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Changes to Youtube video uploading

Right now Youtube is changing the way that video creators manage and analyse data from their videos.  They are transitioning these content creators from the classic video management studio to a totally new studio.  Full of new features.

I am going to show you how to upload videos to Youtube from Jamaica or in fact from anywhere else in the world, using the new Upload video feature that comes as a part of this new studio.

So let’s jump right in and get the preliminaries out of the way before we post a youtube video.

Have you got your Youtube Account

By now you should already have created a Youtube account in order to post your videos.  But if you haven’t, then no problem.  Let’s quickly create one now.

To do this we will first create a Gmail account as this is needed in order to then create a Youtube account.  Both Gmail and Youtube are owned by Google, and currently Gmail is the only email account that can be used to sign up with Youtube.

You would have probably noticed that you could access Youtube before without needing to sign in to anything.  Because of this you’re probably asking why you need to create this account now.

Well the reason is that in order to be able to post videos on Youtube you definitely need to have an account.

So go to gmail.com and click on the link to Create an Account.  Then follow the simple steps to create your new gmail account.  When you’ve done, don’t sign out of your account but make sure to write your email address and the password down somewhere so you can find them when they are needed later.

Now that you have a Gmail account, head over to Youtube.com.  Remember do not sign out of Gmail before you go as Google will now use your signed in Gmail account to automatically create your Youtube account and sign you in.

Remember both the email platform and the video sharing service are owned by Google, and as such one account is used to sign in to both services.

Now that you have your Youtube account.  Your next step is to:

Create a YouTube channel

As long as you still have not logged out of your Youtube account, all you need to do is left click on your Youtube Channel icon.  You will see it at the top right hand side of the page.  Visible as a small colored circle with the first letter of your email address, right next to your Youtube account name.

Here’s a picture of what I mean.

Create a Youtube Channel

As you can see there is a link right there to Create a Youtube Channel.  Click on the link and you are going to be taken to another page.  Here you click on Get Started.

Get Started With Your Youtube Channel

The next page that loads now is where you get to decide on the name for your channel.  You have the option to choose the name and picture that is currently on your Google account.  Or to use the name of your brand or some other name. 

Create A Youtube Channel - Step By Step

At this point your next step is to enter the details for your new Youtube channel.  Here you are going to be able to upload a profile picture for the channel. 

Upload a picture to your Youtube Channel

You will also be able to write a description about your channel for your viewers to see, and also add links to your channel.  These are like links to your website, links to your Instagram or other social media pages.  As well as links to your Patreon account etc.

Remember to save your settings and continue.  Or if you feel you’re not ready to input all of these details you can choose to set up later.

So we have our Youtube account and also our Channel up and running right now.  It’s time to move on to the next step.   Let’s see what the steps are to actually upload a video.

How to upload a video on Youtube

This is what all the preliminaries above have been leading us to.  The actual uploading of videos.  Here goes.

So you’ve shot your own video masterpiece and you’re ready for everybody to see it up there on Youtube.

To get this done you first need to click back on your Youtube channel icon.  Remember it’s that icon I showed you earlier.  Sitting at the top right hand side of the Youtube page.  You see it whenever you’re logged in to Youtube.

Here’s an image to illustrate for you.

Uploading Your Youtube Video

Click on the channel icon in the area marked as “a” in the image.  Then from the dropdown box click on “Your channel”.  That’s the area marked “b” in the image.

The next window that opens will present you with 3 different links to upload your Youtube video.

3 Links To Upload Youtube Videos

Clicking on “A” the camera icon, “B” the Youtube Studio link, or “C” the Upload Video link will all allow you to upload your video.

For the purpose of this post we will use option C which is the Upload Video link.  So click on the link at C.

You are taken to the following window.

Select file to upload to Youtube

Click on Select File and a window will open for you to select the video file you want to upload.  Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file you want into the area seen there above the Select File link.

Find Video for upload to Youtube

Select the file you want and click Open.  What will happen next is that your file will begin to upload.  While it is uploading you will be able to add some information for your video.  First of all, you can add a title and description for your video.

Add Youtube Video description

You’ll also be able to configure some additional settings for your video.  This includes adding the video to playlists, configuring language and subtitle settings as well as setting up a thumbnail.

You can also add tags, a category, a recording date, set a video location etc. 

When you’ve done configuring all the settings as you want them to be and your video upload has totally completed.  Then, that’s it.  Just click on Done and your job is now finished.

Of course when you need to post another Youtube video, all you will need to do is Log in to Youtube again and follow the steps shown in the last 5 videos here.

There it is.  You now understand just how to upload a video on Youtube.  Go ahead and post as many videos as you want.  Just make sure that you adhere to Youtube’s usage policies and community guidelines while trying to create and deliver the best quality content that you can for your audience.

They will appreciate it.

Check back frequently for more interesting How To tutorial walkthroughs from Online Money Gigs.

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