Make quick money online listening to music

You will get paid for listening to music

This is one of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to make money that i have ever come across.  Everybody loves listening to music and now you get to make quick money online just for doing that.  I just love the idea and i’m sure this is going to result in lots of people who enjoy listening to music even more than they do right now.

I was able to find a few places online where they “pay” for listening to music online but some of them pay with gift cards and prizes etc.  Not actual $$.  We’re not going to be dealing with those today.

No, today we’re going to be looking at opportunities that pay you in cold, hard cash.  Straight to your PayPal account.  And by the way, if you don’t already have your own Paypal account ready to receive lots of quick money online.  Then take a moment and read this, follow the quick, easy steps to set up an account for yourself.

Once you have a Paypal account up and running we can now move on to finding out exactly how we can make money online with music.

How can i get paid to listen to music?

Become a Music Curator

This is a great way to make money online, and you can make up to $12 for one song.  But what exactly is a music curator?  Well, a music curator is a person who listens to music and then creates playlists from the music that they listen to.

There are actually jobs out there for music curators who want to find a J.O.B.  Make money as a music curator

However, what i’m going to tell you about right now is your chance to make fast money online without the confines of that JOB.

As i mentioned earlier this particular opportunity for making money online will pay you between $1 – $12 for every single song that you listen to, and your payments will be ready for Paypal each and every Friday.

In order to get accepted to curate you have to have at least 400 followers on either 1), which is available in 79 countries, 2) Youtube Music available in 50 countries or 3) Apple Music, available in 110 countries.  But don’t worry.  I’m going to show you right now how to get those followers quickly and easily.

So the first thing you need to do now is to go over to one of the 3 music streaming services that i just mentioned and create your account.  I suggest you use Spotify and we will continue from here assuming you did choose that service.

Getting followers on Spotify

Ok, the next step you need to take is to go over to and / or  Sign up at one or both of these websites.  These are the sites that are going to enable you to grow your list of followers on Spotify to 400 or more quickly and easily.   You’re gonna be creating a playlist and then sharing it on these sites for the members to see and follow.

It won’t be hard to grow considering that has over 1 million subscribers per month.  Add the subscribers from Soundplate to that you realise that growing your followers will be easy.  Just sign up, create and then share your playlist for new fans to find and follow you if they like what you’ve got on your playlist.

To get started with visit their website here.  When the site loads click on submit a Playlist.  Then on the next page enter your email where it says Get On the List and click on the Sign Up button.  Make quick money with music playlistsThat’s it, you’re in.  Now you can get started straight away by generating a playlist right there.  Click on Playlist Generator, choose the artistes you want on your playlist and select from 10, 25 or 50 tracks to create your playlist.  Then submit the playlist.  So other people can listen to the list and follow you.  Growing your followers’ list.

Not hard was it?

If you want to really speed things up and get that 400 followers even quicker, then you need to sign up for Soundplate as well.  To do that go to the website and click on the Playlist button at the top of the home page.

On the next page that opens fill out your information and check all the boxes, you see there.  When you’re all done click on Submit Playlist.

These 2 websites should be enough to get everything rolling but if you still want to grow faster there’s another place that you can go to get more followers.  That place is called Reddit.  This site has been around since 2005 and is sometimes called the Front page of the internet.  You can find practically anything there.  Including the followers you want.

So hop on over to and type Spotify Playlists into the search.  You will see a couple of subreddits that pop up including one with over 160K members.  You can post your playlist in here for others to see and follow.

Ok then, if you haven’t already signed up, you should take a minute to sign up for Reddit right now.  Then you can share your playlist in that subreddit with 160K+ members for more new followers.

The Reddit website has a high rank on Google too so your playlist should soon begin to get some organic traffic from the search engines as people search for good playlists on Reddit.

As soon as you have a total of at least 400 followers on Spotify as a result of using any or all of the 3 websites we just discussed, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

This is where the money is folks.  Up to $12 for each piece of music.

Up to $240 an hour easy online money for listening to music

The place where you are going to listen to music to make quick money online is a website named PlaylistPush, and now that Everybody Loves Listening To Music & Getting Paidyou’ve got those 400 followers you’re ready to be a curator for them.  But don’t stop growing your followers’ list because the more followers you have, the more profitable this can be for you.

This is how PlayListPush works.  The cycle begins with music artists who come to the website with the intention to increase their exposure and ratings as well as receive feedback about their music.  These artistes will then pay for a campaign.  They will do this as a means of getting their music out to the curators on the platform.

Curators will then be sent music that aligns with the genre that they’ve chosen.

When you listen to music as a curator you are supposed to review the song and you have the option to add it to your playlists.  Once you have reviewed the song and your feedback has been received and approved you will be credited with your payment for that song.

As mentioned earlier the more followers / listeners you have on your Spotify playlists benefits you, because the more listeners you have the higher your reputation will be on PlayListPush and the higher your reputation score is the more money you earn from each song that you listen to and review.

When you have accumulated a minimum of $20 from your reviews you have the option to cash out your funds.

Being a curator on PlayListPush is a great opportunity to make quick money online for people living in many countries worldwide, both young and old.

Apart from the joy of making money doing something you love there’s also the satisfaction of knowing that you may just be helping some up and coming mega artiste of the future to get the exposure they need to grow in the world of music.

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