Do you ever get stress from work?

When you get home after a really stressful day at work wouldn’t it be just great if you knew how to relieve stress from work.

This is true whether you spent the day hard at work in a little cubicle at that big corporate office or you spent it working in your own personal home office.Relieve stress from work

Both scenarios can be really stressful, and in fact if you’re an online entrepreneur.  Just starting out in an online small business, basically doing everything yourself.

Then your stress levels could really be through the roof.

We all know that these high levels of stress aren’t good for us.  We don’t need a doctor to tell us this.

But just how can one deal with that?  How can we de-stress after a day at work?

How do you do it?  Do you have a successful formula to manage stress after work?

I would love to hear it.  If your method for stress relief is different from those presented here in this post, please share it with us in the comments section at the end of the post.

After work stress relief strategies

When the work day ends we should feel good.  Just from knowing that we’ve finished for the day (or night), and the rest of the time is ours.  Until we have to go out and do it all again the next workday.

But sometimes it doesn’t work that way.  Does it?

No, instead we might have left some urgent work matters unfinished, and we have that deadline to present it tomorrow morning to the boss.

Or we may have had a bad encounter with our cantankerous, disrespectful boss or some other co-worker and we are still fuming over the whole situation.

Whatever the cause most of us are going to be left feeling anxious, nervous and probably even angry as we begin our commute home.

Then because of the way the mind operates we are probably still stuck with these same feelings as we step through the front door at home.

This doesn’t have to be the case though.  Not when you know how to relieve stress from work.  Let’s discuss some of the ways we can use to do that.

Relaxing to reduce stress

When your body is under a constant stress situation it releases hormones that put it into it’s fight or flight mode.

This is great for an emergency situation where you need to react quickly, but not so great when the only thing threatening you is whatever is on your work computer screen.  This unnecessary flood of hormones can actually do harm to our bodies and wear us down.

One way to counteract this potentially harmful situation is to put your body into a relaxed state.  If you can achieve this state of deep rest it will help to bring your body and mind back into proper equilibrium and increase your level of energy.

Music to fight stress

With music you can start stress reduction even before you get home.  Buy yourself an Apple Ipod and load up your favorite songs.  Then as soon as you get done working plug in your earphone and cue up your favorites for your listening pleasure.

When you get home, simply continue listening for maximum stress relief.  Pretty soon all those animalistic survival hormones will be nullified and your body will be back to proper equilibrium until tomorrow when we do it all over again.

After all, why do you think there’s a saying that goes “music soothes the savage beast” for christ’s sake   🙂

Talk to your pet

I’m not joking here.  Can pets help reduce stress?   Oh, you can bet your last dollar that they can?  Pets are a great sourcePets help relieve stress of stress relief, and they’re great companions too.  Also lots of fun.

I’ve been a dog and cat lover myself since i was a little tot and i remember hundreds of hours of pure fun and relaxation with my pet dogs and cats.

The act of petting your cat or dog gives you a wonderful feeling that helps your body produce that relaxation hormone while lowering your blood pressure too.

Get your pet a toy and watch them romp about like something crazy.  That’s so funny and of course it relaxes you too.

The verdict:  If you don’t already have a pet, then you need to go out and get yourself a lovable little pet animal.

Get a therapeutic massage to relieve stress

Why don’t you make an appointment with a masseuse and instead of going straight home, swing by and get a therapeutic massage before you head home after work.

Massage therapy can help your body to relax and as mentioned earlier that is very beneficial to stress relief.

Other benefits include relief of muscle pains and tensions, improved circulation and flexibility.

Reduced anxiety, relief of tension headaches, better sleep and the lowering of blood pressure among other things.

It also feels great to  get a massage.  So if you don’t mind the idea of a strangers hands all over your body then you should try a massage the next time you feel like you’re about to blow your stack because of some stressful situation or some sort of anxiety etc.

Seek social interaction

Having someone to talk to when you feel stressed can prove to be very therapeutic for relieving stress from work.  The person that you talk to for de-stressing can be a trusted friend or a family member.

A support system such as this can help you to release the pent up feelings of anger, frustration etc. that resulted in you feeling that way in the first place.

Clinical studies have shown that such interaction helps to reduce our bodies stress response.  It also helps us to feel happier as our bodies release levels of Oxytocin because of this time we spend with friends or relatives.

And of course there’s nothing at all like a good laugh with our friends to get us out of any dark, depressing mood that we may find ourselves in.

Meditation and Yoga for stress relief

The practice of meditation is said to have the effect of helping you to focus your mind and train your attention and awareness, allowing you to be more emotionally calm and stable.

Yoga on the other hand by western definition is a series of exercise moves that combines physical poses and controlled breathing which has the combined effect of relaxing the mind and body.

When both yoga and meditation are done together it has the effect of reducing stress, calming the mind and body, while lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Strategies to relieve stress while still at work

Take a break from the office

When your sitting at your desk weighted down with a particularly tough challenge and it feels like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, it’s a very good idea to just take a break from it all.  Save your work on the computer.

Tell your co-workers around you that you’re taking a break and just get up and get out of there.

Go outside for some fresh air.  If you can, go for a walk and try to relax, taking your mind off of the problem at hand.  This is a great way to de-stress while you’re still within your 9 -5 time frame.

A 10 to 15 minute walk can help to un-clutter your brain, relax your body and clear your neural pathways.

As you walk try to be mindful of your surroundings. Take notice of what and who’s around you.  Be in the moment.  Feel the wind on your face, smell the smells and hear the sounds of life taking place around you.  Take deep breaths.  Appreciate life!

You will return to work feeling refreshed and relaxed.  The funny thing is.  Quite often after we unplug from our problems in this kinda way.  The solution to the problem just comes to us via our subconscious mind.

The right idea, the proper process to resolve the issue just pops into our head.

And even if that does not happen we have managed to de-stress and realign our mind and body to cope better with the rest of the work day.

Schedule some breaks in your workday

Yes we just spoke about taking a break from the office.  This time what i’m talking about here are short breaks, just to break the monotony, to rest your eyes a bit, stretch your legs or clear your mind a little.

Schedule a few 3 to 5 minute breaks like this during your day.  Use the time to stretch your limbs a bit.  Maybe go have some water.  Go wash your face.  Grab some tea.

As simple as this sounds breaks like this can help you to relieve the stresses of your workday.


If your position allows you the leeway to do so, delegate some of that workload.

There’s no reason for you to be stressing yourself to death with a particular problem if there’s someone who can assist you, and (this next bit is real important) this someone doesn’t have much doing at the moment.

Of course you don’t want to be offloading your stresses onto someone who’s already up to their eyebrows in work.  That definitely would not be a fair thing to do and none of us would want to be given more work in such a situation.

So be mindful of how and when you do this and the situation of the person you intend to delegate to.  Make sure not to abuse the situation.  Remember the old adage.  “do unto others as you would have done to you”

As well as this timeless little one ”  “what goes around, comes back around”

Put up a few pictures

Put up a photo or two in the office.  These can do wonders to help you to relax and relieve anxieties.  Pictures of things in nature can have a very relaxing and calming effect.

Pictures of greenery or scenes having to do with water, such as a beautiful beach scene, a waterfall or a river can be especially useful.

Of course pictures of your loved ones are great as well.  Place a picture of your kids or your significant other on your desk or on the wall.  Or if you’re a more private kind of person.

Keep them in your desk drawer for those times when you feel the need to just pop them out for a more visual reminder of the love, joy and happiness that they bring to your life.

Get yourself a plant

Having a plant in your office or even in your cubicle will help to relieve stress at work.  Human beings have some kind of physiological connection to plants.  Possibly because of an unconscious, instinctively primal need to connect with nature.

Plants are also able to clean the air for us and even help to keep us healthy by removing certain sickness causing factors from the air.  Creating a better environment in our work-space, making us feel better while at work.

You should water and take care of your plant yourself as even the simple act of touching the soil can help us to feel better at a subconscious level and the smell of certain plants can have a pleasing effect.

Office plants relieve stress

Some great plants to bring into your work space include:

Aloe Vera – This plant is great for improving air quality, and is referred to in some circles as nature’s air purifier. It also requires very little water and care making it a perfect choice for the office.

Philodendron – The Philodendron is also a low maintenance plant and will add a bit of ambiance to your office space while doing a good job to help clean the air in your environment.

Peace Lily – Doesn’t need much light and is also low maintenance.  It’s beautiful white flowers will help to lighten and beautify your office while it works to rid the area of toxins that can be a factor in you or your coworkers getting sick

Of course there are other plants that would be great for the office too.  Don’t know where to go buy plants or don’t have the time.  Well you can even find great plants to purchase online.  For instance Home Depot has a nice selection, and they’ll even deliver the plants to you.

Another great place to buy your plants is The Sill.  They offer beautiful plants to brighten any office space and again, they deliver.

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