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The demand for opportunities for making money from home in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean region is rising significantly these days. Especially since the start of the global Coronavirus pandemic that began in China at the end of 2019 and exploded across the globe in 2020. Resulting in the loss of employment for millions of Caribbean nationals across the region.

This mass loss of jobs led to many of these Jamaicans and nationals from the other islands of the region turning their attention to finding job opportunities online and internet based business opportunities as well.

If you are thinking of joining the ranks of persons who are making money from home in these trying times then there are a few things that you need to know before you get started.

You’re probably not going to make a lot of money

At least not initially. A lot of Jamaicans and other Caribbean people, as well as other nationalities around the world, may tend to feel that working online or making money online by doing any form of online business means that they will be making a whole lot of money. Simply because they have the misguided notion that it’s easy to make a lot of money online.

I have to be realistic here. Yes, it is possible to make a lot of money online. If you happen to have something to offer that a lot of people need or want. But I guarantee you’re not going to be making a lot of money initially. So, yes, aim high, but don’t expect too much in the short term.

Choose something that you like

Select a vocation, profession, or hobby that you like and have some knowledge or experience with. It should also be something that people have a need for and would be willing to pay for.  This knowledge or experience is what you are going to leverage in order to earn money online.

What you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be what you were doing at your job.  Sometimes the job that we were doing for our employer cannot be taken online so we have to use some other skill, experience, or hobby.  This could be something that we learned at school but did not get to use in the world of work or something that we learned to be efficient at over the years.

For instance, let’s say you were employed as a Bellhop at the swanky Sandals Montego Bay hotel in Jamaica but lost your job because of the massive downturn in the tourism industry due to the Coronavirus crisis. In addition to that, you used to help out your friend who was a gym instructor in the gym at the same hotel, and you became proficient at it.

Now let’s imagine that was something you loved to do and you spent a few hours after work every day helping out with gym classes and getting your own workouts in, but now all that’s on hold because you’re out of a job. That doesn’t mean this has to be the end of your world though. No need to sit and sulk. If you think outside of the box for just a little bit you can come up with a workable solution.

Think outside of the box to make money online in Jamaica & the Caribbean

Pree this (as we say in Jamaica). You have a lot of gym experience, as you spent time assisting the trainers and working out yourself. The gym is something you love and you probably know all the exercises that don’t require equipment. So if you’ve been thinking outside of the box you might have come up with the idea of doing a bit of exercise instruction online by way of your computer and a program such as Zoom which you can use for conducting online classes.

Making Money From Home In - Exercise Classes

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new norm for the entire world. We are changing the way that we do things with more and more services etc. being transferred to the internet, and with people having to stay at home and isolated this is the perfect opportunity for making money online in this way, as people still need to exercise. Now more than ever as they are stuck inside their homes with no chance to go outside for exercise.

Paypal is ideal for getting paid

To receive payment for your classes in our little scenario, you could have the student’s transfer funds to your Paypal account, and with Zoom, you will have control over who gets into the class. Because you will be the one who has to let them in.  Giving you total control.  So no pay, no class, basically.

Paypal is the ideal method to use to accept payments as a beginner online, no matter what innovative idea you decide to use for making money from home in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Paypal is real easy to use and it’s quick. Funds are transferred in a matter of minutes. Customers/clients can link Paypal to their credit cards or bank accounts to make payment to you and the Paypal service is available in over 200 countries worldwide and supports 25 currencies, including those of the Caribbean region.

If you want more information about Paypal and how it works for users in Jamaica and the Caribbean or any other location on the planet for that matter you will find very detailed information in these two articles. How To Create a Free Paypal Account – A step by step guide and Secrets for using Paypal in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Use these articles to familiarize yourself with Paypal and it’s operations as you are going to need their services if you intend to get paid or make payments online.

Making Money From Home In - Paypal

So now that we’ve looked at some of the things that you should know before you make any moves towards making money from home in Jamaica let’s move on to look at a few of the ways that you can use to make money online in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Freelancing in Jamaica

What is Freelancing? Freelancing in this context refers to an employment model where a person offers their professional services to clients on the internet. The freelancer is usually considered to be self employed and works on a contractual basis for different clients who may be from countries all over the world. Possibly even working on contracts for more than one client at the same time if they are proficient enough to do so.

When a freelancer is at work it is entirely online. There is no personal contact, no face to face meeting. Everything, from the award and acceptance of the contract, carrying out the tasks that are necessary to complete the job successfully, and getting paid for the work done is done online. Payments are usually received using a payment processor such as Paypal.

There are a lot of freelance opportunities that can be found online for those among us who have the necessary skills. I’m going to list a few of them here for you.

Content writing jobs from home

If you have a good command of the official language of your Caribbean country then you can find work online as a content writer. The official languages of the region include English which is spoken in Jamaica, French which is the language of Haiti, Dutch, the language of countries like Aruba and Curacao, and Spanish, spoken in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

What a content writer does is create content for the internet. Usually, that would mean writing content for a website such as a blog site or eCommerce site or even a professional website offering some sort of service(s). If you are a person who possesses strong grammar, and writing skills, as well as a knack for conducting research then becoming a content writer online, could be a great fit for you whether you live in Jamaica, Trinidad, Aruba, Haiti or any other Caribbean territory.

Become a Virtual Assistant in Jamaica

If you had a secretarial job before or have training in this area then you could easily be a virtual assistant from home in Jamaica or any other Caribbean nation.

The tasks that a Virtual Assistant may be asked to perform include administrative tasks such as responding to emails, taking calls, setting meeting schedules, making appointments, booking hotel accommodations, etc. You may also be called upon to do a bit of data entry sometimes.

There are other tasks that a Virtual Assistant can be called upon to do as well depending on their skillsets and the needs of a particular employer.

Making Money From Home In - Virtual Assistants On UpWork

Online data entry at home

If you’ve got great skill with a computer keyboard meaning that you are able to type quickly and accurately then a data entry job at home could be quite a good fit for you. Couple that with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and in particular Microsoft Excel and to a lesser extent Microsoft Access and you’d be perfect for this particular online money gig as a data entry operator in the Caribbean.

As a freelancer working a job in this field you will be required to input data into spreadsheets such as Google Sheets or Excel or some proprietary software program provided by your client.

Transcription services for the Caribbean

This is another freelance job niche that is perfect for someone who has had some secretarial experience or training. A freelancer doing transcription work is usually required to listen to audiotapes and create a typewritten document of the contents of the audiotape.

Translation services from home in Jamaica

Were you an A student in foreign languages at school, or did you pick one up along the way because of the work you do? Well if you happen to be out of a job right now or would love to have a side gig online then working as a freelance translator could be the thing for you. You could find work in foreign language transcription whereby you transcribe audio recorded in one language into another language as well as other translation related gigs.

Teach online in Jamaica

This is another lucrative opportunity to make money online in Jamaica and the Caribbean. We have a large number of qualified teachers in the Caribbean and they are in high demand judging by the large numbers that are wooed away every year by countries such as the United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada, to name a few.

There is a definite market for teachers from this region and a lot of websites online provide opportunities for those who want to become freelance teachers.

Another thing that most people do not know is that you don’t have to be a qualified classroom teacher to teach online. No, opportunities abound for other professionals to find teaching gigs. One such opportunity is provided by the need for teachers of the English language.

You can start teaching without having a teaching degree or any teaching experience at all, using websites such as Cambly, SkimaTalk, OpenEnglish, and others. A Google search using the search term “teach English online” will reveal these companies and many others.  Here are the website addresses for the 3 companies I mentioned.

Inicio 2020

If in future you would like to get certified to teach English online you can do one of the TEFL certificate courses. These usually run for a duration of 100 to 120 hours and after successful completion, you are awarded the TEFL certificate.

Making Money From Home In - Teaching Online

So much that you can do online

I have given you a few ideas, but the reality is that there is so much more that one can do online to make money whether in times of crisis or not. So many other skills, abilities, and experience can be brought to the table as a freelancer and there are even opportunities for you to start your own business online. Put your mind to it and you will be amazed at the ideas you can generate to make money legitimately online.

Some other freelance opportunities that those with the requisite qualifications and experience to earn online include.

Freelance accounting services, Webdesigner, Social media manager, Graphic artist, SEO specialist, Legal freelance work, freelance architect, freelance photographer, voice-over artist, and just so many other things that it boggles the mind.

Here are some of the best online freelance websites for people residing in this region. Visit them to see the listings of online freelance gigs that are available to you.

If you happen to be looking for simpler jobs to do online. Tasks that you can quickly finish and move on to do others then you can check out the following websites.


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