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Hello and welcome to this OGDollars review. If you’re like me you’ve only just heard about this website recently, but guess what.  They’re making some huge claims.  They claim to be the number 1 social network and they also claim that Forbes gave them that number 1 ranking. They say so right there on their website in the FAQ section.

There’s a bunch of other quite interesting claims as well on this website. Claims like.

You can make $500 a day on this GPT website
You earn $45 for downloading an app and keeping the app open for 30 seconds, etc. etc.

I had to see what all that was about so I took the time to look into this website and their claims. I just had to see if there appeared to be any truth in all this or whether OGDollars is a scam. Just another of the many scammy sites out there on the internet looking to rob us of our time, our money, or even our information for their own unscrupulous benefit.

So let’s peel back the layers of together, and see what I discovered underneath.  Come on friends, let’s get started.

What is OGDollars?

Well, they claim to be the #1 influencer network in the world. The website FAQ’s say they are an Affiliate network and the About Me page says they are an Affiliate Marketing company. But in reality, they are a Get Paid To website that is supposed to pay you what I have to call crazy money for completing simple tasks online. Now I say crazy money because the amounts that they say they will pay you for doing each simple task are just downright unrealistic.

The figures they quote remind me of bait that you place in a trap to lure in unsuspecting victims. Tell me what you think about that after you finish reading this post.

Where is OGDollars based?

If you’re looking to find the location of the company that runs OGDollars, then I believe you might find there’s a problem. You see the company FAQ’s state that they are based out of South London, while the About Us page says the company is based out of Los Angeles, CA and the Contact Us page says that they are located in Zuid Holland (South Holland).

OGDollars Review - Locations

I wish they’d just make up their mind about the correct location. 🙂  But really though, on a serious note that right there presented a big red flag for me.

How are you supposed to make money with OGDollars?

If you were gullible enough to believe what they are saying on this website then it would seem like the best opportunity ever created for you to make a ton of money on the internet. For starters, you are promised $50 just for signing up on the website. We’re talking US dollars here. So wouldn’t that be absolutely the easiest $50 bucks you ever made? Just for spending a minute to sign up to a website. But wait. There’s still easier money. We will get to that in just a few minutes. Just continue reading on.

So after you’ve earned your $50 bucks for signing up here are the ways that you are supposed to continue to earn.

Earn $10 for OGDollars referrals

Yes, you read that right. You are told that you will earn $10 for each and every person that you refer to the website. Then you are given your own referral link to go out and refer others to the site. Even crazier than that you are supposed to earn $2 for every person who just clicks on your referral link. Just imagine the earning potential there. (if there was any way on earth that this could be true)

Earn $500 a day with OGDollars

Yep. That’s what they tell you. So with your $50 OGDollars signup bonus all you now have to do is refer 45 people and that’s it, $500 for your first day. Oh, and remember all those other people who just clicked on your referral link but didn’t sign up. That’s $2 each to add to your earning total.  Kinda like icing on the cake so to speak.

Earn $10 for OGDollars social media post

Imagine that. This company says that they will pay you $10 for making 1 social media post. You can post on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter as well. $10 for every single post that you make and you can also post multiple times on each one of these 3 social media platforms. That could be a lot of money. If you were to ever get paid.

OGDollars Review - How OGDollars Works

Earn $50 for OGDollars promotional videos on Youtube

Have you ever made a Youtube video? If not well OGDollars says they will pay you $50 for a 1 minute video promoting the website on Youtube. Check it out. Take a look on Youtube and you will find a ton of videos trying to do this. I did a quick search for the term OGDollars on Youtube and I found over 400 little short videos all telling you that you need to sign up.

Funny thing though. None of them were giving you any details on the company or how you make money. It was all just about getting people to signup. More proverbial lambs to the slaughter.  Then there’s the…

OGDollars $35 TaskWall

Like other Get Paid To websites you are going to find mobile apps and online surveys here. Stuff and tasks that you can complete to earn money online. The difference between this site though and a legitimate GPT site is that here they promise to pay you $30 or more for doing this stuff. While the legit site can only manage to pay you $0.50 cents, or $1, or maybe as much as $2 for completing surveys, etc.

So those are the ways that you “”supposedly”” , “”theoretically”” should be able to make money with this website.  Well!  Do you believe all this stuff they’ve told us so far?

Of course, you don’t.  I mean it’s so easy to see that it’s all just crap.  Just shiny bait on a hook designed to get us to sign up.

OGDollars Youtube channel

I must admit that they really do a good job at trying to draw people in though. For example, there’s a Youtube channel that bears the website’s name. So I assume that it was created by the owners of the website. Plus it has a lot more detail than those quick sign up promotion videos I mentioned earlier. The guy on the Youtube channel claims that he has been paid twice already. You can check it out below.

OGDollars Review - Youtube Video

Have you watched the video?  That’s a nice chunk of money that he’s claiming to have made, isn’t it?  But you know what’s even more surprising?  If this is the Youtube channel of the #1 social network, according to Forbes no less. Then how come they only have 1.4K subscribers and 2 videos on their channel?

Can you make money with OGDollars?

Of course not. Unless you are one of the owners of this website. Yes, of course, they say you’re going to make a whole ton of money. US dollars at that, and when you sign up and do begin to do the tasks that you see on the website it’s going to seem like you are in fact making a lot of money. But just wait until it’s time to withdraw. It’s going to be grief. At least for you.

How will you get paid?

Well on the homepage they state that you will have various ways to immediately withdraw your earnings. These include Paypal, Bitcoin, and by mail. I’m not quite sure what by mail is referring to. Maybe checques by mail but that’s what they state on the site. Nothing more.

How do the website owners make money?

That’s easy to answer. They make money off of the people who take the bait and sign up to make money on the website.

Here’s a bit more detail.

The website is based on the CPA business model. That means that money is earned based on the number of a particular action that gets done from the website. These actions that they get paid for are things like completing surveys, downloading apps, answering questions, registering on a website, providing feedback, etc.

These are the things that they ask you to do on the website. The things they should be paying you for. Except for the Youtube promotions of course and asking you to refer people. That’s just to bring more people to the site.

So basically they draw you in by promising you this crazy money for completing these CPA actions for them. Money that is too much for them to realistically pay. Then you perform the tasks for them, thinking that they are going to actually pay you at the end of the day. However, what will happen is you don’t get paid and they smile all the way to the bank.

They may also be earning money from selling the data that they got from you to third parties. That’s stuff like your name, email address, etc.

Is OGDollars a scam?

Based on all we’ve looked at so far I would definitely say YES!  But let’s look at a few more things.  Shall we?

There is no information at all about the owners of this GPT website. No matter how much you search, there is currently no information anywhere about who owns this website. Only scammers go to so much length to keep their identities a secret. This so that it is harder for them to get caught.

Incorrect information about the launch date for the website. On the website itself, in the About Us section, it states that they launched in 2015. Strangely though, if you do a search for information about the website you will learn that they actually got off the ground in July 2019, not in 2015. They also state that they partnered with the likes of Walmarts, Papa Johns, and Subway. I wonder how they did that when they weren’t even launched yet.

Wrong website name on the About Us page. If you check the About Us page you will see that they made a mistake where they referred to the website as JustEarn instead of OG Dollars. You can find this mistake at the lower left of the page and I am sharing an image of what I’m talking about below. Just in case they change it after this. That’s an incredibly stupid mistake to make but it gets easier to understand when you realize that JustEarn is a carbon copy of this website.

OGDollars is a carbon copy website

As I just mentioned above, this website is an exact copy of the website I’m guessing that’s because both websites and possibly others are owned by the same owner(s). Check out the image below to see why I said carbon copy. Has me wondering if there’s a network of scam websites out there, all owned by the same person(s). Hell-bent on scamming people worldwide in order to earn big money online.

OGDollars Review - Carbon Copy

I just happen to have found 5 more websites that are similar to these 2. All claiming to be the #1 Influencer network in the world. I will show you 2 more of these. NextCash and Swipe2Earn.

OGDollars Review - Similar Sites

You have to be 99 years old to make money

Now this one absolutely blew my mind people.  Yeah, on the Terms & Conditions page of the website you can find that little gem.  What it says is that “by using the OGDollars Sites and Features or our Services, you represent, warrant, and covenant that you (among other things) are ninety-nine (99) years of age or older.  If you are under the age of ninety-nine (99), you are not allowed to use the OGDollars Sites and Features nor our Services”.

So, are you still thinking of trying out this website?  Well, are you at least 99 years old?  See for yourself.

OGDollars Review - 99 years old requirement

Then there’s what they can do with the personal information that you give them. In their Privacy Policy, they claim the right to do so many things with your info that it’s downright scary. Considering that this company raises so many red flags. I don’t know why anybody would want to give them access to any of their personal info.

OG Dollars Review - Use of personal info

This stuff is all in the fine print on the website and I know a lot of us don’t bother to read all that.  So I made sure that I did read them for this review and I’m showing you what I discovered after sifting through all that.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Congratulations on reading through to the end of my review. Honestly I could have gone on but there really wasn’t any point as it is quite obvious that the only conclusion that we can make is that OGDollars is nothing more than a total scam. Designed to waste our time, and our efforts while using us to increase their CPA earnings as they mine our data for all manner of purposes.

I’ve been online long enough now to be able to easily recognize legit GPT opportunities when i come across them.  And believe me, this one does not come anywhere close.  My advice to you is to stay as far away from this one as you possibly can.

Luckily, not all GPT websites are like this one.  There are a few legitimate ones out there where you can actually make money.  Not the crazy money that OG Dollars speaks of.  No that’s just shiny bait designed to interest you and lure you in.  With the other sites you make money, but what you will be paid will not make you rich, not at all.

But if you’re a young person who just needs to make some extra money or you’re someone who needs to augment your income or you live in one of the poorer countries on our world where the chance to earn in US dollars is really important.  Then i’ve got you.  I’m going to show you a few companies that are the real deal.  Companies that will pay you your money when you’ve earned it.  Companies that won’t scam you.

You should check out these legitimate OGDollars alternatives

With those you can comfortably make between $100 – $300 US in a month.

However if you really want to make more money online then get onto my number 1 recommendation for you. That’s …

Wealthy Affiliate

With that opportunity you can be making between $500 – $1500 each month. Of course again in USD

OGDollars GPT



  • Couldn't find even 1


  • Impossible earnings per task
  • Carbon copy website
  • Lots of scam red flags
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