Building an online business is not a walk in the park

Build online business

In the same way that a business in the offline brick and mortar world requires time and effort to grow.  So too does your online business.  You must set apart time to build a online business if your goal is to achieve any kind of real and lasting success in the world of the online entrepreneur.

The explosion of the internet and the blossoming of social media has created this new type of business and new class of entrepreneur.

The online entrepreneur.

This new breed of business owner and new business type rely solely on the internet.  Therefore any of these entrepreneurs is able to run a truly global business all from their laptop and even from the comforts of their own home.

Starting such an online business however is not without its troubles and trials; but given the fact that there is an estimated 3.2 billion people online worldwide in 2019.  If you happen to be in a business that’s in demand, and online.  Then the benefits will more than likely far outweigh any challenges faced.

One crucial factor that people need to be aware of as new online business owners is that your online business will still require lots of work, dedication and focus on your part in order to grow into something meaningful.

New entrepreneurs who are not very savvy with the online business model are also going to need to learn a few  things about doing business online.  Visit the link below to learn how to start your online business.

Learn to start your online business

Everywhere that you turn these days there is some so-called expert who claims to know how you can make lots of money today.  Without much effort and while sitting back with your feet up enjoying a martini.

This is all hype.

You don’t make money on the internet without doing the necessary work.  Don’t listen to all the sizzle and the hype that they throw at you.  If they promise you any money without hard work then walk away.  What they’re offering is either a scam, illegal, or an absolute waste of your time.

Walk away, or better yet son, run away from such offers as fast as you can.Online business - no walk in the park

Set apart time to build that online business

As i told you earlier.  You are going to need to set apart some time for doing the things that will make your business grow.   Decide on a time each day that you are going to devote to your business.  Make it the same time each day and decide on how long you are going to spend each day devoted to your growing business,

 1.  Create a schedule

By now you should have given some thought about the time you are going to set apart for your business.  Create a schedule of the activities you plan to do each day of the week and get real familiar with it.  This is now your job description and timetable for your weekly activities.

2.  Notify friends and family

Inform friends and family that during the hours you have set aside you won’t be available, as you will be at work.  It may take some time for them to really get it, but you need to be serious about it and constantly remind them of what you’re about during this time.

Eventually, they will “Get It” and begin to respect your time and your wishes.

3. Time to work

This is what setting a time for working on your business is all about.

Here are some of the things that you should have included in your schedule for you to do during your work hours.

Affiliate Outpost Production

Production – If you’re a blogger or online marketer with a website then your definition of production will be creating a consistent stream of high quality content for your website audience. A lot of your time should be devoted to turning out content of the highest quality. Doing this constantly will help to increase your websites Google rankings and drive more traffic to your website. The more traffic you receive the higher the number of visitors who will convert to paying customers or subscribers. Read more about how to achieve this here

If you’re a freelancer then production for you should mean the amount of work that you can get done for your clients during your hours of work.

Social media promotion – As i said earlier the whole social media culture has virtually exploded exponentially across the globe. Because of this and changes to these platforms over time they now represent a very powerful component for business promotions online. As such it has become very important for the online small business owner to get on board.

The savvy entrepreneur is now able to promote his businesses by taking advantage of advertising that is available on some of these social media platforms. If you don’t have the budget available at this time to undertake paid advertisments. Then you can still get the word out there by tweeting on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest, and posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media is a good tool for driving traffic to your website or blog. Personally i find Pinterest and Facebook to be the best generators of traffic from my postings.

If you don’t already have accounts with the social media platforms then i recommend you get started now.

Create a Pinterest account

Create a Twitter account

Networking – Networking is important to the home based online entrepreneur. The mere fact that you are home based presents a disadvantage as you are not out and about as much. Therefore have reduced contact with others in your professional area of expertise. To help fix this problem you can join your local chamber of commerce as from time to time the organization will have meetings which you can plan to attend to meet others in your chosen field.

You should also attend business fairs and trade shows when possible and while there hand out some of your business cards. Doing these things will alow you to increase your network.

Customer service – For most entrepreneurs who are just starting out it is important to keep costs to a minimum. This means also taking your own customer service calls.

If this is your current situation remember that the customer is king as they say. Treat them well, Your customer represents the bread and butter for your business. So be nice.

Apart from calling a customer you can also prepare and send a questionnaire to your customers online to solicit feedback about your product or service. A great idea if you decide to use this method is to offer the customer a little incentive as a reward for them completing and returning the questionnaire or survey.

Improve your business skills – This is an ongoing process as you should always be seeking to improve your expertise in your chosen field. You should also constantly be seeking to improve your knowledge and understanding of all facets of online business.

Therefore when you decide to set apart time to build a online business you need to factor into that some time to spend on increasing your knowledge in these areas.

Information on the # 1 resource for learning about conducting your online business successfully is available at this online community of entrepreneurs who are located here. Please take a few minutes to learn a little bit about what they have to offer you.

Making the step to learn how to improve your business skills will make your business better as you will learn to do things that you might have had to pay for without the knowledge you glean from the training linked above.

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