Should you protect your website content?

Are you a content creator?  Wouldn’t you agree that creating content can be somewhat difficult at times?  I mean having to come up with ideas for content and then sitting down to actually write high-quality content around that idea.  Also, find and place relevant images that support and augment that content.

But just imagine after doing all that work if somebody should just come along and copy it, place it online and then claim it as their own.

That would probably leave you hopping mad, wouldn’t it?

Website content management to prevent theft

But the sad truth is that a lot of that sort of thing does happen online.  So yes, you should definitely think about shielding your website content.  If you’re a WordPress user then in order to keep your site safe from falling prey to this sort of infringement you need to learn how to prevent your WordPress website content from being copied.

Today, i am going to share with you a method that is working well right now in 2020 and i believe will continue to provide protection years into the future.

The method that i want to show you involves the use of plugins to make the content of your WordPress website more secure.

Content protection plugins for WordPress

There are at least 10 plugins available for WordPress that are supposed to provide this functionality.  However, you will only need to use one as installing and activating multiple plugins for copy protection could actually cause conflicts and affect the protection you receive.

I’m presenting information below on the two plugins that i consider to be the best of those i found.  I will also provide the names of the other 8 as well.  Just in case you would like to do your own research.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

This content protection plugin from WP Buy is one of the most popular ones used by WordPress users.  It comes in both a free and a premium version and is quite simple to install as it does not need any form of coding or edits.  It’s also easy to use as well.  It just requires a few mouse clicks to get you started.

The free version of the plugin provides the following functions.

It protects your website content from visitors being able to select and copy it.
Prevents visitors from being able to save any of the images on your website.
Disables the right-click or context menu.
Shows alert messages.
Disables the shortcut keys for copy, paste, save. (CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X,CTRL+S or CTRL+V)
Gives the user an advanced, easy to manipulate control panel.

The Pro Edition of this plugin adds the following features to the mix:

The ability to add Watermarks
Can use htaccess rules
Adds jquery overlay protection support
Site Admin can exclude the Home page Or any posts from copy protection
Copy protection features can be disabled for admin users.
3 layers of content protection (JavaScript protection, RightClick protection, CSS protection)
Better image protection provided
Plugin is built for compatibility with all of the major theme frameworks
Plugin is built for compatibility with all of the major browsers
Image drag and drop functionality can be disabled
Plugin also works on both smartphones and iPhones
It can set varying levels of protection per page and per post.Web protection
WP Content Copy Protection by Tyche Softwares

This is another cool plugin that gets the job done.  It has basically the same features as WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click and possibly just a little bit more.  Another similarity is that it also comes in a basic version with a paid premium version available if you want to upgrade.   Here’s what both versions have to offer website content creators.

Basic version features

Disables right-click context menu on all content
Disables text choice (globally) on laptops and mobile devices
Disables text and image drag/drop/save on laptop and mobile devices
Provides basic image protection by automatically removing image link URL’s
The methods to copy content are disabled from the shortcut context keys and onscreen keyboard
Uploads directory and sub-directories are both secured from unauthorized public access
Right-click and save functions are disabled for default video and audio embeds
Provides Javascript validation (displays an error message when disabled in the user’s browser)
Keyboard copy controls are disabled (CTRL A, C, X) but only for Window
The functions for ‘Source view’, ‘Save Page’, and ‘Print’ key are disabled
Disables f route key for accessing developer tools to look at ASCII text file
Prevents obtrusive popups and alert messages that could defame your website
No negative side-effects for your SEO (search engines will be able to access your content)
Plugin is non-resource-intensive and will work silently in the background
No need for any coding, configuration, or customization. Just activate plugin and go

Additional features of the premium version

Includes all features of the basic version, and:
Ability for Admin to exclude specific pages/posts/categories from being protected
Ability to enable/disable protection for web site admins solely OR registered users solely OR admin and registered/logged in users
Advanced/aggressive image protection (makes it almost impossible for users to steal your pictures (feature is laptop and mobile friendly)
Compatibility with all gallery plugins allowing uncompromised image protection
Removes content feeds (rdf, rss, rss2, atom, rss2_comments and more) from content scrapers and autoblogs
Adds extended keyboard copy protection commands (compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)
supplementary Prt Sc (Print Screen) deterrent agent (prevents image theft)
Prtsc agent equipped with an instant redirect trigger that instantly bounces offenders
supplementary extended CSS for text and image protection (for mobile devices and smartphones)
Source Code view disabled from F12, Ctrl+Shift+I, Ctrl+U and the other combo keys
Additional source code padding to trick the user into thinking your source codes are hidden)
NO negative side-effects for your SEO (search engines will still read your content)
Plugin works (tested) in IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari
Compatible with all the major theme frameworks and browsers
Compatible with WooCommerce and also other eCommerce plugins
light-weight, non-resource-intensive plugin
Quality Support – Dedicated Devs available

There you have it.  Those are the two plugins that i recommend for you to use to prevent your WordPress website content from being copied.  Below i will list 8 others that are currently readily available from the WordPress website here.

Prevent your WordPress website content from being copied

Locked Content   (Image by Juanita Mulder from Pixabay)

Here are the others from my list of 10

Fantastic Content Protector Free by Fantastic Plugins
WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design by Kazuki Yanamoto
Secure Copy Content Protection by Copy Content Protection Team
Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save by Fakhri Alsadi
TG Copy Protection By Ashok Dhamija
Website Copy Protection By Anupam Maity
CopyProof Website by Tawhidur Rahman Dear
BMT – No Right Click by Bali Mechanic Media

Using any one of the plugins on this page to prevent your WordPress website content from being copied will enhance your website content management capabilities and also give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your hard work is safe from the majority of internet users.

Yes, there are ways to get around even this level of content security but it takes skills that are not normally possessed by the regular netizen out there in cyberspace.

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