How to create a Twitter account

As I mentioned in my previous post.  Twitter isn’t just a great Social media platform for connecting with your friends and Twitter Social Networkother people who share your interests.

No Twitter is also an awesome tool for connecting your business with your target audience. 

AKA your customers and potential customers.  And there are some great tools to help you to connect, interact and grow this audience.

But more on that later. 

I want to get right into showing you how to create a Twitter account.  So read on.  I’m going to show you how to set up on Twitter and start tweeting.  Whether you’re interested in a personal account or an account for your business. 

So let’s get started

Steps to create a Twitter account

This very simple step by step guide will get you up and running.  Right to the point where you’re ready for your first tweet.

So head on over to
and let’s get started.   Once there click the blue button to Sign Up.

Setup on Twitter - Click Sign Up

Next you are going to enter your name and phone number.  Or you can use your email address instead of a phone number by clicking on Use email instead and inputting your email address.  Make sure to use your correct name and phone number or email address now folks.

When you’re done click on Next, to go on to the next step of the process to create a Twitter account.

I should mention that you are only able to link one Twitter account to a particular email address.  So if you plan to have a personal Twitter account and one for your business you are going to have to register 2 separate Twitter accounts with different email addresses.

Setup on Twitter - Enter Name & Phone

Now Twitter will attempt to verify the phone number or email address you provided.  Look for a text message (if you used your phone) or an email message that contains a verification code.  Enter that verification code and hit Next.

Twitter - Account verification

Ok, you’ve been verified by Twitter.  Now you’re allowed to create a password of your own choosing.  For your Twitter password I would recommend that you use a minimum of 8 characters including at least 1 of each of the following:

Uppercase character

Lowercase character


I would also recommend that you do not use personal information in your password.  No easy to guess dictionary words and no sequences like abcd or 1234

Twitter account password

After you’ve decided on and entered your super secret Twitter password click Next.  After you’ve done that you get to upload a profile picture (you can skip that for now too if you wish to.  Twitter has no problem with that).

If you do decide to upload though, your Twitter profile image size should be 400 x 400 pixels and no more than 2 mb in size.

Twitter profile picture

Now that you have your profile picture locked and loaded (or not), it’s time for a bit of fun.  Let’s see how good you are at this next step.  It’s time to describe yourself in 160 characters or less.

So Ready  – –  Set  – –  Describe…

Twitter description

Let’s start to get you connected on Twitter.  In this step we will upload your contacts.  By doing this you will see which of your contacts already have Twitter accounts, and be able to connect with them. 

However if you’re not sure you’re ready to let your contacts know that you’re a twit  (just kidding), you can skip this step as well.  Click the link that says Not now.

Upload Twitter contacts

Tell Twitter about some of your interests.  The interests that you select here will allow the Social media platform to personalize your experience by selecting other users that you may be interested in connecting with.  Sometimes these can be sports stars, celebrities, companies etc.

Twitter interests

Yeah.  So here are some of the recommendations that can come from the interests you specify.

I forgot to mention that Sports clubs might also be suggested.  So if you’re a barcelona FC fan, or a Kevin Hart fan you can find and follow them.

This will begin to build your Twitter timeline.

Twitter follower suggestions

That’s it.  You’re now a new Twit.  Umm I mean Twitter user.  With a brand spanking new account.  Now that you’ve done it yourself,  why not share the knowledge.  Show one or two of your friends and family how to create a Twitter account for their own personal or business use.

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