How I got here today

Today I’m gonna tell you about my number 1 recommendation to earn money online.

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money online that really work and aren’t just the newest kind of get rich quick scheme or online scam then you’re at the right place.  Right now, this minute is exactly the right time.  And….

number 1 recommendation to earn money online - Click To Try For Free

I was introduced to this program after trying a lot of others and I’m convinced it’s the best one online.

Read on and I’m going to give you some real solid reasons why I feel this way and why you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at what’s available.

I promise you’re gonna love it.

But first, let’s take a real quick look at how I got here.

To begin with, I have to say I’ve been online practically every single day since November 1990, and unlike a lot of people, I’ve never really bought into the social media craze like that.  I was never the type of person to spend a lot of time just chatting or playing games on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, etc.

My time online was mostly spent watching documentaries on youtube etc.  But 10 years ago I was introduced to the very first business that I could use some of my time online to do.

I saw the light then and from that moment I’ve been looking high and low for other businesses that could make me some money online.

I saw all kinds of shiny programs.  Full of hype and glittering promises of earning up to 6 figure incomes quickly and without breaking a sweat, practically.

I paid the price

Oh, how I paid.

I tried quite a few of these glittery, going nowhere fast programs and they all turned out to be scams.

How you get scammed – To get started in these things you have to pay $$ upfront.  Then after a while, you realize that the program is going nowhere fast, there’s no training, absolutely no support, etc.  No glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel and of course you’ve lost the money you spent

The logical next step is to just get out of there and cut your losses.

After a time, and quite a bit of money I began to feel that I would never find a real legitimate program to show me how to make money online.  I gave up on the idea and number 1 recommendation to earn money online - Thumbs upbecame real cynical when anyone mentioned online business opportunities to me.

Luckily for me though, I had a female friend who just would not give up on my ultra negative ass.  She kept telling me about this online community she had found.

Where they teach you step by step how to make money online.  Then get you started in your chosen business and help you grow that online business.

She was now a part of the community and insisted that I take a look.

But I still felt so badly burned by those previous programs I’d tried and as a result, I had so much skepticism that it took months before I finally gave in and decided to look.

Just to please her.

I thought I would just look and then be able to tell her no I was not interested.

That’s how I came across this exceptional program called Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been thanking my friend every day since.  Finding WA for me was like coming home.  Like finding my place in the online world.

If you’ve been searching for a place to learn about online business tools.  Or a place that will help you to start and / or grow your business then you really need to look no further than Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s an online business academy, a community of successful entrepreneurs and much more.

The Story of Wealthy Affiliate

Maybe you already have heard of WA.  Or maybe you haven’t.  Whatever your answer I must tell you that WA offers one of the top online business courses, if not the absolute best, and the benefits that members receive in my opinion are the best that I’ve ever come across online.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the current number one online training platform.  Built by a couple of online entrepreneurs named Kyle and Carson back in 2005.  What are your money goals - Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate

The community currently offers intensive online business training and support to members and is for everyone.

From the total novice who knows absolutely nothing about the intricacies of doing business online to the experienced online entrepreneur who wants to network with other like-minded successful entrepreneurs and keep up to date with the latest innovations in online business.

Since it’s inception in 2005 the WA community has grown to roughly 1.4 million members, All over the world.

Why choose Wealthy Affiliate


Best training on how to earn money online – The training that members receive at Wealthy Affiliate is very intensive but presented in ways that make it very easy to understand and with processes that are simplified in order to make the training Wealthy Affiliate - Optimize websites for moblie devicesexperience better in every single way.

Whether you are a total newbie or an advanced marketer, the step by step task-based lessons in the courses will teach you how to start and grow successful businesses online.

There are over 1,500 training modules and lessons available within the training center which cover every area imaginable in terms of running your own online businesses.  Plus there are new pieces of training and updates to existing trainings being created practically every day by the founders and their team and also by Premium WA members who are experienced subject matter experts in many areas

Here below is an example of the new training from these expert members.  This particular training was put out there in February 2019.

Click the image below to take a quick look.

Wealthy Affiliate - Secret strategy to get website traffic

That’s an absolute gem right there.  This member is giving up the secrets that are working for him.  All you have to do as a member is watch, learn, rinse and repeat to get more traffic to your business as well

Now take a look quickly at a training module from Kyle, who is one of the founders here at WA

Wealthy Affiliate - Learn to understand how to make money online

As you can see Kyle just updated this training a few days ago.  WA training is kept up to date,  Ensuring that you have up-to-date material at all times.

Let’s get you started right now with your own online business training.  Click the image and take a minute to get on board.

My number 1 recommendation to make money online - Start training

All of us start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.  This is going to be the core of your knowledge base and when you’ve completed it, you will be equipped to start earning money in any niche market of your choice.

Wealthy Affiliate - Start Your Free Online Business Course


Websites & professional business tools

Your own professional websites with hosting and all the good stuff

Free members at WA can create 2 free websites using the SiteRubix website creator platform which will create your new professional looking website for you in less than a minute.

For the free member, the only drawback here is that any website you create will have attached to it.  For example –

Premium members can have a maximum of 50 websites.  That’s 25 websites like the ones mentioned above for free members where you have as a part of the URL and 25 other websites where you can use any website name you choose.  Without having the attached.  You can even buy the website name aka domain name direct from Wealthy Affiliate too.  Take this website that you’re on right now for example.  It’s one of my 25 without the siterubix bit attached.

Along with the business websites you also have access to:

Over 3,000 beautiful, mobile-ready website themes available.  Ensuring that there is a theme for everybody and every type of business.

Constant website monitoring.  There is a dedicated team of server administrators that work 24/7 to ensure that each and every WA member’s website stays up and running.

SSL encryption to keep your website secure.

Get Free website SSL security

Best SEO keyword generator tool

You get access to Jaaxy which is quite possibly the best  keyword research tool for you to use to research keywords for your niche, gather domain insights and analyze the situation with your competitors.  With the Jaaxy tool, you will have access to millions of possible keywords for your business.

Jaaxy Keyword research tool - Free Trial

The tool offers much more than just keyword research functionality as well.  Among the other functions that you have available is SiteRank.  With this feature, you are able to find out where your website is ranked on the search engines for any keyword.  This insight will prove very valuable in determining which keywords are doing best in Google rankings.

Bear in mind that Jaaxy is only really free for members of Wealthy Affiliate.  If you are a non-member then you can still use Jaaxy but it’s gonna cost you.  As a non WA member, you can get 30 searches as a free trial but after that, your subscription is going to be $49 per month for Pro membership or $99 per month for Enterprise membership.

As a WA member, you get Jaaxy Lite for free.  I use this for all my keyword research and it works quite fine.  I also have access to SiteRank and all the features you see listed.

Site Content your powerful writing platform

At WA we always say that “Content is King”  As a member you’re going to see for yourself that this is absolutely true.  Your ability to create high value content is a factor that could make or break your business.

Not to worry though.  The training here at WA will have you cranking out lots of high-value, quality content in no time at all.

Writing amazing content with the best content creation tool

The Site Content platform is what you’re going to be using to create that content.

The platform is your one-stop-shop for everything you need for writing killer articles.  Here are some features that are built right into the platform for your benefit.

Over 1 million images – Select from this enormous pool of images to find the high-quality images you need to enhance your web content.  If you have your own images, then you can also import these right into your written article.  You can also crop your images, add alt text and add hyperlinks too.

Word Counter – No need to go anywhere to keep tabs on how many words you have written.  Just look below the compose window and there it is.

Spelling and grammar check – also built right into the platform to optimize

Plagiarism check – When you are ready to publish the system checks your content to see if it’s unique and plagiarism free.

One click publish – With one click you publish your completed piece of content straight onto your website and it’s instantly available for viewing on your website.

See if your content is indexed in Google – Visit the Writing Stats page of Site Content to see how many pages that you wrote have already been indexed in Google.  Plus see other great statistical information regarding your content.

Set writing targets and goals.  You will also be able to see the total number of words you’ve written since you started using the platform.

Number 1 recommendation to earn money online - Join the Community

Community & support

Great learning community vibe

I know I hinted at how good the WA community is before now.  But the WA community is so active, so lively that I’ve just got to tell you a little more.  WA has members from all over the world so there’s always activity in our community 24/7/365.

There are always questions being asked and answered.  Always tips and strategies being shared, pieces of training being added, community blog posts being posted.  WA definitely believes in paying it forward, and there’s even the possibility of being rewarded for sharing with your fellow community members.

Kyle and Carson, the founders at WA are also members of the community and surprisingly active within it.   Between them, they have 30 years of accumulated experience and knowledge and they regularly share with us within the community.

They’re not the only experts who share either.  With 1.4 million Wealthy Affiliate members you can just imagine that there’s a ton of experience and knowledge represented and all that is shared regularly.  I’m gonna show you some of the stuff as examples.  Click the images below to read more about each item.

The community is not all about making money either.  Far from it.  We’re like a sharing, caring family.  Take a look at some of our community interactions and see for yourself.

Best Online Business Community To Join

Number one recommendation to make money online - Get Training

Wealthy Affiliate community post - Sharing among members

I’ve given you an intensive sneak peek behind the scenes of what the Wealthy affiliate community and training is all about.

Money matters

Try it before you join it

You can test the waters here at Wealthy Affiliate to get a feel of all the good things we’ve got going on here.  I’m a huge skeptic.  So that’s exactly what I did.  You have the option to do that too.

We don’t even ask you to provide a credit card number.

What we give you is a no-strings look at WA.  So come on and check out the beginner training, create a website or two with SiteRubix and your choice of 12 available themes to see how that works.

Do 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy and 30 SiteRank scans, get into our live chat system and check out the community help system as well.  You also get access to 1 on 1 coaching.

You get access to all these features for a trial period of 7 days.  After that 7 days if you’ve been impressed by what you experienced.  Which I’m sure you will be.  You can upgrade to premium membership for only $19.  That’s a first month discount for you as a new member and only available right at the end of the trial period.

You have the option to remain free after the end of the trial period as well.  In essence, giving you a chance to earn income online free.  If you should choose this option to make money with no money though you’ll basically only have your two free websites.  You’ll lose access to live chat, community help, Jaaxy keyword and SiteRank search that you had for the 7-day trial.  Plus you’ll lose out on lots of other great features that would be coming to you as a Premium member.

My recommendation to make money online - No hidden costs

No upsell

Or any other hidden costs or expenses to ambush you for that matter.  With a Wealthy affiliate membership you never need to worry about having to pay some exorbitant fee to get to the next level  or to unlock the next course or anything like that.  If you become a Premium member then there’s an understanding from before you become Premium that there is a monthly cost of $49 that all Premium members have to pay.  That’s it.  For that price, you get full and total access to everything at WA.

Check it out.  That’s the monthly cost for the Jaaxy alone if you’re going to use it as a non WA member.

What we do have is the exact opposite of an upsell.  For want of a better word, I’m going to call it a Downsell.

Here’s how that works.  When you become a Premium member you are offered the chance to switch from monthly subscription payments to an annual subscription.

Let’s do the math

If you pay monthly subscriptions for a year then you will end up paying $588.00

If you pay the annual subscription you will pay $359 for the year

By my calculation, that’s a saving of $229 if you pay annually.  That right there is a huge downsell anyway you look at it.

Make money with Wealthy Affiliate too

Apart from training you and supporting you in your own dream business online.  There is also another side to this business community.  That’s wealthy affiliates income opportunity.   A few of the ways that you are able to earn money online directly from WA itself include becoming an affiliate marketer for WA.

The advanced training that you will receive as a premium member will also teach you how to become a affiliate marketer.  Whether you want to make money with the amazon associate program, or with the WA program, or Clickbank or any of the other top earning affiliate programs out there.


Now that you’ve learned all about my number one recommendation to earn money online and the training on how to start a small business online.  Let me summarize quickly.

My number 1 recommendation to earn money online

Become a member of Wealthy Affiliates online business training community.

Go through the comprehensive online business training

Number one recommendation to earn money online - Start a business

Create a website using the WA platform and start a small business online taking advantage of the guidance and support from the owners and the community at WA.

Your business can be in any area that you choose such as affiliate marketing, e-commerce stores, freelance services, website creation and maintenance, writing services, website flipping, blogging on any subject you choose (we teach you how to make money from your blogs), etc.

Promote and build your business.  You must be aware though that online businesses will take time to grow.  There is no get rich scheme for online business unless you happen to come up with some kind of truly amazing product that thousands of people will want.

If this is not your case, then you must be patient and willing to work to grow your business into what you want it to be over time.   Every online entrepreneur and every online business is unique.   Your business may begin to make some money after 3 to 4 months while my business may take 1 year to build to a point where i am earning an income.  Be patient and work hard.  The main reasons why many online small businesses fail is because the owners are not patient enough, do not put in enough work, or have no support for themselves and their budding business.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have all of these at your fingertips.  The only way you can fail is if you quit.

My Recommendation to make money online - Join Wealthy Affiliate

See you on the inside!   Look out for a message from me as soon as you’ve completed your profile and added a photo.

Share the community vibe.  Do that by sharing this post with your friends and acquaintances on Social media etc.  Also leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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joshua collins · at 1:40

I think many people can say that they have chased that aim of quick money only to find out later that they are a scam, I can relate to that personally.

So I think its actually refreshing to see a legitimate platform that will teach you how to make money the right way. There are no shortcuts in online business which is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

Having been burned by scams in the past and considering the value you have mentioned I will give them a try.

Thanks for sharing,


    admin · at 7:40

    Yes Joshua, even online nothing comes without work. The promises of quick, easy money today seemingly always end up being based in a scam.

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