Are you already engaged in business online?  Or have you just come to realize the huge potential available for business online and started thinking of possible ways for you to get involved too?  You know, get your little piece of that huge online pie.

Twitter for business - online pie

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Tell you about a secret weapon.  A tool that you can use to help you achieve online business success.  Chances are, that if you’re into social media, networking and all that.  Then you may already be quite familiar with this tool.  But quite probably weren’t aware that it was this secret weapon.  One that could help you to grow your business and earn more money online.

== > That business tool is Twitter

Yes, folks, Twitter is not just good for connecting with your friends and tweeting social messages and the latest trends.  You can also actually use Twitter for business too.

Alright, before I continue, I want to give a very brief introduction.  Just in case someone reads this who’s not too familiar with what Twitter is.  I really believe that’s highly unlikely, but if there is such a person the following couple of lines is for their benefit.

Twitter is an American news and social networking micro-blogging platform that was created in March 2006 and has been available online since July of that same year.   Users post messages on Twitter using short messages called tweets.  Other users who follow the tweeter are then able to see what they have tweeted, and can in turn retweet that message to their followers too.

Originally one of these tweets could only be 140 characters in length but fairly recently this was increased to 280 characters.

That still doesn’t allow you to say too much I know but it does make for some pretty interesting tweets as users try to fit their messages into this little 280 character tweet.

Despite all this, though Twitter has grown immensely since inception, and currently holds the number 8 position in the list of most popular social media platforms in the USA and the number 13 position internationally.

When you write a tweet, you are able to attach an image or link the tweet to an online video, or a news story etc.thereby increasing your ability to get your intended message across.

Donald Trump loves Twitter

== > Benefits of Twitter for Business

Huge potential audience.  More than a quarter of a billion people

Whether you are an established online business owner, affiliate marketer, blogger or freelancer.  Or a new person just learning the ropes.  You will find that one very important aspect of your online business venture is your ability to reach your potential audience.

The larger the audience that you are able to reach ultimately equate to a greater probability of increased conversions from your efforts online.

The social media platforms have proven to be very useful for online businesses who have been able to successfully grow massive audiences and market their products or services to this audience.

Currently, the top social platforms in terms of monthly active users include:

Facebook with 2.23 billion monthly active users

Youtube with 1.9 billion monthly active users

Instagram with 1 billion monthly active users

Twitter with 323 million monthly active users

Pinterest with 250 million monthly active users

As you can see Social media users represent quite a huge chunk of the current world population of 7.7 billion people.  However, at the moment a lot of online businesses tend to overlook Twitter and Pinterest as they represent the lower end of the spectrum in terms of monthly active users.  This is a huge mistake because as seen by the figures above, combined they represent a possible audience of more than half a billion people worldwide.

Twitter for business - Mobile

Provides a communications channel

When you use Twitter for business you will have access to an additional communications channel to your customers and the rest of your target audience who use Twitter too.  Imagine having the opportunity to tweet about a new product or promotion that you have.  While adding a product picture or video to your tweet to show them what the product looks like and / or what it can do.

Another way that this line of communication could benefit your business, is by providing a means for feedback and insights to get to you from the tweets of your audience, etc.

Twitter also allows you to create twitter polls which are a great tool to use to get feedback and insights from your twitter audience.

And finally on the subject of Twitter’s usefulness as a communication channel.  I must mention that it can also act as a great customer service gateway for 2 way communications between your business and your customers.  Using this social media platform you are able to quickly answer customer’s questions, and queries; and also provide advice on any issues that they may have.

If you are able to consistently respond quickly and provide useful resolutions and advice to your customer’s queries and problems then you are able to build trust and authority.  As Twitter is a public platform, you would be better able to achieve these results if the interaction (once it is not about a private or sensitive matter) can be dealt with using public tweets instead of private messaging.

Power in the retweet

The ability that your audience has to retweet your tweets to those users that follow them is a powerful tool for the growth of your business.  What this means is that when you compose and post an interesting tweet that gets the attention of members of your audience.  Some of them will in turn tweet your tweet to their own audience.

So retweets then can give you the opportunity to access a much wider audience who may then check out your other tweets, visit your linked website and possibly follow your twitter account themselves.

Twitter analytics – The real behind the scenes secret to success on Twitter

Twitter analytics works like your own little master spy in the world of the Twitter audience.  It’s able to give you very important reports and insights into how your audience interacts and responds to your tweets.  This is information that you can then use to measure and boost the impact of your tweets to achieve more success.

With Twitter analytics, you can also learn more about the interests, ages, gender, demographics and even locations of your audience.   You’ll be able to see which of your tweets really resonate with your audience.  Enabling you to post more of that particular kind of content.

Twitter analytics
You will be able to see how many new followers you have gained, or vice versa; how many followers you’ve lost.  You’ll see who your top followers for the month are and how many followers they themselves have (important for gaining retweets, remember).

Twitter analytics is a little known, but really important tool for any online business who decides to use the Twitter for business platform to help them grow their business online.  And if you haven’t already created your own business profile on Twitter, then you should really do so right away.  Let me show you how.

== Click Here to Create Your Twitter Business Profile ==

Twitter can spy on the competition

It doesn’t matter what business category or niche you are engaged in.  One thing is certain.

🙁  You will have competition  🙁 

But, not to worry.  With Twitter, you can know about everything that your competition is doing.  Kinda like being in their heads and knowing exactly what they’re thinking.

No kidding folks.  Remember that Twitter is a public platform.  So with that said, here is one way that you can spy on the competition.

Follow them on Twitter – You don’t have to do it directly.  There’s no way you would want them seeing you in their follower list.  Right?  But what you can do instead of directly following their account is create a private Twitter list.  Then just add your competitor(s) twitter accounts to this list.

Don’t worry.  They won’t see this list as it’s private.  Only you will see it.  The process only takes like 2 or 3 minutes and then you’ll be able to see what these competing businesses on Twitter are putting out in their tweets.  This is a really sneaky but effective little strategy that will help you to blow away the competition.

Twitter is 100% free

Except for Twitter Ads, which of course one has to pay for (Twitter has to make some money too).  So yeah apart from ads Twitter is 100% free to set up and use.

So you’re getting access to this great social media marketing platform that you can use to grow your business customer base, communicate with them to gain feedback and lots of insights, plus use for your customer service 2-way communication.  Use for business promotion and market research.  Use to drive organic traffic to your website etc. etc.  And that’s all available to you for free.


Are you ready to tweet?

I hope I’ve managed to show you how your business could benefit immensely if you were to open a Twitter business account.  In my next post, I will show you how to open your own account and create your private twitter lists among other things.

I also strongly believe that you will find my related posts on creating an Instagram business account and creating a Pinterest business account quite useful as well.   Check them out by clicking the links below.

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finding a good article does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up an article to help others with good information like this. i am trying to expand my business and i am really glad that i came across your article. it is of great help to me

    Donald · at 2:34

    Thanks a lot for your comment Benny. I hope you are using Twitter for Business.

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This is a good one. I must first commend the time and energy that you have put into making this website with nice templates and finding time to write an article on the benefits of using twitter for business. for some one like me who is looking for ways to expand my business all through the global market, this is really helpful

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    Thanks for reaching out to leave a comment.

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thank you for this article. this article contains information about the social media twitter. all the benefits are given so nicely. i found this article very informative. specially i did not about the active users of top platforms on internet. my experience using twitter is awesome. i hope i can use it for my business too. all of us should open an twitter account. it is totally free everywhere. i will give my feedback after getting success from twitter. till then wish me luck!.

i will surely share this article with my social media friends so that they also can know about twitter elaborately and continue their business in smart way using twitter.

    Donald · at 2:35

    Thanks for your comment Sumaiya and also thanks for sharing.

Bob Lynch · at 4:01

I’ve been on Twitter for years and never really understood how to best make use of it.  Thanks for your in depth, informative, and thorough article.  I have a much clearer understanding of its value.  I especially like your suggestion about how to “spy” on the competition.  I’ve never heard of that before.  Like many people, especially Americans, we feel Twitter has been given a bad name by our president, although I guess there are others who disagree.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.


    Donald · at 2:37

    Hi Bob. Glad i was able to help you understand a bit more about Twitter.

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