Tried to find an offline opportunity lately?

These days if you happen to do a search for an available job, legitimate business opportunity or just a way that you can Easy ways to make money offlinemake some money quickly and easily.

All you see are opportunities that you have to do online.

Kinda makes you wonder if there isn’t anything at all that you can do to make money offline in 2019.

Well, I did a lot of looking around and I’ve found some ridiculously easy ways to make money offline.

Absolutely amazing side hustles and business opportunities that you can start doing right away to make lots of money without the internet or even without a computer or a smartphone.

==>  Some of these you can even grow into medium-sized businesses with lucrative 6 figure income potential…

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Good Offline Opportunities

Ride and earn as a bicycle messenger

As a bike messenger, your job will be to deliver things by bike.  This is an opportunity that you can do basically wherever you are in the world.

All you need is a bicycle that’s in good working condition, good personal and customer relations skills and a working knowledge of how to make your way around the city or township that you live in.

If you fit the bill then you can be earning good money as a bike messenger.   According to JobMonkey, a messenger can earn anywhere between $200 -$400 on average per week in the US.

So get on that bike and go introduce your messenger services to law offices and other businesses in your local area.  Start making some money with the additional benefit of a great exercise regimen as well.

Start a rewarding grocery shopping and delivery business

Many busy professionals and also those people who are getting on in age sometimes find that they are incapable of doing their own grocery shopping.

This could be because they have gotten to the stage where they are so busy with their careers that they just don’t have the time.

Or in the case of the elderly, they may no longer be able to drive or they may have developed some illness that renders them incapable of doing this for themselves.

Whatever the reason that makes it difficult for them.  This is where you can come in to provide some much-needed assistance and get handsomely rewarded for it.

To start such a service on your own, you can advertise in your local newspaper, you can print flyers and hand them out or you could take a more direct approach by visiting persons in your neighborhood who you think might appreciate such a service.

Just to let them know that you are offering services to purchase and deliver groceries.

How much you charge for providing this service is really up to you, but I think a charge of $20 for purchasing and delivering $100 worth of grocery items is just about reasonable.

Make money offline Grocery shopping

If you believe that starting a grocery shopping business yourself is too much of a daunting task for you then there are a few companies available now where you can sign up as a shopper to shop for people and get paid.

These companies basically operate from an online platform.  So if you really prefer staying completely offline, you might just have to start your own offline operation as mentioned above.

2 of these online companies are Shipt and InstaCart.  Check them out and see what you think of the opportunity they offer.

Bill payment & prescription collection services

This is basically the same as the grocery purchasing and delivery service business.  Except that with this service you will be paying a bill or collecting prescription medication for those people who cannot manage to do that for themselves.

In order to collect prescription medication for someone, you will need to have authorization from the person for whom you are picking up meds.

Landscaping and gardening services for offline income

Chances are you’ve done a bit of this kind of work already at home.  Remember the times when mom or dad sent you out to mow the lawn or rake up the leaves that fell off the trees during the summer and fall seasons.

Well, that was you doing some lawn and garden care work.

As an adult, you can start your own small business offering these services and rake in tons of cool cash.

make money offline - Gardening

Your landscaping/gardening business could provide services such as lawn mowing and cut grass removal, weeding, pruning, planting of flowers and laying of turf.  Pest treatments, tree pruning, and shaping, etc.

In the winter time, there will not be much to do in this business.  However, this is a good time for the pruning and trimming of some trees and plants.  Including grapevines, figs, apple, pear, and roses.

For the enterprising operator, there will be other services that one can switch to in winter as well.  For instance, in the winter one can offer snow removal services to remove snow build up from driveways and walkways.

If winters in your area are really mild, for instance in some areas in Florida you can also offer pressure washing services to remove any build-up of dirt and grime from homeowner’s decks, and other hard surfaces around their property.

Offering cleaning services.  Another ridiculously easy way to make money offline.

This method of earning money is timeless and will always be available for enterprising members of global society until the day we invent robot housekeepers like Rosie, the robotic housekeeper from the Jetsons comedy cartoon series

Until that time comes (if it ever does) there will always be an opportunity to start your own business providing cleaning services for homeowners and also commercial office cleaning services for businesses.

The ideal way to do this is to start small.  Approach a few homeowners and/or offices in your local area to get started.

If you do your job well and accumulate satisfied customers you can slowly begin to scale up your business with more clients and as you grow you are more than likely going to need help with the work.

When that time comes you will need to employ other cleaners to help you and in time you may find yourself having to take on more administrative roles while leaving the actual cleaning work to the people you employ for the purpose.

Make money offline - Cleaning

Laundry services

This can probably be seen as an offshoot of the cleaning services idea mentioned above.  But in fact, it’s a business in itself.

There are lots of busy professionals out there who just cannot find the time to take care of home chores such as this.

There are also other people who would just simply prefer to outsource this activity to a laundry service that will pick-up their laundry, clean and fold said laundry and return it to them all fresh and clean.

You can be of service to these persons and earn some good money for your efforts.

Painting services

If you’re a good painter you can make good money providing painting services for homeowners and businesses.  Both for doing interior painting work or exterior work.

For instance, a painter doing work for a homeowner could earn anywhere from $18.25 an hour to around $50 an hour for labor depending on where you are.

Basically, the average cost of painting a 10 x 12 room can work out to be anywhere from around $380 to a high of over $700 in total costs.  This excluding the cost of paints and other material.

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