Online jobs for nurses

Online jobs for nurses

Some online jobs for nurses can present very lucrative work at home opportunities for nurses who may feel they need to take a break from being on the front lines of this very demanding profession.  In times of crisis such as the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic healthcare professionals including our beloved nurses and the doctors they work with are put under enormous stress.

Long hours, the trauma and psychological stress from having to deal with so many ill patients, plus the additional strain of so many falling to the onslaught of such a terrible pandemic will undoubtedly take a huge toll on our medical professionals.  Some of whom may want to take a break from the front lines when all this is past.  Even if that respite is temporary.

For those within the nursing profession who feel that way, I have compiled details on the 10 best work from home nurse jobs that they can pursue in order to be able to work in remote nursing jobs from home.  In days gone by the only nursing job opening available would be one of the traditional ones in a hospital or health center etc.

In today’s world, things have changed and there are now nursing jobs you can do from home.  Here below are the best ones I’ve found during my research.

Telehealth nursing jobs

What is the definition of Telehealth?  The word Telehealth is a catchall term that covers basically all forms of healthcare and health-related services that are provided by means of or with the aid of telecommunications equipment and technologies.  This includes activities including the electronic collection and delivery of patient data to a doctor, nurse or other health care professional.

Other activities that would be classified as Telehealth services include medical care provided by a nurse to a patient in another location via telecommunications technology such as video conferencing as well as remote patient monitoring such as monitoring an offsite patient’s glucose levels using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device.

Here are the best telehealth nurse jobs that i could find online.Online Jobs For Nurses - Telehealth

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Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone Triage nurses are trained nursing practitioners who assist patients over the phone.  Helping them to determine what sort of care they need.   To do this the telehealth nurse will ask the patient very specific questions to quickly assess their needs and direct them towards the proper course of action.

Whether that action may be a call for immediate emergency treatment, setting an appointment with a doctor or other appropriate health care professional or administering treatment themselves at home in cases where a doctor’s visit is not warranted.  A Telephone Triage nurse is sometimes also referred to as a Telepathology nurse.

Telephone Triage nurse salary currently can be anywhere between a low of $22 per hour to a high of around $34 per hour in the United States.  These figures represent average salaries, but there are Telepathology nurse positions that will pay higher salaries.

Call Center Nurse

The job of a Call Center Nurse is quite similar to that of a Telephone Triage Nurse.  Although both jobs can be seen as virtual nurse jobs, the Call Center Nurse position does not require as much experience.  This job requires the holder to be in charge of direct calls to the relevant parties but this nurse will not be responsible for making assessments and giving medical advice to patients.

These nurses provide the function of a nurse administrator within the call center environment.

Telehealth Services Companies

The following Telehealth services companies can offer telehealth nursing jobs to qualified nursing practitioners.  So if you happen to be searching for work from home nursing jobs you should take a few minutes to read through the remote nursing opportunities on offer at these companies.

If you see a company that you like then you should definitely get in touch with them to enquire about available remote nursing jobs.


Call4Health provides medical and home call center communication services for companies in the medical field covering the entire United States.  The company has headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida and operates 24 hours a day.  The company apparently provides very good service to their clients as there are now hospitals who use Call4Health for their switchboard services.

Online Jobs For Nurses - Call4Health

The company offers call center services in areas including patient access solutions, telemedicine, and nurse triage among others.

Carenet Health

This company is a US-based healthcare support services company with its headquarters in the city of San Antonio, Texas.  They provide on-demand, around the clock telehealth care access by utilizing channels like video, phone, and portals for patients, helping customers to access the proper level of care they need, when they need it.

Among the services offered by Carenet is a Virtual clinic designed to deliver a one-stop, professional triage telemedicine experience that cuts customer costs by 50%, and a nurse advice line run by highly skilled RN’s who are there to answer your calls 24 hours a day.

Carenet’s remote telehealth positions are perfect for meeting the needs of experienced RNs who want to transition from the old nursing model into a new, challenging career path.

Citra Health Solutions

Citra is a hospital and health care solutions company that serves over 10 million members.  The company has been in business since 2012 and has headquarters in Morrisville, North Carolina U.S.A.

The company is one of those that hire RN’s for remote work positions in the areas of telephone triage where they provide coaching and remote care to patients in chronic care management programs.

Fonemed Telehealth

Fonemed has been in business since 1996 offering remote healthcare as one of the Telehealth services companies.  The company is based in California and they hire RN’s from all across North America, some of whom work from home providing telephone triage and health advice services to callers all over the North American continent.

Fonemed has earned Health Call Center Accreditation from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and operates on the cutting edge of Telehealth delivery, providing value-based call center services to a sizeable portion of the population.

Fonemed looks for registered nurses with at least 2 years of recent nursing experience and previous experience in a telephone triage setting.

Sequence Health

Sequence Health provides patient engagement solutions to healthcare organizations.  Through the services they offer, they help to increase the organizations lead capture efforts and help to convert more leads into patients.

Online Jobs For Nurses - Sequence Health

The company operates as a virtual extension to your organization’s staff complement.  Operating both during business hours and while your organization is closed.  Nurses can find available positions to work as part of the companies teams in the following areas. The Patient Portal team, Telehealth team, Medical Call Center, and Chronic Care Management teams.

Other Online Money Gigs for Nurses

Apart from the online money gigs like triage nursing and call center nurse positions that are available in telehealth service companies like call centers, there are other work at home nursing jobs that may become available from time to time for qualified nurse practitioners.   These jobs support various other sectors of the professional world.

Qualified individuals will find nurse practitioner jobs that support sectors such as the legal profession, insurance industry, education, publishing, etc.  These other NP jobs which are available for trained professionals include.

Telephonic Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager is an RN practitioner who specializes in the development of specialized care plans for patients.  Aside from preparing the plans, the case manager will also oversee the implementation of the long term plans for said patients, updating plans as necessary in keeping with changes to a patient’s condition.

These nurses often work with specific types of patients such as those who require ongoing medical care, ensuring that patients are always getting the type of comprehensive medical care they need at any given point in time.

Legal Nurse Practitioner Consultant

The legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who has an expansive knowledge base about the healthcare system as it relates to nursing and medicine in general.  Ideally, these practitioners should also have some knowledge of legal terminology, the legal system, and cases of medical malpractice.

Armed with all this knowledge the legal nurse consultant is the ideal professional with the capability to create a bridge between the legal and healthcare industries.

From this knowledge base, these professionals are able to provide services such as providing evaluation, analysis, and recommendations in regard to medical and health-related aspects of legal cases.

One important area in which such professionals are utilized by legal firms is in the position of an Appeals Nurse Consultant. Such an individual may be made responsible for reviewing clinical documentation, complaints, and appeals. Interpreting the data obtained from such records to provide recommendations for the resolution of clinical complaints and appeals.

Online Nursing Instructor

Registered Nurses who are looking for online money gigs where they can utilize their knowledge and experience in the medical field without having to take on the stresses of a regular nursing job can consider becoming a nurse educator.

The role of the nursing instructor is to develop and teach nursing curriculums to nursing students at the University or College level.  This is a very important role that these qualified RN’s play in our society as they help to nurture and teach future generations of young men and women who want to become nurses themselves.

Instead of being in front of a class in a physical classroom, the online instructor works from home.  Teaching students in an online learning environment.  This is one of the online jobs for nurses that takes an RN furthest away from the stresses of working in shifts in a hospital environment.

New Nursing Career Paths

There, I have listed the jobs that I consider at this point to be included in the 10 best work from home nurse jobs that an RN can find to start a new career path as a nursing professional in the healthcare industry.

I will definitely be adding new remote job opportunities and classifications as time goes on.  Taking the number of opportunities mentioned to way beyond the stated 10.  I hope you are finding the information I present useful so far and I invite you to continue checking back here on Online Money Gigs in the future as i add more information to this post.

If you are also giving some thought to making even more drastic changes to your career path as a nurse, or even thinking of hanging up your scrubs, your stethoscope, and sphygmomanometer entirely, then I recommend that you take a closer look at this website.  There are tons of ways that you can make really decent money listed here.

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Do you know of any other great nurse jobs, or do you have a comment on the post.  Please let me know in the comments section below.  Thank you and have a great day.


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