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Let’s begin with an understanding of just what Pinterest is.

And what it is, is a social media network that’s similar in some ways to Instagram.

Pinterest was created back in 2010, apparently with the intention of allowing users worldwide to visually share their interests and ideas with one another using either the web or the Pinterest app on their mobile phone.

This sharing is done by posting images and even videos of these interests and ideas as well to a Pinterest board.

As a result, Pinterest has become a really great search engine of sorts for discovering new ideas for a myriad of things.

Such as great recipes, home, and office décor, travel, new business ideas and so much more than I can mention in one article.

To get started on Pinterest you need to have an account.  So today I want to show you how to open a Pinterest business account, but follow along as well if you’re interested in learning how to open a Pinterest personal account and also learning the trick to managing multiple Pinterest accounts as these things will be dealt with too.

How to open a Pinterest business account

As of October 2018, Pinterest had accumulated 250 million active users and it’s a fair assumption that the numbers have risen fairly significantly at this point in time as we approach the end of February 2019.

Therefore, it is also prudent to say that Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool for businesses which maintain an online presence.  Especially for those that deal in products that have great visual appeal.

Open a Pinterest Business account - Best Business you Can Do Online

Online business owners such as affiliate marketers, blog owners, freelancers and web store owners are finding that this social platform is very useful when used as a means to help promote their products or services.

In order to create a Pinterest account, whether for business or for personal use you need to follow the steps in the Beginners Guide to setting up a Pinterest account below.

Beginners Guide To Setting Up Pinterest

First of all, go to the Pinterest website.  Then to create a Personal account select from the available options which are

1 – To create your account by using an email address and password.

2 – Create a Pinterest account using your Facebook account

3 – Create your Pinterest account, using your Google account.

Alternatively, in order to create a Business account, click on the option to Create a Business Account.  The link for this is visible below the first 3 options, which are used for creating your Personal account.

Clicking on this option to create a Business account will take you to a screen requiring you to enter your email address.

If you feel you want to start with a personal Pinterest account and maybe upgrade at a later time to a Pinterest Business account, then please use one of the first 3 options as mentioned above to create your account.

Then at a later date, you can convert your account to a free business account quickly and easily and at absolutely no cost to you.  See more information on these 3 options below.

Open a Pinterest Business account - Create a Pinterest account step 1

Create a Pinterest account using your email address and a password

If you select this option, Pinterest will require you to verify your email account.  You will be asked to go to your email inbox and find the email coming from Pinterest.

Open it and click the link to confirm that it is, in fact, your email address.  Clicking this link will take you back to Pinterest to finish your account setup.

Create a Pinterest account with either option 2 – Facebook or option 3 – Google

If you select either of these 2 options, you will be asked to enter your user login information in order to log in to verify the account and then continue the Pinterest account creation process.

You will also have the opportunity to follow your friends who are already using Pinterest.

Open a Pinterest Business account - Welcome to Pinterest Image

Next steps after Pinterest account creation

After you have completed the initial steps in opening your Pinterest account you should now be logged in to your account automatically.

If you aren’t logged in, then log in using the option that you used during the initial setup.  That is via email, Facebook, Google or the create a business account option.

Once login is completed you should begin completing the following steps:

Edit your Pinterest account profile

You can add a description of yourself if you have a personal account or a description of your business if it’s a business account.  Make it as informative and interesting as you can.

Try to use or include your business name and add a few keywords that will make it easy for people who are searching on Google or on Pinterest to find your business account.

You should also consider adding a location for your business as well.

Follow other Pinterest users

It is definitely a good idea to follow other users on Pinterest.  This is one secret to opening a Pinterest business account that can quickly amass a large following for you.

Remember that Pinterest is a social network.  So be social and engage with other peoples’ content.  Follow other users who are interested in similar but non-competitive areas to what you promote on Pinterest.

Open a Pinterest acount - Follow Pinterest Users

Start creating boards and pins

A Pinterest board is like a painter’s canvas and the pins on that board like fine art.

Each board can be defined as a collection of related visual representations of a person’s ideas and interests, and a pin is one of these visual representations in the form of an image or video.

Pinterest users can create one board or multiple boards to showcase their interests, up to a maximum of 500 boards and 200,000 pins per account.

If you do decide to create multiple boards then it is important to find an effective and practical way of managing multiple Pinterest accounts.  For now, let’s look at how to create that very first board and first pin.

Creating your first Pinterest board and Pinterest pin

Before you begin the process it is a wise idea to first find the image that you want to pin.

You can pin an image from your computer, you can pin an image from your website or you can even pin images that you find online and images that you create.

For this exercise, we will select an image from the computer.

So now that we have our image in mind, the first thing to do is to access your Pinterest profile area.  You can do this by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of your Pinterest user name.  See below.

Open a Pinterest acount - Create Pinterest  Boards & Pins

From there click on View Profile.  Once at your profile page click on Boards.  Then on Create Board.  Give your board a name and choose whether to make it a Secret Board or a Public Board.

Then click on Create to complete the process of creating the board.

The difference between the 2 is that a secret board will not be displayed to your followers and will not turn up in search results on Pinterest.  They are only visible to the creator of the board.

A public board is the opposite of this as it will be visible to followers and will turn up in search results.

Now to create a Pinterest pin.

Begin by clicking on the plus sign above the name of your newly created board.  Then click Create Pin.  Click where it says Drag and drop or click to upload.

Locate your image in the browse window on the computer and click on open.  The image will now upload.  Give your pin a name where you see Add a Title.  Give it a description where you see, Say more about this pin.

It is a good idea here to try to include keywords in your description and hashtags either within or immediately following your descriptive text.

What this will do is help to make your pin a lot more easy to discover when a user searches using the terms in your hashtags or in your keywords.

Ok, moving on.  Now you click on Choose a Board and select the board you created.  Optionally you can provide a URL for the pin to link to (for business accounts you should always provide a link.

Whether to your website or some other relevant business page).  When done click on Save and that’s it.

Congrats!  Your board has been created and you’ve added your very first pin.

Open a Pinterest business account - Your pin has been created

Link to your other social network accounts

When you create a Pinterest account you are currently given the option to link it to your accounts on Facebook and Google +.

However, Google  has announced that it is shutting down all Google Plus API’s by March 7, 2019 and completely taking its’ Plus social network offline by April of this same year.

It will be interesting to see if Pinterest allows another social network to come in and fill the void that will be left by the departure of Google Plus next month.

But that leaves us with Facebook for the moment, and in order to link to your Facebook account, you need to go to Settings.  Then click on Social Networks.

You access your settings by clicking on the 3 horizontal dots at the top right of your Pinterest page.  The 3 dots are visible at the top of every page.

Just look to the immediate right of the little bell-shaped notification icon and you will see them.  So click on the 3 dots and then click on Settings.  Then on Social Networks.

Once there click on Use your Facebook account to log in.  Then enter your Facebook login information and click on Save Changes.

Claim your website

If you have a website for your business, then you can and should claim that website from your Pinterest account dashboard.

Doing this allows you to verify the authenticity of your website and also opens an analytical can of worms.

But don’t worry, as it’s all good.  Pinterest analytics will allow you to get insights into what pins your followers and other audience views and shares the most.

Learn more about how to go about the process to claim your website here.

Additional things to enhance your Pinterest experience

The Pinterest Browser Button

Sometimes while browsing around online you may come across a really cool image that you’d love to save.  Well in this case not to save but to pin to one of your boards.

The developers working with Pinterest saw the possibility of this happening and created a Pinterest Browser Button.  So you can pin images right from the web pages that you browse.

The process is simple too.  Just install the browser button that works with your current browser.

When you come across an image that you want to pin during your browsing online, just click on the red P icon on the right-hand side of your browser.

Select the image you want to pin and click Save, then choose the board you want to save to.  That’s it.  You can find the button for Mozilla Firefox here, and the corresponding one for Google Chrome here.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

This is a fairly new service that Pinterest is offering to smaller retail businesses based in the USA.  With this service which was started in 2015 retailers are able to include a Buy It button into their pins.

Enabling other Pinterest users to Open a Pinterest business account - Buyable pinspurchase items from right on the Pinterest platform.

Information is sorta sketchy at the moment regarding which retailers can currently use Buyable pins, but it seems to work with users on the Shopify platform and also those who use Etsy.

We have now gone through all the steps regarding how to open a Pinterest business account and personal accounts as well.

The secret Pinterest hack to managing multiple accounts

Now as promised earlier it is time to let you in on the nifty little secret that will have you managing multiple Pinterest accounts quickly and easily.

What i’m going to show you now is one of the coolest little Pinterest hacks around.

Add and switch additional Pinterest accounts

If you have multiple Pinterest accounts, say for different businesses.  I know it can be a real problem having to log out of one account to get the chance to log in to another.

Or to switch from browser to browser if you had already figured out that you can have different Pinterest accounts running in different browsers at the same time.

If you hadn’t figured that out.  Well there’s another little hack for you.  You can have multiple Pinterest accounts open at the same time using different browsers.

For instance, lets say you have one account running in Google Chrome, while you have another account open in Mozilla Firefox.

Ok, back to the more interesting hack for managing multiple Pinterest accounts at the same time.

Some time ago I stumbled upon a great little solution to the problem of dealing with multiple accounts and it has really made my life on Pinterest so much easier.

What I discovered is that when you have multiple accounts you can set it up so that you can switch between them right from the one browser window.  Therefore eliminating the need to log out or to change browsers.

To do this log in to your Pinterest account and go to your Home Page.

From there click on the down arrow to the right of your Pinterest user name.  Then click on Add Account and enter the email and password for the first of the additional accounts you want to manage.

You will now be taken to that account that you just added.

Rinse and repeat this little process for up to 2 more additional accounts as you can only manage a total of 4 accounts using this method.

When you have all your accounts logged in (remember that’s a total of 4 accounts),  It’s time to learn how to quickly switch between them.

So point your mouse at those 3 horizontal dots or once again at the down arrow to the right of your Pinterest user name, and click.

Open a Pinterest business account - Manage multiple accountsSelect Switch accounts for the account you want to switch to.

You will now be taken to that account.

Just do this when you want to switch back and forth through the 4 accounts.

When you want to sign out of Pinterest.  Each account you sign out of has the effect of closing that particular account and taking you to the next signed in account.

This means that to totally exit from Pinterest you have to now sign out of multiple accounts.

Personally, I don’t have to bother with that.  I simply close my browser window without logging out of any of the accounts.

When I need to use Pinterest again I just have to sign in to the one account that I was last using and all others become available for switching.

Neat little Pinterest hack.  Isn’t it?

If you have more than 4 accounts, then one way to manage more than the 4 that Pinterest allows would be to open different browsers and use each to manage 4 accounts at one time.

This allows you to use the two hacks at the same time.  So, it would mean managing 4 in Google Chrome, 4 in Mozilla Firefox. 4 in Microsoft Edge etc., etc.

I hope I’ve managed to help you open your Pinterest account, and get started with pinning content and managing your Pinterest account successfully.

Remember to pin to your boards consistently and engage with other Pinterest users.

And if you’re looking to start your own business online for a lucrative internet income.  then you should check out The best business to do online.

Here’s wishing you lots of success in your online endeavors.

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Naksh · at 11:52

Hello, You mentioned to claim your website to access tools and analytics. I’ve seen that before and I’ve always assumed that by “claiming” it meant that Pinterest had free web hosting thus “claim” a free website. Well thanks to your instructions, I know what Pinterest is, but never actually really thought about signing up for an account, until recently. I’m going to use Pinterest for both personal and business

    Donald · at 12:58

    Oh no Naksh. Claiming your website on Pinterest definitely doesn’t mean that Pinterest provides free web hosting. I’m real happy that i could clear that up for you.
    And yes you can have both a Pinterest personal and business account as well. Not a problem.

Trevor · at 5:57

This is a really useful site.  I´m glad I have found you.  I have been thinking about opening a Pinterest account, your page has given me some really useful and helpful advice, thank you.  I really appreciate the detail and the structured way that you have laid your site and page out. Seriously this is a really good page.  Well done.  I have bookmarked it for future reference. Do you see any downsides to pinterest?  Do you recommend using a pen name or title for example?

    Donald · at 1:11

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you thought about the post Trevor. It’s good that you found it useful. In regards to downsides to Pinterest.
    Something that comes to mind is the possible disadvantage for a business that is male oriented in that most of the users on Pinterest tend to be female. So for a business that’s male oriented that could present a bit of a problem.

    Another potential problem is the fact that it is possible for the images you use for pins or your pins can be stolen by other people.

Sonny · at 8:32


I’m so happy to have come across your website. You mentioned to claim your website to access tools and analytics. I’ve seen that before and I’ve always assumed that by “claiming” it meant that Pinterest had free web hosting thus “claim” a free website. Well thanks to your instructions, I’ve just finished linking my site to theirs. Thank you! 

I have a question that has really confused me. How can I tell if I have a personal or business account?

When I click on my profile beside Following, it says Business Hub. Does it mean it’s a business account? Because I don’t recall signing up for a business account and would like to sign up for one. Thanks again


    Donald · at 1:15

    Thanks for your comment Sonny. Yes the mention of Business Hub does seem to indicate that what you actually have is a Pinterest Business account my friend. It is possible to convert a Pinterest personal account to a business account with the click of a link on the Pinterest site. Maybe that’s what happened for you.

Nate MC · at 7:55

This is good info. I have yet to start using Pinterest, but plan on using it very soon; So I’m glad I found this article. I know what Pinterest is, but never actually really thought about signing up for an account, until recently. I’m going to use Pinterest for both personal and business purposes.

    Donald · at 1:16

    Good idea Nate.

Hillary · at 7:53

I read your article as a guide because I saw the value that Pinterest can add to my business! I’ve never been on pinterest before, so your article really helped me get started and learn more about the nitty gritty aspects of Pinterest. I’ve been working on it all day and am so excited to see where it goes. I didn’t know that you can connect other social media accounts so thank you for that information!

    Donald · at 1:17

    Yes Hillary, it is possible to connect other social media accounts to Pinterest.

KatieGoesKeto · at 7:52

Great info here! I’m just learning more about Pinterest and how I can use it for my business so this is really helpful. I am also trying out Tailwind – which is a service where you can schedule pins ahead of time and also join groups that work together to share each other’s pins. Hoping it’s helpful! Thanks for the post! 

    Donald · at 2:31

    Hi Katie. Yes you are right. Tailwind is a great tool to use in conjunction with your Pinterest Business account. It is great for scheduling posts and as such helps to make managing your Business account so much easier. Awesome tool.

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