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Do you make enough money from your professional services?

Are you a professional services provider in the field of Interior Design, HVAC, Home Security, Plumbing, Pest Control, Roofing or any of the other 40 professional services that are mentioned later in this article?

If you are, then i invite you to read on to find out how you can start to earn an additional stream of income by following my instructions to make money freelancing with sell your services on Amazon.

Amazon is a great place to buy consumer items that you need, but in actuality this company and it’s owner Jeff Bezos offer so much more.  Amazon is a great place where you can actually make money in different ways.  Today i am going to introduce you to one of these ways to make money with Amazon.

Now, you’ve probably heard of CraigsList, or Angie’sList or ThumbTack before.  These are websites that you can visit to find recommended professionals to carry out jobs for you covering quite a range of services from cleaning to plumbing to entire home renovations. 

What Amazon is doing is really something similar to these services but on a much grander scale.  

Sell Your Services on Amazon

Check this out!

Right now is the world’s largest online retailer.  That’s an undisputed fact.  It’s also a fact that a lot of the items sold on Amazon will require some sort of professional installation.  Take this system below for an example.

Amazon AC Heater System

This is a Wall Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioner / Heat Pump system that currently sells on Amazon for $2836.83.  Wouldn’t you agree that the average person would need to have a professional to do the installation for them?

This is where a professional freelancer with the necessary skills would be able to provide services to perform the installation.  That is once they are a registered member of Amazon Home Services.

Bear in mind that the opportunity to make money freelancing with Sell Your Services on Amazon is not restricted to only HVAC Specialists.  As i mentioned earlier there are a lot of other categories where professionals can be registered to work with Amazon.

What is Sell Your Services on Amazon?

The entire list of categories is as follows:

Academic Instructor, Air Duct Cleaner, Appliance Technician, Arborist, Auto Detailer, Auto Glass Technician, Auto Mechanic, Bicycle Mechanic, Car Electronics Technician, Carpenter, Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Installer, Chimney or Fireplace Specialist, Commercial Cleaning Specialist, Computer Technician, Electrician, Fitness Instructor, Floor Cleaner.

Flooring or Surface Specialist, Garage Door Specialist, General Contractor, Gutter Specialist, Handyman, Home Cleaner, Home Inspector, Home Organizer, Home Security Specialist, Home Theater Specialist, HVAC Specialist, Interior Designer, Irrigation Specialist, Junk Removal Specialist, Landscape Contractor, Lawn Maintenance Specialist, Locksmith. 

Mobile Device Technician, Mover, Music Instructor, Pest Control Specialist, Plumber, Pool Specialist, Pressure Washer, Roofer, Specialty Cleaner, Tile Contractor and finally Window Cleaner.

Sell your services on Amazon is a fairly new addition to what this company has to offer.  It allows professional service providers the opportunity to work with Amazon’s huge customer base as well as providing the customer with a dependable platform where they can find top-quality professionals to carry out the tasks that the customer needs to be done.

As you can see there are quite a lot of categories where professionals can seek to register for the work with the Amazon program.

Amazon Home Services

The Sell Your Services on Amazon idea seems to have come about as a result of Amazon selling items that would require professional assembly or installation.  

So this service would appear to have arisen from a desire by the company to extend customer support beyond the norm in order to ensure that the purchaser of Amazon products for which such assembly is required receive the benefits of having the task performed by professionals that have been vetted and approved by the company.

The concept has blossomed and now Amazon customers are not only able to take advantage of professional assembly and installation but can also access other professional quality services including such services as house cleaning, landscaping, junk removal, etc.

Why should you sell your professional services on Amazon?

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer.  As such millions of customers do business on the Amazon website every single day.   Many of them will just pay right at time of purchasing for a professional to come and install the item.

Also, there is a growing number of customers who have become aware that Amazon now offers professional services in the categories i mentioned earlier in this post.  

Services that do not require the purchase of a product, but can be purchased on their own.  This means that customers can now log on to Amazon and purchase professional services to have their home cleaned, have a plumbing problem fixed, get the carpet cleaned, the computer fixed and even call an auto mechanic.

With over 300 million active Amazon customers and over 195 million Amazon website visits a month in the USA alone, the opportunity to make money freelancing with Sell Your Services on Amazon is one that should not be taken lightly at all.  It is an immense opportunity for professional services providers to use to create a lucrative new income stream for themselves.

Is there a cost for selling your services on Amazon?

Yes, there is a cost to selling your professional services on  However, one very positive thing about this is you do not have to pay any kind of upfront fees to get started.  There is no signup fee, no monthly fees, and Amazon does not charge you any kind of direct fee due to the fact that the company is the one providing your clients via the website.

What they do charge though is a revenue share on completed jobs.  What this means is that when you complete a job Amazon will deduct a percentage from the money you earn for the completed job.  These fees are calculated based on the service type and the final service price.

When you sell professional services to Amazon customers, the service is classified as one or other of the following two types.Amazon Professional Services Expenses

Pre-Packaged Services

The first type of service.  The pre-packaged service is basically any service that has a defined scope, allowing customers to purchase the service based on a price estimate.   For example the cost of assembling a treadmill.  This cost can be pre-defined and is basically the same every time unless there is some major change in treadmills.

For this sort of service, Amazon will deduct 20% of revenue for amounts received up to $1,000

If the amount received is over $1,000 then a further 15% will be deducted for whatever amount that is in excess of the $1,000.

So, for instance, let’s say i receive $2,500 for my professional services.  Amazon will deduct its revenue share as follows.  20% from the initial $1,000 which would amount to $200 and then a further 15% of the remaining $1,500 which would amount to $225.  

Therefore Amazon would take a total of $425 from the $2,500 i received.  Leaving me with $2,075 in my pocket.

Recurring Services

The second type of service.  Which is the recurring service, refers to services which are purchased in the form of a subscription service that requires recurring appointments.

For this sort of service Amazon will keep a flat rate which is 15% of the amount earned.  So using my $2,500 earnings example again Amazon would keep $375, and i would walk away from the job with $2,125 in my pocket.

Who can become a freelancer with Amazon?

Anyone who is a provider of professional services in the categories mentioned earlier can apply to join the Amazon Home Services program.

There are two requirements however that you will need to meet before your application can be considered.  One such requirement is that you must have General Liability Insurance, with a limit of $1,000,000 US dollars per occurrence.

The second requirement applies to those in the trade professions such as electricians, HVAC specialists, etc.  These professionals are required to have the appropriate license or certification corresponding to the profession they want to provide on Amazon.

Your license must also have been validated for a minimum of 45 days prior to your application to Amazon.  So do not apply with a brand new license.

The application process

Step 1.   The very first thing you should do before you start the application process is make sure that you are covered with General Liability Insurance.  If you have such a policy already, make sure everything is in order.  If you don’t have the insurance then get it.  Remember you cannot be accepted without it.

Also remember it must cover you up to $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Also worthy of mention in step 1 is your professional license or certification.  If you are a trade professional or tradesman as they are sometimes called, make sure this is in order and validated for at least 45 days prior to your application date. 

Step 2.   Make your application.  To do this you need to fill out your details on the Amazon application form here.   You will need to provide your Profession information, your business type information (whether you’re a freelancer or have a registered business), your company information and finally your contact information.

If your application gets approved by Amazon you will receive an activation email to register your account. 

Step 3.  Amazon background checks.  Amazon will now run its’ background checks on your business and your qualifications and certification as a professional.  Once you have passed all of Amazon’s checks successfully you will then be able to set up your seller account.  

Step 4.   Getting jobs.   After you’ve completed the entire process it’s now time to begin getting jobs.

You will find that there are 2 ways to get jobs

Amazon Home Services Application

.Offer based jobs.   This is where Amazon’s professionals calculate their estimates to perform a particular job.  They then post the estimate on Amazon for customers to see.  When a customer requires that particular service they can search through the service providers and their estimates, then choose one for the job.

The chosen professional will then receive an email from Amazon.  Contact can then be made with the customer to decide on the best time for the task to be performed.

Claim based jobs.   Here the customer has purchased the service on Amazon but has not chosen a professional to carry out the service.  In this case, Amazon shows one price for the service to all the eligible professionals offering that service in the customers’ zip code area.  Each professional will receive a message on their phone regarding the job.

Interested service providers who receive the message can then claim the job.

Working with staff

After you’ve completed the process and gained access to your back office (AKA Amazon Seller Central) you will realize that you have the option to have a staff working with you.  To see what i mean click on Profile from the back office and you will see the option to Manage Staff.

There is one stipulation though.  In order to continue to guarantee top quality customer services each and every member of your staff if you choose to have one will have to go through Amazon’s background check process and be approved before you can officially add them to your staff and allow them to help you to complete the jobs that you take on. 


Amazon Home Services is a great opportunity for freelancers and individuals who provide services in the categories available on Amazon.  If you are indeed a freelancer you should definitely try to make money freelancing with sell your services on Amazon.

I must admit though that there are a few drawbacks that will take some effort to accept when one considers getting involved with Amazon in this way.  

One such drawback is the revenue share that Amazon deducts from the revenue for completed jobs.  I have to admit that 15 – 20% is a huge chunk to lose after one has completed a job, and some companies or freelancers might not be able to survive with a loss like that on every job.

However, if you can see the bigger picture here you realize that this is only one possible  income stream for your business, and it also can be seen as a kind of advertising medium as well.  

What i mean here is that if you do your jobs and do it well, leaving a trail of satisfied customers behind you, then you stand to get more business due to your customers recommending you to friends and family.  Some of these persons may contact you directly instead of going through Amazon’s services.

To encourage this you can do creative things.  For instance, you could offer a small discount to customers who are referrals but do not go through the Amazon system.  That’s only one idea and i’m sure you will be able to come up with others on your own.

If you do decide to go for it and sign up with the Amazon platform, then i wish you lots of success in your business.

I hope you have found this post both insightful and helpful.  If you have please share it with others around you and also take the time to read other articles on this website.  

I aim to provide useful information that you can use to help you to make money both online and offline.

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