Start a business with no money.  Are you serious?

We all have dreams.  There’s always something that we would really love to achieve or accomplish in life, and for lots of us that dream is to start our own successful business.

Decades ago the only way to do this was to start a physical brick and mortar business.  Or Best Way To Start A Business With No Money Onlinemaybe some kind of service business out there in the physical world.

These days we have access to what is basically a new world.  A new frontier for the prospective business owner to do business in.

With this new world comes new ways to do business.  This new frontier is the internet.  Here the brick and mortar business is replaced by websites, and for people who are able to think outside the box this means that innovative new ways to do things are always being discovered.   Today we look at one such innovation.

Today we look at, how to start a business with no money online.

Sounds kinda kooky doesn’t?  But believe me.  You can do it.  You can have that online business you’ve been thinking about but couldn’t find a way to start because of a lack of money.   Money won’t be an obstacle standing in your way anymore.  Stay for a few minutes and I will tell you just how to get this done below.

First thing to do though – a little inventory

Here are some things that you must understand and other things that you must do right from the get go when you get that irresistible urge to start your own business, and experience the undeniable pleasures of being your own boss.  The thrills of being the man who calls the shots.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The first thing that you need to do before anything else is a bit of stock taking.

But instead of evaluating goods on a store shelf.  You are going to be evaluating … yourself.

There are certain personality traits that you are going to need to have or develop in order to achieve success with an online business.  Especially when you aim to start that business without spending a dime.

Start a business evaluate yourselfLet’s run through them quickly and then you can decide if you have what it takes to make the grade.


I can’t even begin to tell you just how crucially important this is going to be for your new online business.  Let me say right now, and you can consider this to be cast in stone.


Let’s go to the land of imagination for just a moment.

Think of the Golden Goose sitting on that fat golden egg.  Just sitting there doing nothing sounds like really hard work.

Consider this – A regular goose egg can take up to 35 days before it’s ready to hatch.  That’s a lot of sitting for the poor goose.

I shudder at the thought of how long that Golden Goose egg would take.  But eventually it does hatch and in our version of the story when that egg hatches out pops a flood of little gold nuggets.

Your golden egg is your website, and when it gets good and ready and finally matures it’s going to begin showering you with a flood of little US dollar bills that’s going to start to increase your wealth and prosperity exponentially.

So the moral of our story is:  Be patient, continue to work and wait.  When Google’s ready your website will mature in terms of traffic generation and lots of traffic nuggets will start to pop out..

On a more serious note.  It is a fact that Google doesn’t immediately trust new websites that come along, and if it doesn’t trust your site it won’t send the free traffic your way.  It takes some time for websites to begin to earn some trust.  During the first couple of months you should concern yourself primarily with putting out high quality content on your website.

Google will begin to notice your content and start to index your posts.  This indexing allows your content to display in the search results when a user does a search that’s related to the content you have on your website.  This leads to free traffic which in turn can lead to you beginning to make that money from your website.

But what if you’re selling your expert services as a freelancer.  Shouldn’t you start making money right away?

Alas, the answer is no here as well.  Yes of course you might have a client or two who kinda trusts you immediately because they’ve known you for a long time.  So you might start making a few dollars more quickly than the person who’s an affiliate marketer etc. but it’s still going to take time for your business to get really established.

It takes time for new customers to hear about your services and decide to trust you with theirTrust a new business projects.  It will still take time for your business to grow and achieve some real success.   You my friend will still have to be able to have some patience.

So be patient young Padawan.  Take a breath.  Continue working and just give it time to happen.  Even when you feel like quitting, just keep pushing on.


Lack of focus can derail any online business.  Especially in the early stages when you are trying to get things moving.  You need to be able to resist the temptation of running after every bright, shiny new offer, product or opportunity that comes across your horizon.

It’s been said that “great businesses are the result of entrepreneurs who focus all their efforts into that business on a daily basis”.

To be successful in your new business you must be able to stay focused on your particular niche, on a particular product or service.  A particular training platform, a particular target group, a particular marketing method.

You need to be able to decide on what your goals are.  Determine the course of action you need to take to get there.  Get started on your path to success and then stay focused on your goals until you achieve success.


Another very important trait for success online as in any other area is a determined nature.  You must be determined to succeed in what you are doing.  Practically at all cost.

Oops, back up, back up there a minute.  in our case where we are thinking about how to start a business with no money online, we need to rephrase that a little bit.  So let’s say.  We must be determined to succeed, at all cost.  As long as that cost is not monetary.  At least until the business has begun to generate some money on it’s own.

Determination is one of the things that will help to get you through the early stages of your business and through any problems that may arise later on.

Willingness to work

This represents the point where the rubber meets the road.  You’ve gotta be willing to work your butt off to get your business up and running.  No pain, no gain as they say my friend.

If it’s Blogging or Affiliate marketing that you’re going to be doing.  Then bear in mind that a large percentage of your tasks is going to involve writing high quality content for your website or blog.

This is going to be the lifeblood of your business.  So prepare yourself to do some serious work to get that business to succeed.  When you do get to where success happens.  It’s going to be phenomenal.  but for now.  You’ve got some serious work to do.

onlinemoneygigs - your dreams are the soil

So, do you think you’re up to the challenge?   Do you possess these qualities?  If not, are you willing to do what it takes to develop them as you go along?

You’d better be.  Because that’s the only way you’re going to win.

Now that we’ve finished your inventory.  Let’s look at how we’re going to do this thing.

How to start a business with no money online

You’ve taken stock of yourself and you believe you’ve got what it takes.  You’re now excited and ready to move on and get started on your new endeavour.

At this point the very next thing you should do is make a final decision on what business you are going to do.  You need to look at your skills and experience.  Also the things that you are very passionate and knowledgeable about in order to make this decision.

Decide on your area of business

Chances are you can take one of these skills or passions and transform it into a very successful business.  If you’ve been an IT professional for most of your career for example.  Then that knowledge and experience can make you money if you start a business in that area.

What if you’re a dog lover and are very knowledgeable about the care of your favorite breed of dog.  Even if you’re an avid gardener and know a lot about plants and their care.  You can earn money by sharing that knowledge.

Practically any skill, knowledge or passion can be monetized and used to start your own online business.  Just as long as there are other people out there who would be interested in learning the things that you know.  Or would be interested in benefitting from your expertise.

So make a list of your best skills and the things that you are most passionate about and choose one or two or even three to shortlist.   You can then make a final decision from this shortlist.

Choose a niche

This is a really important part of the process of starting your online business.  The process of choosing a niche will help you to make an informed decision on the target market for your business.

Start a business with no moneyTo learn everything about the process of niche research and the best niche to choose click here to read choose a niche.  Reading that will give you a quick, detailed run through of the process.

Get a website

Remember we said at the beginning that the internet is the new frontier for business.  Well a website is the shop front for a business on the internet, and now that you’ve read up on how to choose a niche.  It’s time to begin to get your website setup and ready.

Usually, this is how all that’s done.

First decide on and buy a domain name that you like.

Next you buy some web hosting for your domain.  Then you go through the technicalities to configure WordPress on your website and after that you buy a theme to give your site the look you want.

When that’s all done you might decide to pay a writer to provide content for the website and buy some pay per click advertising to drive visitors to your website.

That’s the usual way, and from what i’ve just told you it involves a whole lot of paying.

But remember we’re starting a business online for free.  So we’re looking to bypass buying this and buying that, and all the technicalities too.

Here’s how we are going to do it and get started without all of that spending.  Here’s my proven method to save money when starting out in business online.

Follow my steps closely and you’ll have your very first website up and running in only a matter of minutes.  With a theme installed on it, WordPress setup and ready to go, and web-hosting all taken care of for you.  Without spending a ton of money too.

Click this link to learn more about your free website, and how it is going to be setup.

Now what i’m going to tell you next will deviate just a little bit from our main theme which is – how to start a business with no money online, but it’s optional.

Buy your domain name.

Yes I did say it.  I said buy that domain name you like.  And yes you can get a website totally free without buying a name, but I think buying a domain is a better option here.  With your domain purchase you get to choose the name you want to use for your business online.

This piece of internet real estate will be yours and one other important bit of information is that the search engines will prefer a website with it’s own domain name as opposed to a site that doesn’t have it’s own domain.  A website with it’s own domain name indicates more permanence on the part of the website owner.

Success - Start business with no money

It seems less frivolous and more businesslike to players like Google which after all is likely to be the source of most of the traffic that reaches your website.

So, the choice is yours.  Buy a domain name for a couple dollars and be more credible online or go completely free and suffer any consequencies that may arise from reduced traffic.

If you decide to purchase your domain, then if possible your domain name should be constructed from your own name or be something that reflects what your business is going to be about.  Ideally it should also be as short as you can make it, and should not include hyphens or acronyms.

Aim for a website with a .com extension.  .com is the best of the available extensions for you to choose from.

Remember that this is going to be the name of your website.  Choose the name wisely as it is also going to be your business address on the internet.  So make it something people would want to visit.  No one will want to click through to or something equally horrible.

So put a little thought into it.

A good place to find and purchase available domain names is NameCheap.  Every domain name i’ve ever bought has been from this company, and i recommend it to everybody i know.

I’ve always received really good service from them and have never heard any complaints from the people I know who have used their services.  I recommend that you buy your domain name from this domain name registrar too.

Just buy the name my friend.  Don’t buy domain hosting because i’ve got some awesome free web hosting for you in just a minute or two.

Create your free website

Let’s go create that free website.  Read on because I promise you that when you get to the website creation process you’ll be done and your website will be up and ready in no more than a minute or two.  Most importantly.  Anyone can do this.  Absolutely no technical knowledge required.  The system does all that website creation stuff for you.

Start a business free - Website Building Team

Ha! you’re probably thinking I must be crazy, huh?

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I’m as serious as a judge.  But you’ll soon see for yourself.

Next step.  Visit this website and take a minute to sign up for free.  Then just log into your free account.  Take a little time, look around a little and get a feel of where you are in the digital world.

Lightning fast website builder & more

When you’re good and ready to build that website follow this link to the site Builder and just build your dream business website.  It’s real quick and easy.  You will also get free hosting for this site and one other.  That’s a maximum of 2 websites that you can have hosted for free.  That means if in future you should decide to launch a second website.  You’re covered.

If in time you need to have more than 2 sites hosted on the platform.  It’s gonna cost you a bit to upgrade to premium.

You’re going to get lots of other benefits along with the premium upgrade though.  So it’s a win win situation.

However if for any reason at all you feel you need help.  Just hit me up.  If you’ve created your free account, then you will have received a message from me.  Send me a reply and let me know what’s going on.  My name’s Don, and even if there’s no problem i’d still love to hear from you.

Next step for you to take after you’ve got that website up and running.

There’s a 10 lesson free course waiting on you.  This will guide you through the basics of doing your business online.  If you feel you need more tutoring after that 10 lesson course then there are 40 more lessons that you can take advantage of as soon as you’re ready.

Training for online business

That’s if you want to get the best online business building training currently available on the internet.  Again that’s entirely up to you, but my recommendation is that you do this training because quite frankly.

The training is awesome.

As i said earlier even if you know absolutely nothing at all about building a website and doing business online.  This training you will find here, plus the posts about what works online and other trainings created and shared by members will teach you everything you need to know.

Besides if you ever have a problem with your business and need some help.  all you need to do is ask and our community members and trainers will come swiftly to your aid.

Check out what Debbie had to say about her experience as a total newbie who had absolutely no knowledge about websites before coming here.

You’ve got your website.  Now what’s next?

You have your brand new website for your online business.  Now it’s time to buckle down.  Remember earlier it was stressed that you need to have a willingness to work.

Well, now is where you are going to need that trait.   (You will find details on all i am about to say now in the trainings that i referred to before).

You need to get your new website noticed and trusted by the search engines.  You have to get that done so they will send you that free traffic that every website craves.  This traffic is a big part of the equation that can make a good free website successful.


So you need to start to write content for your website.  This should be high quality content as you learned about in the training.  Content is key as they say.  Endeavour to create content that is helpful to people.  Show them a solution to everyday problems that they might have etc.

Your content creation strategy should see you posting content to your website frequently and very consistently at this stage.

Start a business for free with content


Your content is going to need to be promoted, because face it.  Not a soul knows you at this point.  You need to make yourself known.  But without pestering people online or being seen as an annoyance.

Use up your social media platforms as we mentioned in the early stages of this article.  Facebook and Pinterest are the ones that i find most effective.


This is a business after all.  So you must have a way to turn some of those visitors to your website into paying customers, but be subtle  Don’t try to coerce people into buying things.  Instead let them see the value of whatever you would like them to purchase.

Expound on the value and virtue of goods or services you ultimately want to promote in your content.  Let the visitor see the value and maybe they will click that link to go look at the product further and maybe make a purchase.  The ultimate decision must be theirs and they must feel like it is.

Be warned though, because now that you’ve created your site for free and got it up and running, there is going to come a time when you are going to need to start spending a bit of money on it.

But that doesn’t have to be right now.  It can wait until you begin to make some money.  You can then spend some of that money on the site.  Also if you like the community that you’re now a part of.  You can upgrade to take advantage of it’s premium features.

This is a move worth making because it provides huge benefits, but you can do this on your own terms, when you’re ready.   When you see the benefits that will accrue to you as a result of doing so.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you may decide to spend a bit of money on the website itself.

1.    You found this new theme you really love, that you think would make your site look so much better but it costs a few dollars.

2.    You realize that it’s really important to have a way to capture the email addresses of the people who visit your website, like your content and would like to hear more from you (this is actually really important and how to go about setting this up is covered in the training).

3.    You’re website is growing and is becoming more of an authority, but you find you have less time to write content.  So you need to hire a good writer to pick up the slack.

4.    You feel you need more traffic than you’re getting from the free, organic traffic you receive.  So you want to try some paid traffic options as well.

Starting a free business is possible


If you have been following the blueprint presented above.  You now know how to start a business with no money online.  As you can see i have not presented any form of get rich online method in any way or a method to make quick money online.  It is my opinion that such schemes and plans do not work.

The only way to make money with an online business is through hard work, dedication, strength of focus and a willingness to work and see your project through to completion.  I believe that anyone who is reading these words right now possesses these traits and has a good chance of being successful in their own business.

To you i say cheers and i look forward to reading of your success online.  In closing i want to say bon voyage, and i wish you all the best in your endeavors.


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