Introduction To Bitcoin

In this post we will be looking at online jobs that pay with Bitcoin, which is the new innovation for online transactions today.

Every so often there comes along a new sensation.  Something new appears on the scene that turns the world on its head.  Destroying old norms and forcing the creation of new paradigms, new systems, new norms.

Today it looks as if we are again riding on the cusp of another such movement.  This time affecting our global monetary system.

There is a new form of currency out there that is gaining traction worldwide.  It’s called Crypto Currency, and right now the most popular form of this is the Bitcoin.

Online Jobs That Pay With Bitcoin

Currently, it is being used to buy and sell items from individuals and companies.  It’s also just beginning to be used to pay for work done, and I’m going to show you some online jobs that will pay you with this form of crypto currency..

You’ll start to get a feel of where the world is headed with this new sensation.  But first, let’s address the question of what is Bitcoin and how does it work?

What is Bitcoin?

My understanding of Bitcoin is that it is a new form of currency.  Digital currency in fact.  Also known as a cryptocurrency.

But whereas regular currency (paper money and coins) before now have always been controlled by the governments and the Central Banks of the world who regulate and manage its issuance and value.

How does Bitcoin work?

Online jobs that pay with Bitcoin - What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has no central governmental authority.  Bitcoins network is owned by no one and in effect is controlled by the conglomeration of all the Bitcoin users worldwide.

Bitcoin Mining

Creation of each new coin is achieved using a process called Mining.

This involves the use of computational power to process and verify transactions.

The mining is done at a decisively fixed, controlled rate, by specialized computer hardware devices called ASICS (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

There is also a finite number of Bitcoins that can be created.  That number is capped at 21 million coins and right now at this time in 2018, we are at just above eighty (80) percent of that figure.

Bitcoin Ledger or Blockchain

Bitcoin Mining is a very interesting and profitable process, and what this term is referring to is the process by which each transaction made on the Bitcoin system is added to the ledger or transaction records.

This ledger is known as the Blockchain and the mining process is a very difficult one involving complex computational problems that have to be tackled by high-powered computers.

I must say here that Bitcoin mining is not the only way that one can earn money with Bitcoins.

I have compiled a listing of little known ways that one can use to make money with Bitcoins and other digital currencies.  Visit this page to see the listing of ways to make money with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Summary

So to sum up what we know so far we can say that a simple explanation of Bitcoin is that it’s a new form of currency that no individual, group or organization has control over, and it is governed by a specific set of rules and protocols that every Bitcoin user worldwide follows.

Also, the creation of new Bitcoins AKA Bitcoin mining is done at a controlled rate by computer hardware, and finally every Bitcoin transaction is recorded in the Bitcoin Ledger or Blockchain.

Online Jobs That Pay With Bitcoin - #1 Recommendation

Bitcoin as a Payment Method

The first Bitcoin & First Bitcoin Transaction

The very first Bitcoin came into being on January 3, 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block of Bitcoins, and one of the first recorded transactions using Bitcoins occurred when 10,000 Bitcoins were used to purchase 2 Papa Johns pizzas

I believe the person who purchased those 2 pizzas must be hurting real bad right now though.  Considering that the current value of just one of those Bitcoins he spent that day is now a whopping $6,240 USD at today’s date of October 29, 2018

How to use Bitcoin

To use Online Jobs that pay with Bitcoin - Bitcoin WalletBitcoins you have to first download a software program called a Bitcoin wallet.

This is kinda like a digital form of the wallet you’re used to for carrying cash.

It can be downloaded to your computer or your mobile phone.

You can also have a web wallet which is an online Bitcoin wallet or a hardware Bitcoin wallet which is a physical device sort of like a thumb drive or others look like a small external hard drive.

Whichever type of wallet you decide to use, it will store the relevant information like your secure private key which is what is used to access your Bitcoin addresses and carry out the actual transactions.  As Bitcoins are digital.  Your wallet will not be storing physical currency.

Using the hardware wallet or the one that’s installed to a mobile phone means you have access to your Bitcoins anywhere.  Just as you would when carrying cash in a physical wallet.

Companies that transact business in Bitcoin

I’ve come across a lot of companies that do business in Bitcoin.  Here are just a few of those I’ve seen.

Bloomberg – A major global news provider.

Dish Network – A large cable and satellite tv company.

Intuit – A business and financial software company.

Etsy – A global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

Namecheap – A leading international web domain registrar and web hosting provider.

WordPress – A free blogging platform that is used by millions worldwide.

Tesla – An automotive and energy company specializing in the manufacture of electric cars.

Overstock – A billion dollar internet retail company.

Online jobs that pay with Bitcoin - Namecheap Accepts Bitcoin

Ok, so those I mentioned above represent some of the larger, better-known businesses.  Now let me show you a few of the small businesses that use this form of currency as well.

Bees Brothers – A family run bee farming business that creates a variety of food items that incorporate their homegrown honey

Bitcoin Shirts – Online store that specializes in creating and selling Bitcoin merchandise, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

Pizza For Coins – Buy your pizza here and have it delivered to your doorstep.  They only accept Bitcoins but don’t worry.  You won’t have to pay 10,000 coins like the first person who ever bought pizza with Bitcoin.

Undead Coffee – A small company that strives to bring you the best coffee.  So good, they say it’s worth coming back for.

Bitcoin payments on the rise

The number of payments that are being made using the Bitcoin network is definitely on the rise, and in the final quarter of 2017, the total value of transactions in this cryptocurrency was almost 150 Billion dollars.

That’s a lot of money, and in this scenario, it’s no real surprise that there are now online jobs where you can get paid with Bitcoin.

Online jobs that pay with Bitcoin - Bitcoin payment

Online jobs that pay with Bitcoin

With the advent of this new digital form of currency and its inclusion to some extent among acceptable methods of payment used around the world.

We are now seeing not only businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods, but also it’s introduction as a viable option for paying freelancers for work done.

There are now even some Freelance companies or Online Job Boards as I prefer to call them who are paying freelancers exclusively with Bitcoin.  In fact, all transactions are done using this particular cryptocurrency.

Below are some of these Job Boards that have opted to make payments via this new method.

Bit Gigs – This is an online job board started in 2011 where users can offer or accept freelance gigs.  All transactions on this board are done in Bitcoins.

Blocklancer – founded in 2016 Blocklancer is touted as a self-regulatory platform for freelancers to find jobs and clients to get their projects done.

Coinality – This one is a free Job board that connects prospective employers with job seekers looking to find freelance work.  Transactions on Coinality are done in a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Crypto Jobs – Founded in 2017 CryptoJobs makes the claim that it is the number one job board to find and post Blockchain jobs.  Their mission is to connect talented individuals to the best Blockchain projects.

Crypto Grind – This is a platform that’s supposed to be similar to Fiverr.   They offer freelancers a place to offer their services in exchange for payments made in Bitcoin.

Moon Bitcoin – This company presents a novel way to earn Bitcoin.  It’s a Bitcoin faucet and therefore dispenses Bitcoin as a reward for completing a task.  Bitcoin faucets are possibly the easiest way to get Bitcoins but  the rewards paid are minimal.

Pay Per Block – PayPerBlock is a freelancer platform that aims to connect the best talents with the best available Blockchain projects.

Working For Bitcoins – The Beta version of this platform has been live since 2017, and it is free to sign up here and offer your services. is another platform that allows freelancers  to find work where they are able to get paid in Bitcoins.

XBTFreelancer – XBT is one of those platforms that exclusively transacts in Bitcoin only.  Employers are able to post their projects on the site and interested freelancers are able to browse the projects available and then bid on the ones that interest them.

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin presents us with a totally new view of money.  Unlike the US dollar and other world currencies, it is not backed by gold, silver or any other precious commodity.

What backs Bitcoin?

It is in fact backed by, nothing at all.  Bitcoin has absolutely no intrinsic value.  However, unlike these other currencies mentioned above, it is not under the control of any world government or financial institution.

This makes it free and independent.

Benefits of Bitcoin

For the freelancer, some benefits of taking online jobs that pay with Bitcoin are:

  • Avoidance of hefty withdrawal fees as charged by some of the Online Payment Gateways
  • Secure payments as payments can be sent from one Bitcoin wallet address directly to another wallet address.
  • Anonymity as you do not need to reveal your personal details as a prerequisite to getting paid.
  • Global availability as you can get paid in Bitcoin wherever you are in the world.  Therefore avoiding the problems some face where they cannot receive payments from certain payment processors because they live in a particular country.
  • Transactions cannot be reversed.

Online jobs that pay with Bitcoin - Fiat VS Crypto Currency

Maybe at some time in the future, we may see cryptocurrencies totally replacing our existing currencies or maybe they will come to co-exist comfortably side by side as components of our global financial marketplace.

Whatever the long term future outcome, it seems clear that Bitcoin and other such digital currencies could very well represent the future of money on our planet and I hope that I have been able to shed a bit of light on the question posed at the beginning of this post.

That of What is Bitcoin and how does it work? As well as how it is impacting the freelancer community online.

Online jobs that pay with Bitcoin - Best moneymaking recommendation

Please feel free to share your views, insights, and comments. Also share the post on your social media accounts so others can learn about Bitcoin and its’ use.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Lalita · at 8:45

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful article with us and for the opportunity to discuss it. Your post is very informative for all people. I have an account on bit coins. I agree with your information. Now I didn’t know there jobs available online for cryptocurrency- I mean this is amazing.. do you maybe know how much an individual could earn on these platforms?

    Donald · at 11:42

    Hi Lalita. Exactly how much one can earn from a job that pays with Bitcoins really depends on factors that are unique to each job. Factors like the particulars of the job, the online employment opportunity, and the agreement between you and the employer.

    To make sure you’re not getting short changed if you choose to accept payments in Bitcoin there are sites online that you can use to convert Bitcoin to cash. Like a calculator they will tell you the value of any amount of Bitcoin in cash, and of course the Bitcoin payment for that online job has to be equivalent with the amount you would receive if you were taking payment in cash.

Tasmia Ferdous · at 8:11

I really appreciate this article.
Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful article with us and for the opportunity to discuss it. Your post is very informative for all people. I have an account on bit coins. I agree with your information.

I have been trading in bit coins for 2 years. Bitcoin protects customer privacy. This is a secure transaction. Transaction is possible from anywhere in the world. Bitcoin transactions are taxed through block chain. My online job payment is with the Bitcoin section.

Lastly, I would like to say that those who read your post will clearly know about Bitcoin. They will benefit.

    Donald · at 11:51

    You’re right Tasmia. A Bitcoin transaction is more secure and private than our old methods. Thanks for visiting Online Money Gigs.

primoz pticak · at 8:00

Hi! I ve heard about bitcoin, and blockchain, and I live in the city that had supposedly first city of shops where you could/can pay with cryptocurrency. Now I didn’t know there jobs available online for cryptocurrency- I mean this is amazing.. do you maybe know how much an individual could earn on these platforms? And what knowledge you must have? It is truly amazing article!


Primoz P.

    Donald · at 11:55

    Hi there Primoz. Thanks for your comment, and for the question. I just answered your question for Lalita. It seems you both had the same question in your minds. Please scroll upwards to see what i told Lalita,

    Thanks again for visiting

Nimrodngy · at 7:50

Thanks a lot for sharing with us this article about online job that are paid with bitcoin.

I didn’t knew that there exist online jobs where i can earn bitcoins. Reading your article i realized that there really is a lot and I searched the Internet about Crypto Jobs. I found here a lot of positive feedback from the members who registered and made a lot of money. Do you think bitcoin will resist  on the market and will not devalue?

    Donald · at 11:57

    That’s commendable that you did a bit of research online into Bitcoin and Crytpocurrencies. Yes i actually believe that Bitcoin will hold its value and persist as a digital currency.

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