How to make money on Tik Tok

In this post, we are going to look at the question of how to make money on Tik Tok?  But first of all, let me ask.  Are you using this mobile app already?  If you are don’t you just love those videos?

I know I sure do, and for quite a while I thought that was all it was.  A great place to watch videos.

But then I realized that no, it was so much more than that.  So I’m here right now to share what I discovered with you.  So get ready for a few surprises.

I know there may be a few people who may not know what I’m talking about and for the benefit of those people I would like to start off with:

What is Tik Tok?

For those who already know and use this app, bear with me for a few seconds, and for the others, here’s the answer to that question.  It is a short-form video-sharing social media platform.  The platform features an app that allows users to create and share short videos of 15 seconds.

How To Make Money on Tik Tok - Tik Tok Logo

Tik Tok users enjoy a lot of freedom of choice in regards to what their videos are about but anything to do with sexual content, illegal activities or terrorism is not allowed.  Most of what you will find on this platform includes comedy, lip-sync, talent, dance, and also challenge videos.

It’s natural at this point to have a few other questions going through our minds.  So let me just take one minute to answer these quickly before we move on.

Who made Tik Tok?

In answer to that one, the creator of Tik Tok is a man named Yiming Zhang.  He founded the internet technology company ByteDance in 2012 and the company launched this very popular app in 2016.

Then in 2017 ByteDance purchased the app and merged the two apps together to give us the app that is so loved worldwide today.

Where is Tik Tok headquarters?

Because the parent company is ByteDance, it stands to reason that the headquarters are at the same address as that for the ByteDance company.  At the moment that address is in the Haidian district, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

In China, this app is also very popular with roughly 400 million daily users at the moment.  However, the Chinese users know this app by a different name  Over there the app is called Duoyin.

Let’s get back to the original question being asked in this Online Money Gigs post, and the answers to that question.

How to make money on Tik Tok?

I have found several very interesting ways that one can make money using this app from ByteDance.  The reality is that the ways to make money from the app have to be very creative as officially nothing has been put in place by the company for users to monetize their videos.

How to Make Money On Tik Tok - Livestream

But we have found quite innovative ways to circumvent that so that we can earn for now.

Until ByteDance manages to get around to deciding on when and how users are going to be able to officially monetize their videos on the platform.

Hopefully, that time won’t be too far away, but for now here are the ways I found to make money on this platform.

If you’re looking to find ways to make money online and you like this fun app, then you might just be able to find a way to make money among these listed below.  A way that will work for you.  So here they are.

Tik Tok gift points

Gifting is one way that creators on this platform can make money from their followers or fan base.  Fans will usually give gifts to account holders who are popular themselves and can produce content that the fans love.

The most popular way for creators to earn gifts from their fans is to do live streams.

To do a live stream you first have to qualify before the option becomes available to you.

To meet the qualification you must have at least 1000 followers on your account and you have to be a minimum of 16 years old.  Younger account holders will not be able to go live at all.  No matter how many followers they have.

If you intend to accept gifts on your Livestream there is a further qualification that you have to meet.

To receive gifts on a Livestream the user doing the stream has to be a minimum of 18 years old.  That simply means that even though a 16 year old can have a Livestream, they cannot receive gifts until they are 18 years old.

Ok, let’s assume one meets the above requirements for gifting.  Here are the steps to get your Livestream started.  First of all, I think it would be a good idea if you could notify your followers beforehand that you are going to be doing a Livestream at a certain time.

At the time of the stream here is what you need to do.  Log in to the account you want to stream from (if you aren’t logged in already).  Then once you are logged in look for the + button in the center at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the + button.  On the next screen tap the Live button to start your stream.  Add a title if you wish, then tap Go Live.  Your stream will now start.

The users watching the stream can now send you gifts if they like what you are doing.  Gifts come in the form of 8 different virtual items worth differing amounts of coins.  Such as the Panda which is worth 5 coins and Sun Cream which is worth 50 coins.

How to make money on Tik Tok - Tik Tok gifts

In order to give gifts the user has to purchase coins on the website.  Once they’ve purchased the coins they can give gifts.  Each gift reduces the balance of coins in the user’s account.  Users can also just send Tik Tok coins directly to the Livestreamer instead.

You may also see such gifts on the platform referred to as donations as well and frankly, I think that the word donations is a better word to use.

Other gifts

Another kind of gift that a creator can receive are gifts sent directly from the company itself, or gifts sent by a brand that has partnered with ByteDance to give gifts to creators.  This is a way for the companies to promote their products too so everybody wins.

Tik Tok Diamonds

When a live streamer receives any of the 8 virtual gifts mentioned above from fans / followers they are converted to Diamonds in the live streamers account.

Make Money With Live Streams - Tik Tok Diamond

The diamond value received is equal to half the coin value of the gift.  So for example receiving a Panda is equal to receiving 2.5 diamonds (the Panda has a coin value of 5 coins).  While receiving a Drama Queen is equal to 2500 diamonds.

Diamonds are important to the live streamer because this is how he or she can make money from doing live streams.

Tik Tok diamonds to cash

How this works is that these diamonds they receive can be converted to cash and withdrawn to the live streamers Paypal account.  Naturally this means that the live streamer is required to have a verified Paypal account in order to withdraw the funds.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can create one now.  Find a detailed step-by-step guide to creating a free PayPal account here.

When you are ready to withdraw funds bear in mind that one diamond is worth $0.5 USD, so that means that 200 diamonds are equal to $100 USD.  The minimum amount that you have to have in your wallet to make a withdrawal is $50 USD, and withdrawals are limited to a daily limit of $1000 USD per day.

Find your TikTok wallet

Your wallet is the place where  your diamonds are kept.  This is where you can go to see how many you have and to initiate withdrawals.  To find your wallet go to your home screen, then tap on me in the lower right of the screen to go to your profile screen.

Next tap the 3 dots at the top right of the profile screen, then tap on Privacy & Safety.  Wallet will be the third option on the screen now.

Make Money With TikTok - $50 Tik Tok Minimum Withdrawal

Grow Tik Tok accounts and sell them

To do this you are going to need to increase the number of Tik Tok fans that you have on each of the accounts that you would like to sell.  Increase it to the point where you have amassed a large following of people who like and subscribe to your content.

People who keep coming back regularly to view what you post.

If you don’t have much of a following right now but you would like to grow an account so you can do this, here are some strategies that you can use to grow that account into something worthwhile selling.

Stay up to date with the trends

There are some trends on this platform that users really love watching and participating in.  If your’e not staying on top of these and doing them yourselves you may find that your account doesn’t achieve much growth on the platform.  This is one key factor if you want your follower count to grow.

Here is one of the really hot trends.

Hashtag challenges

A hashtag challenge refers to a situation where a challenge is put out on the social media platform, daring users to complete some sort of action and post it for everyone to see who uses the platform.

These challenges can go viral worldwide sometimes with even real celebrities like movie stars and performing artists getting in on the fun.

How To Make Money On Tik Tok - Mararena Challenge

If you can complete the hashtag challenges in a really fun, interesting way then you will get views and followers.  Here are some cool and quite recent hashtag trends.  Just select one and type it into your browser to see what it’s all about.


That last one is kinda crazy, but hey it’s a trending hashtag challenge.  One strategy that you can use to help you to stay on top of the trends is to follow some of the most popular creators.  Why would you want to do that?

Well, this platform is a very fast-moving one and trends can pop up and go viral really quickly.

Therefore following accounts like these can help you to recognize a trend quickly so that you can get in on it early too, meaning that your content created for the trend will have a good chance of going viral as well.

Another thing that I will mention here that you can use to help to grow your account if you’re not able to  grow in the normal way is to use an automation tool such as TokUpgrade or TokSocial.  Both of these can help you to gain followers, thereby growing your account.

Selling the account

Once you’ve gotten your account up to a reasonable minimum and you have your followers engaged with regular content that you post then you can move on to getting the account sold.  A reasonable minimum that you should aim for before you even begin to think of selling is 100K followers.

How To Make Money On Tik Tok - Sell Tik Tok accounts

When you feel you are ready to sell you can check out sites like and where you can list your accounts and get them sold.

Tik Tok brand partnership

These are also referred to as brand deals. Basically, once you have grown your following base to a significant amount. Let’s say like 100K followers it is quite likely that you will begin to find that brands begin approaching you with brand promotion deals.

As a matter of fact, according to Tik Tok, you’re sponsorship opportunities should really start to present themselves once you reach the threshold of 250K followers.

If you want to achieve success with brand promotion you should make sure that you have good quality content and you maintain consistency on the platform as well because brands will prefer to sponsor influencers who are very active on the platform, constantly engaging with users and posting content regularly.

Try to carve out a place for yourself in a particular, well-defined niche. Brands can recognize that and know that if they form a partnership with you they will be reaching an audience in this particular niche.

You should also make sure you include a business email on your Tik Tok profile so that brands and companies can know that you are open to sponsorship deals and any other form of monetization.

Tik Tok influencer management services

This could also be referred to as offering Tik Tok Influencer agency services or consulting services.

What this means is leveraging your own experience on Tik Tok to help others who want to be creators to improve their own content strategy so that they can experience growth in their audience.

How To Make Money On Tik Tok - Millions of Followers

All of the Tik Tok top influencers have accounts with millions of followers, and seeing as most of the users of this platform are very young people quite a lot of them don’t know how to properly deal with their accounts, which effectively has become like a business.

Some of these accounts will definitely need some kind of account manager or personal brand manager to help them with content strategy and maintaining their audience on the platform, as well as getting brand deals, etc.

There are also business professionals who are on Tik Tok. There are doctors, store owners, etc. You can show these professionals how to grow their accounts and monetize the content for their audience to grow their offline businesses.

For example the creation or promotion of an existing or new apparel or other merchandise line, or promotion of their businesses in their local area.

The opportunity to make money on the platform by managing influencer campaigns can work out to be very lucrative. Sometimes these managers will get paid a percentage of the brand deals that they connect their influencer clients to.

Tik Tok Shoutout

This is where you endorse another user on the platform. Sort of like what happens on Youtube where a user who doesn’t have a particularly large following will pay another Youtuber who has a larger following to mention them to their followers.

Probably with a suggestion that the users go check out this other channel.

How To Make Money On Tik Tok - Shoutout

Shoutouts can also be done to promote a product or service by way of a post to your audience as well. Bear in mind that this is not a brand endorsement.

Shoutout requests may come to you from an average user who is probably in the same niche that you’re in or a niche that complements yours or vice versa.

Get Paid To Post on TikTok

You won’t receive any form of direct Tik Tok pay fromByteDance for making posts on the platform, but as mentioned earlier if you are a top influencer you may receive gifts from the company and possibly from partners.

There is however a method that you can take advantage of to get paid for your posts on the platform. This way to get paid involves the use of another website though. That website is the one that you will get your payments from.

The website I’m talking about is I must admit that when I first heard that it was possible to make money using Timebucks and posting on Tik Tok I began to really wonder if TimeBucks is a scam?

So I did some intensive research and I discovered that TimeBucks is not a scam but a legitimate get paid to website where you can get paid for doing various online tasks.

So how it works for Tik Tok is you get paid for posting Duet videos. Now a Duet video is basically where you record yourself watching another person’s video.

How To Make Money On Tik Tok - With TimeBucks

You are allowed to do 4 of these per day with a time break of 3 hours between each of them, you can only post these videos from your mobile device.

After you post each video there is a button that you tap to verify your posting. Once you do that you get credited and a timer starts to count down to the time when you can make your next post.

Of course, your Duet video now appears on your Tik Tok account and can now begin to attract views, likes, and followers as any normal video. The only difference is that now you’ve made some money from that video.

Social media cross promotion

I’m serious about showing you the best ways to earn money with Tik Tok, and social media cross promoting is one of the ways that you can use as a workaround for the fact that this platform doesn’t currently have any monetization program of its own.

To utilize cross promotion with this platform you first need to have a following on another social media platform. Say on youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. Next, you need to grow a following on Tik Tok if you don’t have a substantial one already.

Once you have this following the next move to make is to take that following over to your other social media platform(s) where you can monetize your traffic. For example taking them to Youtube, and Instagram.

What this will do for you is to increase the size of your audience on those platforms that you can monetize.

One very easy way to start this cross promotion is to link your Instagram and Youtube accounts to your Tik Tok account. To do this go to your Tik Tok home page and on the bottom right of the page, there is a link to your profile screen.

The link is labeled Me and looks like the head and shoulders of a person. Click the link to go to your profile.

How To Make Money on Tik Tok - Cross Promotion

At your profile screen click on Edit Profile. This now takes you to the screen where you add your account information for Instagram and Youtube. For each account that you are adding there will be an authorization request.

Just tap on Authorize to allow the connection. Then tap save. Now when you create a new video you can add a shoutout saying something like Check out my Instagram and Youtube pages. Or something like that.

There are of course other ways to cross promote on your social media platforms, but I won’t go into those here. I need to write an entirely different post to talk about all of them.

Start a Tik Tok Ecommerce business

This is another great answer to the question of how do you make money on Tik Tok, and this one is just perfect for influencers on this platform to add another income stream to their earnings from the platform.

So if you’ve already got a substantial following on this platform I would definitely recommend that you develop some kind of branded Tik Tok merchandise that is unique to you. If you’re really popular on the platform your fans will love it.

Remember that the majority of users on this platform are mostly young people and who wouldn’t go for a T-shirt or something like that with something from their favorite Influencer on it. Easy merch ideas also include hoodies, beanie hats, sweatshirts, shorts, etc.

You could start by having your custom shirts done by and you can also sell them right from there or sell from eCommerce websites such as

Tik Tok ads

This is another indirect method to make money. The company recently introduced an advertising platform that you can use to promote your website or services to generate traffic which could likely result in increased sales.

Even though there is a possibility of increasing revenues using this method one should be careful when deciding to use this method.

Primarily because right now running ads on this new advertising platform is a bit expensive when compared to some of the others out there. Typically ads here start at $10 per 1000 views and the minimum spend per advertising campaign is set at $500.

With that said I would recommend that you use due diligence to determine if the products or services you have to advertise have the ability to do well with an audience which is mostly young people.

If you think this advertising platform could work well for you, then you can visit to sign up and start your advertising campaigns.

Tik Tok Compilation on Youtube

Another indirect way to use to make money with this platform. How this works is that you create short compilations of Tik Tok videos that you think Youtubers would find interesting. Then after you’ve done your compilation video you post that to Youtube.

How To Make Money On Tik Tok - Tik Tok Compilations

The way that you earn money from this is via Youtube advertising as with any other Youtube video that can be monetized. There is however one pitfall that you have to avoid if you decide to use this method.

That is the possibility that the Youtube video that you create will not be able to be monetized due to copyright violations in regards to the music that’s on it. Or even if it does get monetized some copyright holder could come along and claim all the money made from the video.

So be careful and make sure that you are not infringing on anyone’s copyrights.


So there you have it folks. 10 great online money gigs that you can use to make money online with this exciting new platform. If you’re not using the platform yet, then there’s no better time to start than right now, today. All you have to do is download the Tik Tok app and create your account to get started.

I can help you with that too. I’ve written a very detailed step by step guide to create Tik Tok account. Go check it out now and create your account.

How To Make Money With TikTok - Create Your Account

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Well, that’s all for now folks, but don’t be a stranger.  Check out the the other posts on this Online Money Gigs website.  The site i all about showing you innovative and successful ways to make money online.

Whether you want to make just a little bit, or you’re looking to make a ton ‘o’ money, we got you covered in these posts and pages.  Browse through the site and i guarantee you’ll find a way to make money online that’s a good fit for you.

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