They also state that for over 30 years this company has been driven by the belief that they can make life better for people across the world by arming them with the information and the tools necessary to begin their own personal journey towards better health and wellbeing.

Unicity Review - Company profile & list of countries

That leaves me with the impression that they are speaking of a time even before the merger of the two parent companies to create Unicity International.

At present, the company has operations listed in 50 countries.  Looking like they have a foothold in at least one country on every continent on the globe.  Including the USA, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica from this region.

The company is owned by Mr. Stewart Hughes who bought the company in 2006 and became its CEO.  Company headquarters address is listed as  1201 North 800 East Orem, Utah 84097 U.S.A

Apart from the global MLM company based in the USA, I have also come across a company named Unicity Global Manufacturing Company.  This company is based in Incheon Korea and says they have supported Unicity with the manufacturing of its health and nutrition products since being established in 2015.

Let us take a quick look at the products that this company has to offer.

Unicity products review

The Unicity products line had it’s initial start when one of the parent company’s enrich International became the first company to successfully encapsulate and market herbal supplements.  One of their most successful products back in those days was the Perform capsule.  That was a nutritional supplement that was supposed to have had the effect of increasing the sex drive.

Since those early days, the company has gone through a rebranding and name change and even changes in ownership.  The Unicity product lines have also grown from those early forms of nutritional supplementation and now boasts over 400 products in 15 categories which range from anti-aging right down to women’s health.

Today the Unicity core products are made up of the following product lines

Unicity Balance, Unicity Cleanse, Unicity Complete, Unicity LC Family, Unicity Matcha, Unicity Prime Health Pack, Unicity 365, and Unicity Unimate

Unicity Review - Products

Unicity Science is dedicated to the development of advanced products using formulas that will improve the health and quality of life for people everywhere.  The team of scientists responsible for these formulations is led by a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of 3 doctors.

The distribution method which the company employs to get these products into the hands of the consumers who want them is the basis for the business opportunity that is available to you and many other prospective opportunity seekers worldwide.

That method is called multi-level marketing.  The company describes this distribution method as a high-touch person-to-person sales process where people get real help from real people.  That’s a fancy way of saying multi level marketing.  Let’s look at the opportunity that goes along with that fancy description.

If you would like to take a more in-depth look at the products you can visit the products page at the company website Unicity.com.  There you will find all the products with pricing.

The Unicity business opportunity

This business opportunity, like that in any other MLM company, involves people signing up as independent distributors to distribute the company’s products and receive a portion of the revenue received from the sale of the product.  A distributor is eligible for these commission payments based on the products that they distribute themself.

They can also qualify to receive commissions on the sales made other distributors that they have personally recruited to join the company as a distributor.  They can also earn commissions in other ways as we will discuss briefly in a minute.

To get started with this business opportunity you need to sign up as an Independent Distributor.  Usually, this is done with the assistance of the person who introduced you to the business and there is a cost that comes as a part of the sign-up process.

However, you do have a little bit of independence in selecting how much money you spend to get started.  The minimum start-up cost right now is $40 which gives you a Unicity Digital Getting Started Guide and also gets you registered and ready to go as a distributor.

A bit expensive for just a guide in my opinion.  But then again I think everything in the MLM companies is overpriced so I guess that $40 price tag can be seen as normal.

The most expensive way to start off with a bang (and the way I’m almost certain that person who introduced you has mentioned or suggested) is to start with a 365 Empower plus pack.  This costs $495 and gives you the guide mentioned before.  Plus 1 LC Snap Chocolate Malt product, 1 LC Snap Vanilla Almond, 1 LC Snap Peanut Butter, 1 LC Base, and 1 365 Empower Plus product package which is made up of the following products, 1 Bios 7, 1 Unicity Matcha and 1 Omega Life 3 Resolv.

You get the guide and this selection of 7 products for a whopping $495 USD.  Now after spending all that money to get started, let’s take a look at what you can expect as compensation.

Unicity compensation plan. Getting down to dollars and cents

The compensation plan seems to be based on the premise that teamwork is better than going solo, and implies that the most successful distributors are the ones that concentrate on expanding their distributor base while adding to the customer base over time.

As a distributor, you will be able to earn money in eight (8) different ways.  That means 8 possible income streams with this opportunity.  Before we do a quick run-through of the 8 ways to earn, let me just tell you that there are 4 levels above the basic distributor level that you can be promoted through until you get to the very highest level in the company.

Unicity Review - Distributor Levels

Those 4 levels are:

The level of Manager – At the level of Manager, there is still a hierarchy before you move on up the chain to the next higher designation which is that of Director.  The new Manager will have to earn promotions from Junior Manager to Manager and then from there to Senior Manager.

From that highest Manager level, the next promotion will take you to the second level.  The level of Director.  The director-level also has 2 levels of promotion before you can graduate to the next higher level, which is that of the President’s Club.  Here you have to get promoted through 4 levels before you are judged worthy to move up to the very top level in the organization.

That level is called The Chairman’s Club and also has 4 levels to be promoted through, but when you have finished you will be at the absolute highest position in the company.  That position is the one that is called Royal Crown Diamond.

View the complete Distributor compensation plan here.  Presented for your convenience.

On to the money.  How a Unicity distributor earns

The eight (8) ways that distributors are able to earn money with this company’s compensation plan are:

1.  Retail profits

This is the money that you earn from products that you yourself are able to distribute to customers.  How this works for you is that you purchase the products at a discounted price from the company and then sell your customers at the full price.  The difference between what you purchased at and what you sell for is your retail profit.

Naturally, the amount of money you make with this income stream is directly dependent on how much of the products you can sell.

2.  Personal Rebates

If you are able to retail enough products to give you a total of 1000 CPV you will earn a rebate of 5% on the selling price of those products.  See compensation plan for the detailed compensation plan which gives a lot more detail about these 8 income streams.

Personal rebates can go as high as 20% depending on factors such as CPV volume and the level that the independent distributor is at.

3.  Business Development Bonus

This bonus is intended to reward you for building and developing a team of distributors.  Needless to say that if you aren’t building a team of downline distributors you won’t qualify for this one.

The Business Development Bonus is paid on the first 1000 CPV volume accumulated by a new distributor.  The total percentage of the bonus is capped at 20% of the person’s CPV.  However, you only qualify for the full 20% if your own CPV volume is also 1000

4.  Team Development Bonus

This bonus is paid to you based on the Personal Volumes accumulated by your downline organization which is in excess of 1000 CPV.  That’s the people you recruited, plus the people they recruited, etc.  It goes 5 levels deep and you earn 3% of their PV on each level.  Once they have over 1000 CPV that is.

This might sound exciting when you consider it goes 5 levels deep, but trust me don’t be fooled.  What if most people in your downline don’t even come close to that 1000 CPV.   This is usually how it is with MLM’s.  These compensation plans sound great but the reality is that it’s not easy to achieve the necessary levels.

5.  Organization Bonus

This one pays you 12 levels deep in your organization and you can earn between 1 – 5%.  Of course, qualification is a bit harder than the last bonus I mentioned, but as I said that’s just the nature of these compensation plans.

Unicity Review - Organizational Bonus

6.  Rank Bonus

If you are at the rank of Director or above up to and including the rank of Presidential Director then you can qualify for this bonus.  Qualification requires you to have a minimum of 100 PVs and 1000 TVs with 5 active legs.  If you qualify you stand to earn between $150 and $1000 depending on your monthly qualification.

7.  Presidential Achievers Club Bonus

This one requires you to be a member of the President’s Club and you must have stayed at that President’s Club level for the prior three (3) months to be qualified to receive this commission.  If you can do this then you will be rewarded with a one-time bonus payment of between $10,000 and $100,000, depending on what level you are at within the Presidents Club hierarchy.

8.  Additional Distributor Position

This benefit is available only to those who have achieved the position of Presidential Diamond.  It allows you to open an Additional Distributor Position once you have achieved the Presidential Diamond position and maintained it for 3 consecutive months.

With this bonus, the company claims that you can actually be paid twice for the volumes generated in your organization.

How to join Unicity?

You can become a Unicity distributor and take part in the business opportunity if you believe this is the business for you and want to give it a shot then the first thing you need to do is sign up as a distributor.  To do this you can go to the company website and complete the process there.  I told you earlier about the different start-up packs that you can select from when you are getting started.

One good thing that I should mention here is that you do not have to create automatic monthly shipments of products when you sign up.  Other MLM’s utilize this auto-ship policy and sometimes it can be burdensome, especially when you’re not making any money.

Unicity Review - Before You Commit

As with other MLM’s once you are a distributor you need to start using the products yourself though and telling people about both the products and the opportunity.  You will need to try to arrange meetings to introduce people to what you have to offer.  This can be done alone or in partnership with other distributors.

However, having other distributors with you will help to add credibility to the efforts of the entire group.  Promotional meetings such as described are not paid for by the company.  instead the cost for promotions, etc. have to be borne by the distributors themselves.

Unicity complaints

I searched online to see just what people were saying about this company.  The result was that I found some positive comments regarding the products.  I also saw persons saying that they were expensive to purchase, but in reality that is the norm for the products sold by MLM companies.

How else would these companies be able to pay the distributors all this money that they talk about in the compensation plan?  In addition to the comments on the products, I also found a few complaints about the customer service not being quite up to expectations.  That’s putting it mildly actually, but then I stumbled upon the following.

Unicity review.  The company and the law

During my search, I also found a few surprises regarding legal actions taken against the company some time ago.  The first one came about when a professional model made the claim in 2006 that a product distributed by the company caused open sores to break out on her face, leaving her scarred and unable to work when they healed.  See for yourself.

Unicity Review - Model Files Lawsuit

The other Unicity lawsuit was quite the shocker, and quite unexpected.

Unicity lawsuit.  Claims of lead in products

This one was totally unexpected.  I mean everybody knows that lead poisoning can be responsible for some horrible things.  So why would a company put lead in their products intended for human use without issuing a warning?

That’s the claim made by the Environmental Research Center Inc. in California.

The lawsuit alleged that this MLM company used lead in the manufacturing or packaging of 12 of its products at that time, yet did not notify prospective customers in the state of California of that important fact.  That sounds like serious business.  Take a look for yourself.  You can read the document and learn more about it here.

The products named in the suit included some of the  company’s flagship products from the Bios Life line and some other top products too.

Good stuff about the company

Lots of products to promote.  At least 400 in the product catalogs.  This gives you a wide range of products to market and also shows that the company seems to be profitable.  Apart from a large range of products to sell you can also use this appearance of success to help you to recruit new distributors to your downline.

Long-running business.  The business has been running under its present name for over 20 years, and it is the result of a merger between 2 companies that date back to the early 1970s.  That’s a lot of business experience and possible goodwill that has been built around this company.

Worldwide opportunity.  With distributors located in over 50 countries worldwide, this business has truly become an international entity.  Providing a business opportunity to prospective distributors around the globe.

Cutting edge scientific manufacturing processes.   The company says that the promise to make life better is not just the company motto, but is a promise that Unicity Science delivers on every single day.

The company’s scientific processes explore, experiment, test and validate their products before they get delivered to you.  Helping you to make life better.

No mandatory auto-ship requirement.

Products can be sold on Amazon.  Usually, MLM products are only sold on a personal basis by the distributors and the only way to get products online was always by going to the company website.  However, it seems Unicity allows it’s distributors to also sell products online at Amazon.  This will increase the earnings possibilities for such a distributor.

Unicity Review - Unicity Products on Amazon

Bad stuff about this company

Products are expensive.  As with all other MLM companies that I have personally come across the products are a bit overpriced/

Tough qualifications for promotion.  Qualifying to earn the bonuses and rank promotions as detailed in the compensation plan is not easy.  Not many distributors will be successful in reaching to the Chairman’s Club level.  Or even the Presidents Club for that matter.

Not enough training.  There are no company-sponsored trainings for distributors who have just started out.  This is left to the upline distributors who may not even care too much about what goes on as long as he gets his commission for your sign up.

Yes, there is some Dale Carnegie training available, but that is for the leaders among the distributors.  So that’s not for the rank and file at the lower level.  They didn’t specify what level of leadership you had to be but my guess is that you would have to be at least at the level of Director to participate.

Even then participants in the course have to pay their own travel expenses to get to the training venue and pay for accommodations for the duration of the course.

Lots of other competing products.  There are a lot of other MLM companies out there selling nutritional and weight loss supplements etc, and all are claiming that their own products are superior to all others.  All that competition can affect a distributors sales volumes negatively.

Distributors have to pay for meetings.  Promotional meetings are entirely at the expense of the distributors.  This can amount to a huge outlay as these product or opportunity meetings usually need to be held every week in order for distributors to grow their businesses.

Products are sold cheaper on Amazon or eBay.  It seems the distributors who are selling on Amazon and also on eBay too are able to purchase the products from the company in fairly large quantities.  This allows them to get products at a more heavily discounted rate than the regular distributor.

As a result, they can sell for cheaper on these platforms than the distributor who has to sell person to person, giving them an unfair advantage.  The company needs to better enforce the rules where this is concerned.

Accusations concerning lead in products.  As mentioned earlier there was a lawsuit filed claiming that some of the products had lead used somewhere in the manufacturing or packaging process without the consumers being duly notified.

Is Unicity a scam, or legitimate?

In my opinion, after completing my research I believe that Unicity is not a scam after all, but, is in fact, a legitimate company with a long-standing track record spanning decades.  Aside from the lawsuits of which the latter is the most damaging I have not seen many complaints regarding the company’s opportunity or it’s products.

From that, I believe that it is reasonable to assume that the products are for the most part acceptable to the customers and that payments to distributors are made on time and in the correct amounts.  Hence the lack of complaints.

With that said.  I also believe that most of the distributors of this company as with all other MLM’s do not make enough money to maintain a sustainable, profitable, worthwhile business.  If they, in fact, make any money at all.

The business model that is used by these companies simply does not allow for the majority of the distributors to make a substantial income.  They are legal for the most part but they remind me of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme where the persons at the top of the pyramid make all or most of the money, and the persons at the bottom earn almost nothing at all.

Unicity Review - MLM Pyramid

MLM Sizzle meetings

When you attend an MLM meeting, they usually begin by telling you about the products.  Maybe they’ll have a few distributors come up and tell you about their supposed experiences with the products and how good they are.  After that, the second half of the meeting is where they attempt to sell you on the business opportunity.

They present the basics of the opportunity to you in this part of the meeting and introduce you to the compensation plan.  making both seem as exciting and doable as they possibly can.  There is a term for this.  Sell the sizzle, not the steak and what that means is that you promote the benefits, not the features.

So they quickly mention all the benefits of the compensation plan, but they don’t tell you about all the impossible hoops you have to jump through to qualify for each of those benefits.  The idea is to get you all excited in order to see if you will sign up as a distributor right there at the meeting.  To get the close as they say in MLM.

My recommendation

If you’d like to hear my honest opinion on the Unicity MLM opportunity and all other such opportunities from companies that utilize the same business model, then continue reading.

I think that if you are a natural-born salesperson, or the kind of person that has a very magnetic personality, who can easily influence others, or draw others to follow them you can try your hand at MLM.  You also have to be comfortable with being told no and have the charisma to be able to turn a no into a yes.

If you have these sort of qualities, then you could be a natural at this kind of business, but if you’re not that person, then you should probably stay away.

Find some other kind of business where you don’t have to be directly selling anything to anybody.  A business where you can be upfront about whatever hurdles you face.  One where you can find proper support and training, do something you love to do and most importantly a business where you can actually make money, decent money.

Final thoughts

I happen to know quite a bit about the MLM business model myself.  Why do I?  That’s an easy one to answer.  I do because I was involved in MLM for some time.  I went to lots of meetings for different companies and was pitched their business opportunities.  Everybody trying to sell me the sizzle.

I saw presentations from Organo Gold, Symmetry International, Herbalife, GNLD and others.  I always felt the pressure to sign up right there after the meetings but I never did because I realized that the aim was to try to get me to make that move without giving proper thought to it.  Without a proper understanding of the compensation plans.

About a year after I saw Symmetry Intl. I decided to give it a try, so I signed up as a distributor, and yes I was able to make some money and I loved using some of the available products, but I didn’t like having to try to recruit everyone I knew or came in contact with to try to grow a downline and I certainly didn’t like the fact that the products were so expensive for my customers.

How you can actually make money

I eventually quit because of these things.  Now, I’ve found a business where I don’t have any of those worries or concerns.  I’m actually making money helping others from all over the world, and it’s definitely not about making money.  That’s not the focus here at all, the money I make is secondary, kinda like a byproduct you might say.

This is something that you can do too, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what school you attended, or your educational level.  All you need is a willingness to work and the propensity to help others.  We will teach you everything else and support you at every step along the way.

Let me introduce you to a new world of possibilities.  Far greater than any MLM opportunity could offer.  Click the button below to learn more.

Unicity Review - Learn more about  this business

Unicity Review

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  • Long Standing Business
  • Big Product Catalog
  • Worldwide Opportunity
  • Scientific Manufacturing Processes


  • Not The Best Business Model
  • Expensive Products
  • Accusations Against Company
  • Lots Of Competition
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Bob Lynch · at 4:20

Thanks for your complete and detailed review of Unicity.  The one part of the company I for sure agree with is their statement about the power of taking responsibility for our own health and well being.  That’s what sparked my interest in the company to begin with.  However, after reading your review, I’ve come to the conclusion that your number one recommendation is a much better choice for making money.  I won’t comment further on Unicity but I think you did a great job of spelling it all out so we can make an informed decision.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.


Sariyah · at 3:33

WOW to this article. Your article is like literally a whole guide on unicity. You some how go straight to the point so whoever goes onto this site knowing a few info will leave learning everything about it. I like this article thanks to the frequently asked questions you’ve added making this article even great for people like me who don’t know much about this. Thanks.

    Donald · at 4:05

    You’re most welcome Sariyah. You can find other great reviews on Online Money Gigs. Continue checking back in future as i will be writing many more reviews on the companies and the Make Money online opportunities out there.

Micheal N · at 3:30

Wow! That is detailed. This Unicity review is the best I have read, I think it is the best out there. Thank you for the research. You wrote that to educate. Which is why I kept reading. It is really horrible to use lead in manufacturing or packaging 12 of their products? 

I like you neutral way of review. Thank you.

    Donald · at 4:03

    You’re welcome Micheal N. Yes i did put quite a bit of work into putting this review together. The idea was to try to make it a one stop for anyone who wanted to find out about Unicity and the Unicity opportunity on offer.

Lizzychris · at 3:28

Hello there! What an amazing review you got there!

The review is informative and helpful. Thanks for introducing the “unicity international” and I love it because it is irrespective of what school you attended, or your educational level.  All I need is a willingness to work and the propensity to help others.  Thanks for sharing with me. I really appreciate.

    Donald · at 4:01

    I’m happy you liked the review Lizzychris. I try to do my best to make my reviews as informative as possible. There are many other great reviews on Online Money Gigs. Check the Reviews tab on the site to find more.

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