Surviving financial crisis from Coronavirus

Lost job.  Need to make money online.  Those are some of the thoughts that are weighing on the minds of millions of people at the moment.  Sadly, because we find ourselves in the middle of a health crisis right now.  This Coronavirus pandemic that is wreaking havoc among the world’s population has not just put us all in panic mode with over 663,000 people worldwide infected as I write this.

No, It has also taken millions of jobs around the globe and has us all poised on the brink of a worldwide recession because everything has virtually ground to a halt.

Those among us who have lost their jobs still have to pay bills, still have to put food on the table and do what’s necessary to care for their loved ones.  All of this requires money, but without a job how is one going to earn the money necessary to keep things going?  It’s really rough right now but the human race is an amazingly resilient and adaptive species.

Lost job?  Adaptation for survival

We need to adapt right now.  Come up with new ways of working as we deal with the Coronavirus threat.  As mentioned before, one area that lots of people are now looking at is how to earn money online, and I believe with a little imagination and some creativity quite a few of us can find a way to succeed at this.

Some people are already adapting.  Those amongst us who already have a job which they can continue doing from home, just as if they were still in their offices etc.  Those people are lucky in a sense, but I’m primarily thinking of those who work in sectors that have been completely shut down.

Lost Job

People who work in tourism including the hotel industry and cruise shipping etc.  People who work in the airline industry, restaurants, clubs, bars and other areas where they have to interact directly with other people in a closed environment.  Some of these areas will take quite some time to get back up to speed, even when the Coronavirus crisis has ended.

To these people I say.  Fire up your creativity and inventiveness.  Get online and carve out a niche for yourself.  As we just learnt a minute ago lots of people worldwide are at home just like you are.  What can you do for them that they would be happy to pay you for?

Spend some time and think.  What is your area of expertise?  What are you good at?  What could you teach others from in front of your computer as you stay at home during this time?

Ideas to help you adapt

Here are a few ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing.

For starters, let’s assume you were employed in the hotel industry.  Just to pick a job title out of the air let’s say you were employed as a Bartender, or better yet a chef.  So, you’ve got all these great cooking skills but you’re home, now without a job and virtually under lockdown as well.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make money with your skills.  These days everybody has a Facebook account, a Twitter account or an Instagram account.  Then there’s Whatsapp too.

So here’s what a chef could do.  Write out a few detailed, step by step recipes for each of those tasty dishes you were preparing at work before.  Write them out on your computer, add a few mouth-watering images and make them into a PDF file and offer them for sale at a minimal cost to all those people you know on social media and Whatsapp.

Accept payments by Paypal.  Don’t have a Paypal account or know how to create a PDF file.  No need to worry.  I’ve got you covered.  Here’s a step by step guide to getting on Paypal and here’s another one on creating a PDF file.

Lost job - Teach cooking online

Another thing a chef could do is give video classes to people who want to learn how to cook these dishes.  It’s a reality that a lot of people don’t usually learn to cook, or if they know how to, don’t bother to take the time to.  After all, it’s easier to just go to a restaurant and enjoy a meal that’s been prepared by somebody else.

Unfortunately, right now the Novel Coronavirus outbreak has taken that opportunity away from us for who knows how long and it’s much safer to be cooking our own food.

So chef, break out the video camera, open the webcam on your computer or setup that mobile phone in a place where it won’t fall and start making videos.  Find your customers among your contacts on your social media accounts.

What about that Bartender we mentioned earlier?  Do I need to remind him or her for that matter that just because people are cooped up in the house it doesn’t mean that they no longer need a little drink now and again?  The problem is they probably don’t know how to make those appealing cocktails that you can whip up.

You can make some money too.  Teach them how to whip these up.  Do videos like the chef or create PDF recipes and get on social media too.

If you’re not a chef or a bartender no problem.  We know you’re good at something.  That’s why you were employed in the first place and you would only have gotten better with practice.  So do a little self-inventory of what your skills are and what you have to offer as a service and do like the chef and bartender are doing.  Market and sell your skills and expertise.

Heres some more ideas for other lost jobs

Online job ideas for teachers

Are you a tutor?  Whatever level you teach it doesn’t matter really.  School is out now but parents would still like for their kids to be able to continue their education right now.  They just need it to be outside of the classroom, away from the risk of catching the virus.  Well seeing as both teachers and students have to be at home during this time what better place to have classes than in the living room or another convenient area of the home in front of the computer.

There’s a great demand for homeschooling for kids right at this time.

You see.  Just by thinking out of the box a little bit and being creative, you can still be earning an income.  Just contact your kid’s parents and make the necessary arrangements.  I guaranteed that they will just love the idea.

Lost job - Teach online

There are even other avenues that you can take to get yourself back in front of the classroom right now.  The virtual classroom that is.  Here are some websites that you can check out to find teaching jobs where you can teach your kids in the virtual space online.

Don’t you just love the internet?  Here are those websites for teachers that I mentioned.


Lost a job, gym instructor?

If you lose your fitness training jobs then don’t sit home and mope.  Turn it around by becoming an online fitness trainer.  With so many people having to stay at home forced to live a sedentary lifestyle at the moment.  You’re even more in demand than ever.

And who needs to be in a gym when you can give instruction right from your living room via your computer and Youtube or Instagram.

Admittedly you won’t have all the machines and equipment to put them through their paces like an army drill sergeant, as you’ll be working from home, but I’m sure you will do ok by your clients, and remember you get to work out yourself as well. and if you really want to take it to the next level and make a proper business out of this, you can check out

Lost job?  Help people to get back on your feet

Help people to do the necessary things during times of crisis like this one.  We are fast running out of some important, everyday things that we need to stay safe during this time of Coronavirus anxieties and fear. Also, as I mentioned before some people cannot go outdoors as they would like to.

If you have the know-how about DIY survival methods to safely make the things that people need right now, like sanitizers, etc. you can teach them how to do this and charge a small fee per person for your knowledge.

Hey, it’s survival, isn’t it?  You’ve gotta eat and pay the bills somehow, and that’s why I said a small fee.  Ok, let’s say you know how people can make their own toilet paper for instance.

I’m serious.  In some places, the supermarket shelves are totally empty of this stuff and there are people out there, especially those that are referred to as doomsday preppers who know how to do this stuff.

If you have that kind of knowledge then you can help people to do their own DIY stuff.  For a small price.  For instance, you could have people book a video coaching call with you where you teach them how to do whatever it is in return for a small fee deposited to your Paypal account.

Like I said.  Thinking outside the box in this time of crisis will alleviate the need to make money online.  it’s the best way of getting over a lost job and surviving the financial crisis from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Lost Job - Learn to make real money

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M Bashir · at 10:42


I read your article and its very nice.  What you are saying is so true without a doubt.  It’s a difficult time for those people who need to make money daily in order for their families to live.

These idea will be very helpful for me and for other people as well,  I believe that i can adapt your idea for survival teaching.  That could be very helpful for me and i want to start to teach to other people how they can learn and earn money online. 

Thanks and God Bless you and all (Stay at Home and be safe) 

    Donald · at 4:20

    Hi Bashir,
    Yes in these times of crisis we all have to try come up with legit ways to make money and survive. Sometimes to do that we are going to be required to do a little bit of thinking outside the box as they say.

Travis · at 10:38

As a bartender that just lost his job, even if it is temporarily although who knows at this point, I am definitely having to adapt to this new world. I obviously need to make up the lost income somehow, so making pages talking about how to make these drinks at home would be awesome for everybody involved! I was fortunate that I had already started to make a website in order to make money online, so hopefully I will be able to use this to help get through this tough time!

    Donald · at 4:23

    Good to hear Travis. It sounds like you are already on your way to making the necessary transition. Kudos to you. Here’s hoping that more of my readers will adapt to the new circumstances just as you have.

Caroline Mcintyre · at 10:05

Hello I just read your article.  Your topics are amazing and have a lot of information on surviving financially from the Coronavirus.  This is outstanding and will be great for the public. Loved your layout, i think it is on point. You speak about people who lose jobs and you give so much on how we could survive.  

I feel like you put so much heart into this article. Great examples too, such as hotel workers, teachers, etc. who can benefit  from working at home on-line. The whole article gets my thumb up. I just began an online business with WA not to long ago, but you put so much information in this and i just have to say, thank you for being so considerate of the financial plight of others.  Thank you for sharing this.

    Donald · at 4:28

    Great to hear from you Caroline, and i’m glad you liked the article. Yeah, we all have to do what we can to help each other in times like this and i’m trying just to open people’s eyes and empower them to be able to survive the financial turmoil from this crisis and it aftermath.

Tee Conley-Youellls · at 10:02

Lost my job back in August 2019 got a new job in Jan 2020 because of what’s going on in the world, the law office had to shut down to Covid-19. Feeling depressed and not knowing what to do.

    Donald · at 4:31

    I’m sorry to hear that Tee Conley, that must have felt like a ton of bad luck. I hope this post gave you the inspiration to get back up, re evaluate and move forward.

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