Today we take a look at a great little tool called the Monosnap screen recorder, but before we go further I’ve got a question for you.  Have you ever come across something during your time browsing online that you wanted to save?  Maybe it was a great little quote or a nice photo, or something like that.

But you couldn’t.  Probably because you didn’t know how to or you had no way to save just that specific little area you wanted, or whatever other reason it was that kept you from making the save.  Well, I’ve been there so I know exactly what that feels like.

I managed to find a solution to the problem though.  A way that you can save anything you want from the computer by taking a screenshot of a computer screen.  I’m going to show you how to do that using Monosnap, the best free screenshot tool that I have found online. 

What is Monosnap?

Monosnap is an image and video capture tool that allows you to take screenshots of your entire computer screen or a selected area of the screen. This versatile tool also allows you to record video clips of whatever you are doing on your computer and there are editing features that you can use to crop, add text, add arrows, etc to the screenshot.

Monosnap is a free Snagit alternative.  Snagit is also a very good screen capture tool but there is no free version of that software.  In order to use Snagit you have to purchase it for $49,95.  I personally see no reason to purchase the Snagit software as long as there is a Monosnap free download.

I must mention here though that although it is free to download Monosnap and use it at absolutely no cost for as long as you want  There is also a premium upgrade that gives you the ability to upload really large files, gives you more upload options and more cloud storage space.

I personally choose to save all my screen captures on my computer.  So If you are like me then you would not need these additional features at all.

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Monosnap Download 

If you would like to use Monosnap, please use the following links to download the correct Monosnap version for your computers’ operating system.  Continue reading as I show you step by step how to install Monosnap on a Windows computer and how to use the software for capturing screenshots and video clips.

Monosnap for Windows

Monosnap for Mac 

Monosnap for Chrome

If for any reason you’re having a problem downloading from the links given above then you can do a quick Google search for the word Monosnap.  You should get results similar to this one below.  Just click on the link to the first search result on the left that says Monosnap to go to the Monosnap website and download from there.  

Or click on the download link right there on the search results page if you see one.

Monosnap screen recorder

Whether you use the download links I gave or did a Google search to find Monosnap you are going to be taken to the following page.  Click on Download for Windows, or If you are on a Mac you should see Download for MAC instead.  Click on it.

Monosnap screen recorder - Download

You will then be taken to the following screen.  Verify that you are downloading for the correct operating system.  Click the arrow beside the Operating System name if you need to change it, and then click Download.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Verify OS

Monosnap install

After you have downloaded Monosnap, the next step you need to take is to install the software.  To begin go to the Downloads folder and locate the Monosnap installation file.  

Install Monosnap on Windows

If you are using a Windows computer then your default downloads folder will be located on the same drive that Windows is installed on.  To find it click on the File Explorer icon you see on the desktop or down in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.  Here is what the File Explorer icon looks like in Windows.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - File Explorer Icon

When you locate the folder click on it to open it.  Once it is open you should see the Windows Downloads Folder listed among the folders on the left of the screen.  Click on the Downloads folder and you will see the Monosnap installation file listed there among your downloads.   See the image below.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Monosnap Installation file

Double click on that file and when the Setup window opens click on Next.  In the Terms of Service window which opens next click in the box to the left of the words, I Accept the terms of the license agreement.  This places a tick in the box.  Then you need to click on Next.

You will now be at the Additional Settings Window.  Here you will see 3 options selected. Those are 1.  Create Desktop Shortcut, 2.  Create sub-folder in the Start menu, and 3.  Launch at Windows startup.  I recommend that you de-select the third option which is Launch at Windows startup.  Simply click in the box to de-select it.  

When you have it de-selected that leaves only the first 2 options selected.  So click on Next.

Now you’re at the window that says Ready to install Monosnap.  Click on Install. 

As Installation is about to begin you may see the following page pop up depending on your computer settings.  If it does then you need to click on Yes.  See image below.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Allow Changes

The software will now install on your computer and the next window that appears will be telling you that the installation is completed.

Click Finish.  You have now completed the installation for Windows.

Install Monosnap on a Mac

On a Mac computer, the Downloads folder should be accessible right from the desktop.  Check for the Download folder icon in the Dock area at the bottom of the screen.  See image below.  Next click on the Downloads folder to open it and search for the Monosnap.dmg installation file.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Mac OS Downloads Folder

Once you’ve found the installation file you need to double click on it and accept the license agreement.  After that, the Application Installer window appears.  Drag the Monosnap icon into the Applications folder.  After the transfer is completed go to Finder and click the Eject icon to dismount the Monosnap installer.

Alternatively, you may see a Monosnap icon on your desktop.  You can drag that to the trash folder in the Dock area to dismount the installer.

Installation is now complete for the Mac computer.

How to use Monosnap 

Now that you have completed installing Monosnap, the program can be found in your programs or applications list.  For Windows users, it can also be found on your desktop.  However, the program may have started automatically as soon as the installation was completed.  If that is the case you might now be looking at the following window.  See image.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - No Need To Upgrade

What this window is inviting you to do is upgrade to the premium version which you have to pay for.   As mentioned earlier you do not need to do this as the free version is quite sufficient for use as a screenshot tool.  Click on the words Not now at the bottom left of the window to bypass this screen.

The program icon will now be seen on the lower right side of your screen indicating that the program is open and ready to use.  Here is what the program icon looks like.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Monosnap Program Icon

To start using the program for screen captures or screen recording click on the program icon and select from the listed screen capture options.  As an example let us take a look at how we screenshot specific area on Windows or a Mac with this software.

How to take a screenshot of a certain area

Click on the program icon as we mentioned earlier and you will see a selection window similar to that in the image below.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Selection Window

 To take a screenshot of a certain area of your screen click on the Capture Area option at the top of the selection window.   See the image above.

After you’ve clicked on Capture area use your mouse to go to the place where you want to begin your selection.  Then press and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse to where you want your selection to end.  Now let go of the left mouse button and your selection will appear in the Monosnap screen recorder window.  See the sample capture below.

Monosnap Screen Capture - Capture Example

At this point, you should click Save at the bottom right of the screen capture window if you are satisfied with your screenshot.  Give your file a name.  Choose whether to save it as a JPG file or a PNG file, select the file save location and click on Save.  See image below.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Save Screenshot

There you have it.  You have completed the steps to take a screenshot of a certain area of your screen.  Now let’s take a really quick look at how you record a screen video of your computer screen.

How to record a screen video

To record a screen video from your computer screen using Monosnap follow these steps.

Open the Monosnap software by double-clicking on the icon from your desktop (assuming you do not already have it open)  Look for the program icon at the bottom right of your screen and click on it.  Next click on the Record Video (this should be the 7th option in the drop-down list that appears)

Once you click that the screen video recorder appears and you are now ready to start your screen capture video.  You should be at the screen that you want to record your video from.  If you aren’t then you need to go to that screen now.  

Once you are at the desired screen click and drag on the borders of the screen capture selection area to make sure that you include the entire area that you want to capture in the video.  Once you have your area defined click on the red record button to start the recording of your screen.

When you’ve reached the end of what you want to record, click on the Stop button.

Monosnap Screen Recorder - Screen Record Selection

Finally, choose a name for your screen capture video and select where you want to save it, then click Save.  You have now completed the process to record a screen video with the Monosnap screen recorder software.

See below example of a screen capture video made with the sound recording feature turned off so as to create a file with a small file size for uploading to this website.

Example Screen Capture Video

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Thanks for your time.

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