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Do you have any idea how many people all over the world use Facebook every day?  I just found out that Facebook has roughly 2.4 Billion users worldwide.  That’s a really huge number considering that the total population of the world is 7.5 Billion.  So Facebook users basically represent 32% of the population of the world.  Can you imagine that?

Now, imagine if you could somehow find a way to make money with Facebook.  Wouldn’t that be great?

I’m sure you answered yes to that question.

I’m going to show you how you can actually make money on Facebook in Jamaica or anywhere in the world for that matter.  Literally tons of it.

With what i’m going to show you here, you will be able to earn money off Facebook in no time at all.

So let’s get into this.

You can make money with a Facebook group

Are you currently a member of a Facebook group?  If you answered yes then i’m going to show you how you can make money from that group.  But before we go there.  Let’s look at how you can make money as the owner of your very own Facebook group.

if you already have your own Facebook group then you have a way to make money on FB.  You just didn’t realize it before.  If you don’t have a group.  Then it’s a fairly easy thing to start up.

After you’ve started your group you’re gonna want to grow the number of members in the group.  This is crucial if you want to make any money as the group owner.  Ideally you want to grow your membership to a bare minimum of 1,000 members at least.Make money with Facebook - You Gotta Be Joking

How to grow your Facebook group

Here are some ideas on how you can grow your Facebook group quickly and easily.

Link your Facebook page – If you have a Facebook page link it to your new Facebook group using the Group tab.  Learn exactly how to do that here.

After you’ve linked your group and page you can then invite your page likes to join the Facebook group.  Next, create a targeted ad campaign to show your page to a targeted audience.  From this ad people will like your page.  You then invite your page likes to join your group .  Just like mentioned before.

Make Money With Facebook - This Can Make You More

Facebook shows you exactly how to create a Facebook ad from your page.  See how it’s done right here.

Promote in other Facebook groups – It’s quite likely that you will be able to find similar groups to yours among the millions of groups on Facebook.  These are ideal places to go to promote your own Facebook group.  You need to be mindful of the groups rules though, and careful that you do your promotion in such a way that it is not seen as spamming.

One way to do this type of promotion is to search for groups that are about topics which are related to your own group.

See if you can find at least 10 such groups that have at least 100 members.  Then start off by signing up to 3 of these groups.   After you’ve gotten started with these 3 you can add more as you go along until you’re active in all 10.  Then find more and do the same.

Here’s what you do with these groups you join.

After you’ve been accepted to each group, you should start participating by providing meaningful, helpful posts that offer value to the members.  To give value you can answer questions that other members have asked, you can also write posts giving members information about things of interest and value related to the  groups topic  You can also ask a question yourself in order to get some interaction going in the group.  Just make sure the question is relevant to the group.

Encourage members to tell others – This is a great way to get new members into your group.  When members of your group share awareness about the group, they will more than likely be sharing with friends, relatives and acquaintances.  These people already know and trust them.  Therefore they are very likely to follow any suggestions made to join the group.

Make money with Facebook - Grow Your Facebook Group

Promote on other platforms – You should promote your Facebook group on the other social media platforms that you use.  Also encourage your members to do the same.

For example, you can write a quick tweet about the group on Twitter and include the link to the Facebook group in the tweet.  Share the group on VK, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Quora, QQ, WeChat or whatever other social media platforms you use.

How you make money with a Facebook group

Sell things in the Facebook group

This is a really good way to make money with Facebook in Jamaica.  You can find groups geared towards selling practically anything.  From houses in Jamaica, cars in Jamaica and right down to cellular phones etc.  Of course, selling items for profit on Facebook is not only done in Jamaica or any other Caribbean country.

This is something that is done all over the world.  I’ve seen groups in the Philippines, South Africa, Australia and many other countries as well.  Some of these groups have 30 thousand, 40 thousand and even over 50 thousand members.

As a member of such a group you can earn money by listing items for sale within the group along with some contact information.  This is usually a telephone number.  Members who are interested in the item you have for sale will contact you and when a final price is agreed on buyer and seller can meet to finalize the transaction.

I actually purchased my current Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone in a group just like this.  I got it brand new and it’s been been perfect ever since i bought it about 2 years ago.

So, if you’re a Facebook user and you want to make some money on Facebook without the hassle of starting and running a group, then this is the method for you.  Just join a group that deals with Facebook buy and sell opportunities and start listing your items for sale.

Start a Facebook Subscription group

If you’re the owner of a Facebook group, then you now have the unique option of being able to create a subscription group, which you can then link to your existing group and charge a subscription for members who want to join this new elite group.

Right now Facebook is allowing group owners to charge between $4.99 and $29.99 per month for each member who joins a Facebook subscription group.

This would be a great way to monetize your Facebook group.  So if you’re really serious about ways to make money with Facebook in Jamaica you can think about giving this one a try.

There are many other ways in which interested persons all over the world can make money online.  This website is dedicated to introducing you to as many of these ways to make money onlineas possible.  So try to read as many of the posts as you can to learn of the ways to make money online.

Share the website with your friends too.  So they can find out how to do this as well.

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