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Have you noticed that everywhere you go, it seems as if the majority of people you encounter are doing something or other on their Smartphone? It seems everybody has one, and with the number of Smartphone users forecasted to be 3.3 billion people worldwide at the close of 2018. This could very well soon be the case.

Yes, our phones have become a very integral part of our lives these days, and given the fact that we spend so much time on them each day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be able to earn a little money sometimes while we use them?

Well the truth is that there are phone apps that pay you available today. Some of these can even be used in countries that are outside of north America, the UK, Australia etc. I am going to introduce to some of these today and I will continually update as new ones become available for international users in the future.

So now let’s take a look at the mobile phone apps that will allow us to actually line our pockets with our mobile phones instead of only using it to read emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, and of course the ever popular Candy Crush.

Phone apps that pay you internationally


We shall begin with: AppBounty.  (Please see Important update on AppBounty below)

AppBounty is a free mobile phone app that promises It’s users that they will be able to earn rewards simply by downloading apps. Every time a user downloads one of these apps and tries it out they earn credits.

Users can also earn more credits for completing certain tasks that they are given and also for referring other users to AppBounty.

So far the developers of this app say that they have paid over US 1 million dollars to users by way of Itunes, Amazon and Google Play gift cards among others.

Phone apps that pay you - This Will Pay You A Lot More

AppBounty currently benefits anyone who is looking for a way to earn some extra money, as well as the app developers who as a part of the total app development process are seeking to have their apps downloaded and tested by people worldwide. This is important for them as they will receive feedback about how people like and react to the app even before it is officially launched.

To become a AppBounty user is quite simple. Just go to the AppStore on your IOS device, or to PlayStore on Android and search for the app. Then download and install it. Next you login with your Facebook account.

Right now new users are getting 50 free credits just for signing up, and once you sign up you just click on the Offers tab to begin seeing apps to download for credits. Also remember to refer your friends too because each friend that signs up earns you 250 credits and that friend also gets 50 credits of their own.

Important AppBounty Update:

The AppBounty app and all its related services have been shut down, therefore AppBounty is no longer available for download on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


AirBnB is an acronym for Air Bed and Breakfast. Interestingly that was the term used by the two cofounders of this business back in the days when they thought of the idea of ‘loaning’ out rooms in their apartment and providing airbeds and breakfast to desperate visitors to their area when the local hotels were booked solid.

A novel idea to make a little extra money that’s now grown and transformed into one of the most popular short term rental marketplace sites online today.

So how can AirBnB earn you money? Especially if you don’t have a spare room to loan. Let’s look at the ways you can earn. Starting with those options that don’t require you to loan out your room and sleep outside. This is definitely one of those apps that pays you real money, in multiple ways too.

How to make money with AirBnB
A) AirBnB Co-Host

You can sign up as a co-host on AirBnB. Co-hosts help property owners with stuff like marketing and Phone apps that pay you - Airbnb App Pays you internationally customer service. You can help with getting the property ready for guests by doing things like suggesting necessary repairs, create the listings for the AirbnB website, manage reservation settings etc.

Co-host settings are built into the AirBnB platform so once you and the property owner agree on the rate of compensation. Which is usually between 10 and 20 percent, the system can be set to just automatically pay you your percentage as soon as the guests make payment on the platform.

B) Become an Experience Host

– AirBnB not only provides opportunities for Co-hosts, but also Experience hosts as well. An Experience host creates a novel experience for the AirBnB guests. They go beyond the typical tours or classes and actually immerse the guests in the world of the host.

Such a host could be a chef, an artist, a musician, a tour guide, a farmer for instance. Or just someone who knows the most fun and exciting nightlife spots that guests would enjoy visiting.

This kind of host also gets paid through the AirBnB platform and payment is made the day after the hosted experience event.

C) AirBnB Arbitrage

Another way that you can make money on AirBnB without having your own place. With this method you would make a deal with a landlord who is offering property for rent so that you can rent the property yourself and list it on AirBnB.

You then earn by renting short term to AirBnB guests at a higher rate than you are paying for rent yourself.

D) Rent your spare room(s)

If you happen to have a spare room or two in your home, then you could be earning money. There are AirBnB guests from all over the world who happen to be looking for just this sort of accommodation.


Have you got old books lying around the house. If these are in good condition then it’s possible that you can make money selling them via the BookScouter mobile app or website. This is especially true for textbooks. Including college textbooks.

With BookScouter you now have a place to sell some of these old textbooks etc. to vendors who are willing to buy them. This is how the process works.

Download and install the app to your mobile phone

Get the book you want to sell and locate the ISBN number on the books cover or it’s first few pages. If you can’t find the ISBN you can use your mobile phones camera to scan the bar code. This will provide the ISBN.

Enter the ISBN into the ISBN window and click Sell. You will now be presented with a listing of possible buyers and the prices they are willing to pay for your book. Then click Sell by the name of the vendor you want to sell to. Finally ship your book and collect payment.

To learn more about this process please view the video below from BookScouter.

Feature Points

FeaturePoints is a rewards program that allows you to earn points by trying free apps on your Android or IOS mobile phone, watching videos and taking surveys. You can also earn points by referring other people.

Feature Points has both a website and an app that pay you money. You can sign up from either of them but to earn points you need to use the app itself.

To earn rewards you click on Earn on your mobile phone. Then choose the app you want to download. Install it and run it for at least two minutes in order to get your points credited. Then just rinse and repeat with another app.

There is no limit currently on the number of apps that you can download and try for a single day, and interestingly the more apps that you download the higher the points value of the apps that will become available to you to download.

How do you get your rewards? This is usually one of the big questions on everybody’s minds. So let me go ahead and answer that.

Feature Points rewards you for the points you accumulate by means of cash payments disbursed through PayPal and Bitcoin. You can also redeem your points for gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, StarBucks and a few others.


Foap is a great way to make money from your photos. Do you have some great shots that you’ve taken and stored on your mobile phone? Well with Foap you can now upload your photos to the marketplace and earn money for every photo that is sold, and you can sell the same photo as many times as you like.

Phone apps that pay you - Make Money With Foap AppWith this app you don’t have to invest in an expensive camera. I believe that we can all agree that the most recent mobile smartphones nowadays are capable of taking some awesome photos.

When you check out the marketplace on Foap you will see that lots of the photos were taken with an iPhone or an Android smartphone and not with a camera at all.

To get started with Foap you need to download the app from the App Store if you are using an IOS device or from Play Store if you use an Android device.

Before we go any further I want to just let you know that if you are currently using the SwagBucks app. Then Foap is one of the apps that SwagBucks will pay you to download. So you can make money from SwagBucks for downloading Foap and then go on to make money for your photos on Foap. That’s kinda cool isn’t it?

Ok then, with that said the next step is to open the Foap app and sign up using either your Facebook account or your email account. When you’re all done with that they’re going to ask you to rate 5 photos using a rating system of between 1 to 5 stars.

Then when you’re done with that just tap the camera icon to begin uploading your top shots to the Marketplace.

Each photo is listed for $10 on Foap and when a sale is made you earn 50% of that sale. So that means $5 earnings for every photo sold, paid to you via Paypal.


Letgo is a fairly new app that operates kinda like a classified advertising site on your mobile phone. It allows you to quickly and easily sell virtually anything that you have for sale to other users in Phone apps that pay you - Letgo Mobile App pays youyour local area. The app provides a virtual meeting place for sellers to list the items they have for sale and for buyers to come and look for that special bargain.

To get started with Letgo you first need to download and install the app on your Android or IOS smartphone. Then you sign up either by using Facebook or by entering your information to create your account. Once that’s done, on the Home page you should now see the items that are currently being advertised for sale in your local area.

If you’ve got items that you want to sell. You should tap Sell Your Stuff. Then choose the category that best matches the item you have for sale and take a photo of it or choose from an existing one in your photo gallery. Now you need to put a price on your item.

After that’s done tap add details to add a description, and a title. You can also add more pictures if you want to. You won’t be allowed to put information like your location, email address, telephone number or URL’s in your listing though.

When you’re satisfied with your listing, tap Done. That’s it you’re in business on Letgo

Make Money – Free Cash App

This app pays people to complete offers that they select from its Offer Walls. There is a variety of offers that are available to the user. For instance, you may be asked to download an app, take a survey, start a free trial etc.

Phone apps that pay you - Make Money Mobile AppThis app looks to be one of the exceptional ones out there. It’s currently rated 4.6 in Google Play Store and boasts over 1 million downloads and 423 thousand reviews.

To make money with this app, after you’ve taken the steps to download and install it. You need to open up one of the Offer Walls from the main screen. The walls have names like Fantastic Offer Wall, Wow Offer Wall and Awesome Offer Wall. So just choose a wall and click to open it.

Now you are going to see the offers that are available on that wall and the number of points you will earn from completing each of them. Points vary for each offer but you will find some really great ones that earn you a ton of points.

For instance, a free trial may earn you 2000 points etc. and I once saw an offer where you complete a few levels of a particular game to earn over 10000 points. That should be a piece of cake for all the gamers out there.

Another good thing is that it seems that users can quickly be able to withdraw funds from the app. Each 1000 points that you accumulate is worth $1 USD and you can withdraw in the amounts of $5, $10, $20 and $50.

Withdrawals are paid to your Paypal account so you have to have a valid paypal account email on file. Can you just imagine earning that 10000+ points I mentioned earlier. After just that one offer you could qualify for a withdrawal.

Another very similar app to the Make Money – Free Cash app is the Money Apps – Cash For Free Apps. This one too seems to be doing well and also pays out in Paypal funds.


Snapwire is an internet platform that currently allows roughly half a million photographers in 180 countries to sell their authentic custom photos to brands, creatives and small businesses who are seeking to purchase images that fulfil their particular requirements.

Creators (which is what the photographers are called on SnapWire) can Phone apps that pay you - Take Photos for Money With SnapWiresubmit their photos by way of the SnapWire website or by using the app which is available for Android or IOS enabled smartphones.

How it works is that buyers submit their requests for photos in the form of a creative brief. Creators will then see this brief and respond by taking and submitting their best photos to match the requirements in that brief.

Buyers will nominate photos that appear to be trending towards what they are ultimately looking for. This in turn helps the other photographers to hone in on the sort of photos that they need to submit. The buyer will then purchase the shots that match their requirements and the successful creator(s) will get paid.

Apart from the method mentioned above creators may also upload images to the marketplace where they will be available for sale. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $25 in your account you can request a payout. The company honors these payout requests via PayPal or Stripe payments. Made on the 1st. of each month.


The apps presented above in my opinion represents the best current selection of phone apps that pay you internationally. Of course there are many more apps out there but most of these are only available for use in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and one or two other countries. I expect that in future some of those apps will expand their reach into other countries and there will also be new ones developed that pay internationally.

As i become aware of these changes i will add them here for your benefit. Until that time i would like to introduce you to what is in my opinion the best way for you to earn money online. Please click on the button below to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Phone apps that pay you - Earn online number 1 recommendation

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Enrique · at 4:13


I remember looking for options to make money online a few years ago. That was the first time I came across some of these apps you mention.

I didn’t know about co-hosting through Airbnb. I’ve used it a few times, but only as a guest. It’s interesting to know you can still make some money off of it even if you’re not a property owner.

Out of all the apps you mention, I think I could try Foap and SnapWire. I take tons of photos and I might lucky selling a few. I do understand it’s a side gig, so I’m not expecting a great pay.

Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to your next post.

    Donald · at 2:32

    Hi Enrique. So you’re a photographer? That’s cool, an yeah you could definitely make some money from those internationally available phone app. I would recommend that you sign up with both the SnapWire and Foap apps for best results.

Randy Levy · at 3:53

The Internet has come along with unprecedented opportunities to make money, but due to my experience the affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best way to make money  online. I have tried several methods of making money online, but none of them made me a dime, but as a wealthy affiliate marketing I was able to start making money right after 6 month. Great post

    Donald · at 2:28

    Thanks for that insight Randy. I’m happy things got turned around for you, and that’s a great testimonial for Wealthy Affiliate too. Lots of people can’t even think about earning money after just 6 months into a brand new business.

    There are lots of other great stories of people achieving success online because of Wealthy Affiliates. Here’s another really inspiring one. Click to read!

Nimrodngy · at 3:46

Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article.I didn’t know that there are phones that pay internationally. Reading your article I would really like to use AirBnB myself. I have a 3 room apartment and I would like to rent them to students from a university. I would like to have one student in each room. Do you think I can do this through AirBnB?

    Donald · at 5:04

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reading my post.  In regards to your question, AirBnB tends to be geared mostly for fairly short term rentals of up to 1 month in duration in most cases.  University students would most likely be looking to rent for a longer term.  So AirBnB would not be ideal.

    However if both parties can agree on a suitable arrangement, then it is possible.

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