Starting a blog can be overwhelming, especially with some of the vague advice that’s floating around on the internet about starting a blog along with the dogmatic approach lots of people have to spending money when starting a blog.

This can definitely make you quit thinking about being a blogger and instead start binging on Netflix or other forms of entertainment in order to soothe your sorrows.

However, there is no need to quit.  No need to start that Netflix binge.  It can actually be extremely simple to create your own blog free online and it can be done in a total of just 4 easy steps.  Sounds good, right?  So, let’s see how it’s done.

Advantages of starting a free blog

Besides the obvious ‘no money spent’ advantage, free blogs are also faster and easier to set up. You will find out that it only takes about five minutes or less to get a free blog up and running. These blogs are also extremely functional.

You can create many extensions on your blog and easily upload videos and pictures without a hassle. If your ultimate goal is to earn money online for free, or you just want a blog to express yourself.

Then a free blog is the way to get started.  All this might sound too good to be true, but rest assured that it will be proven once you start your own free blog.

Don’t let vanity decide for you

One of the main reasons people pay for blogs is so their domain name can be more ‘attractive’. If you opt to use a paid plan where you get your own domain name, then your domain name can be ‘’ or whatever you choose once the name is available, but if you choose the free plan, then your domain name will contain the blogging platform’s name, for example, ‘’ Where represents the platforms name.

However, if you choose to pay, then your ‘attractive’ domain name will not improve the success of your blog or your ability to earn money online, rather it’s your content that will affect your success rate online.

Is starting a free blog a good idea?

Create your own blog free online - Good idea

Now, I will not pretend that a free blog is better than a paid blog because that would be ridiculous. Of course, something that is paid for will usually be better than something that’s for free.

However, it does not mean that a blog that is made without investment cannot be set up easily, or be extremely attractive and set up for success.
The most important thing is that you be passionate about your blog and don’t let the shortage of funds stop you from being a blogger.

Steps to be taken

·         Choose a name and a niche

·         Choose a blogging platform

·         Design your blog

·         Make your first post!

It really is that simple.

Choose a name and niche

Some of these steps may seem unnecessary, however, it is imperative that you have a very clear idea of what your blog should represent, so you can design it properly. Your blog’s name should not only be catchy but relevant to your content.

It may be tempting to be vague and edgy, for example choosing the name ‘Tables and Chairs’ for your food blog, it’s catchy but it will not generate a relevant audience to your blog.

Make sure the name shows the potential audience exactly what content your blog contains. However, this does not mean you cannot choose a name that reflects on your aesthetic, just make sure it’s relevant.

Your niche is basically your ‘edge’. If you have chosen a particularly good niche, without too many competitors, then your blog will have a really good chance of success.

Choose a blogging platform
A blogging platform is basically the service that you use to display your posts and pages on the internet in the form of a blog. The most famous of these platforms is WordPress. It is used by approximately 75 million websites around the world.

However, other great platforms like Wix and Blogger are also free and easy to use and it is important that you decide which platform you want to use based on their features and not their popularity.

Two of the best options, in my opinion, are Wix and WordPress, as in terms of ease of use, these are among the best blogging platforms out there. To give you a very clear comparison, I am presenting a table below, and you can choose according to your priorities.

Comparison WordPress & Wix

However, if you still think you need more than these two have on offer.  Then you should go and take a look at the ultimate bloggers’ platform that’s currently available online right now.  This one is guaranteed to please.

Take a few minutes to click here and see what the WA platform has to offer.  Then come back here and we can look at the matter of your blog design.

Design your Blog

After you have chosen the platform you want to use, it is then time to go to their website and set up an account.  No complicated work there, you can even set up by using your Gmail or Facebook account.

If you decided to use Wix you will be presented with two options, one to answer some question so a blog can automatically be set up for you.  The second option will be to start with a template and through easy drag and drop, set up your blog.

I, of course, would recommend the second one, as you can personalize every part of your blog. For maximum customization choose a blank template. Then simply click ‘edit’.

By using the left sidebar menu, you can begin designing your blog. For a background, you can choose to use a video, a picture or a blank colored page. After that, you can add different elements to your blog. Just follow your heart and create your exquisite blog masterpiece.

Create your own blog free online - Wix

If you chose WordPress, you will be asked to choose a name for your domain, for example, You will be presented with many different payment options, so simply choose the one with $0 USD.

Since WordPress does not offer free plugins, it is not possible to fully customize your blog. However, due to the sheer amount of themes present, one is likely to find a suitable design for his/her blog.

When you log into the administrator area, that’s when you can make changes to your blog. It is possible to change your blog template and theme quite easily.

To start working on your design, click on the appearance option on the left menu. This will present you the themes that are available.  Choose the one you like.  Next, you need to install the theme and then activate it.  After that, you can check out your blog to see just how beautiful your theme looks!

Create your own blog free online - WordPress

Make your first post

Now that your blog is up and running on whatever platform you chose, have some fun with it! Your first post can either be a video or a picture, which you can upload and add captions to as well. Or if you are willing to write something right away, simply click ‘Text’ on the Wix or WordPress editor and type away.

Create a post you are passionate about, something that speaks to you. And you are guaranteed to receive an audience that will love it as much as you.

Bonus Step: Research

Even though setting up a free blog is not rocket science, it really does pay off to do your homework such as reading about other bloggers mistakes when they first started a free blog or find out their tricks of the trade, just to ensure that your blog is not just going to be cathartic but also reach a wide audience and be very successful, giving you the opportunity earn money online as well, if you so choose.

That’s it, folks, this is all you need to know about setting up a free online blog. No need to be confused or overwhelmed. If you can work a computer any at all, you can create your own blog free online.  Quickly and easily.

Check out my next post on how you can actually earn money with your free website, and please feel free to offer up your comments to this post.

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