Create a Payoneer account - A step-by-step guide

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a Financial Services company that currently provides one of the best global online payment solutions for both private individuals as well as corporate entities who need to make and receive cross border payments internationally.

If you or your business could benefit from services such as these then continue reading to learn how to create a Payoneer account in Jamaica or in any other country, for yourself or your business entity.

But first let’s dig a little bit deeper into the available information about this company.

The company was started back in 2005 and is headquartered in the city of New York in the USA.

Its’ founding father so to speak was a gentleman by the name of Yuval Tal who a couple of years earlier had co-founded E4X which was another successful Internet Payment Solutions Company.

Since inception Payoneers’ business has grown exponentially and today they offer services that are available in over 200 countries denominated in 150 different currencies.

As a result, they have become one of the more popular companies that Freelancers and other online business people choose when they need to make or receive payments online.

Especially in countries like Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, Asian countries and also those countries on the African continent.

Like any other company of this nature users have expressed their likes and their dislikes about what services are on offer and the quality of said services.

Here are some of the points that have been put forward.

Things to like about Payoneer

Get $25 Sign Up Bonus

What’s not to like about the idea of getting a $25 bonus just for creating your own account that’s gonna be a necessity for withdrawing funds received from your online endeavours.

In order to deter any kind of dishonest behaviour the company says you have to receive a certain amount of money to your account before the bonus is paid.  This sounds like business sense on Payoneers’ part to me.

An additional benefit that I should mention here as well is that you will also qualify for this bonus to be paid on any person that you refer to Payoneer that also continues on to create their own account.

No hidden fees or taxes

Payoneer fees are all transparent.  There are no hidden fees or taxes.  This equates to savings for you as compared to using other similar services.

Withdraw funds all over the world

Payoneer is available in over 200 plus countries.  This means that you are able to witdraw your money from Payoneer virtually anywhere in the world

Payoneer Debit Card for ATM use

Payoneer affords it’s users the ability to receive a Mastercard that can be used at ATM machines worldwide.   This is great if you’re travelling outside your country and need to use the ATM.

Available Payoneer Mobile App

The Payoneer app is available for download on Mobile devices running on Android and devices running on the Apple OS

Payoneer Secured Transactions

Payoneer transactions are conducted on a very secure system.  All transactions that occur are encrypted for your protection.

Accepted by Large companies

Payoneer is accepted by some large companies worldwide and the list of these companies is growing year by year.  Some such companies are:





Daily Motion

People Per Hour



Create a Payoneer account - Payoneer Affiliated Companies

Things that are not so cool about Payoneer

Slow customer support

Payoneer is not so fast in this area.  Customer support responses are oftentimes very slow but I have seen that even though they may be slow, they do respond.  Hopefully they will improve this in future.

Annual Charge for MasterCard Debit card

There is a $29.95 fee for the Payoneer card.  This is billed once annually.

How to create a Payoneer account

Your step by step guide

Those were the things that I had to consider before I decided to go ahead and create my very own Payoneer account.  I decided that the advantages far outweighed the possible disadvantages and so I went ahead with the account creation process.

While I was doing this I got to some points where I really wished that I had a guide to follow so that I wouldn’t mess up the process, and I thought to just kinda create a little picture guide that would help someone else by just showing them the necessary steps.  So here below is my step by step guide.  I hope it helps you.

Step 1 – Click on the blue button below

Create a Payoneer Account - In Jamaica Step One

Step 2 – When you clicked the blue button in step 1 a new browser window would have opened.  We will be working with both windows.  You will be checking here to see the image related to each step.  then go to that second window to execute the instructions that i give.

So go to that second window now and you will see a page just like the one in the image below.  On that page click on Sign up & earn $25.  See replica image of the page below.

Create A Payoneer Account - Get Paid Worldwide

Step 3 – Fill in your correct name, email address & date of birth.  Then click Next.  The email address will be used to access your account.  See image below.

Create a Payoneer account - Sign Up Step By Step

Step 4 – Fill in your correct residential address and telephone number.  Then click Next.  See image below.

Create a Payoneer account - Enter your information

Step 5 – Choose a password, security question and enter proper identification.  then click Next.  This information you enter will be used as your Payoneer login information.  See image below.

Create a Payoneer account - Enter Email & NationalityStep 6 – Enter your correct banking details.  Click the 2 boxes to agree to the terms.  Then click Submit.  See image below

Create a Payoneer account - Register a bank account

Step 7 – Go to the email address you used to register.  There should be an email waiting for you, telling you that your application is being reviewed and should take about 3 days to complete verification.

If you do not see the email, then check your email account spam or Junk folder.  See image below for what the email message should look like.

Create a Payoneer account - Application review process

Step 8 – Verify your email address.  Again there should be an email in your inbox.  This time providing a link for you to click in order to verify your email address with Payoneer.  Click on the link that says Verify My Email.

This is an important part of the Payoneer verification process  See the image below

Create a Payoneer account - Email address Verification

Now all you need to do is wait 3 – 5 business days.  By that time you should receive another email address welcoming you to Payoneer.  You could also just try logging in to Payoneer using the email address and the password you gave during the account creation process.

After your account has been reviewed and accepted, your Payoneer login will now become active.  You can then log in and request your Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard.

To do this just click on the Order Card link to the right of your dashboard after you are logged in.  See below for an image of what i’m talking about.

Create a Payoneer account - Order Payoneer Card to do business worldwide

That’s it.  All finished, and i hope i have successfully answered any question that you may have had about How to create a Payoneer account.

This step by step walk-through details the process of creating the Payoneer account.  Any changes that Payoneer may make at a later date to it’s account creation process will not have been addressed here and would therefore be the subject of a later post or an update to this one.

Create a Payoneer account - Best recommendation

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Thank you.

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Larry Morando · at 4:26

Hi Donald,

Great article on the features and how to get signed up for Payoneer.  I’ve seen them come up in online transactions and haven’t had a chance to really look into it yet. so your timely article really helped. I guess we are all open to International transactions and need to be ready for them. I have PayPal but I’m not sure if they accept foreign currency transactions.  I’ll need to check on that. As entrepreneurs, we want to provide convenience for all of our customers. This looks like a good investment as with the $25 signup bonus they are literally offering the first year for free. I bookmarked your article so I can refer to it later.  Thanks for the great review.


    Donald · at 1:38

    Larry, with the Paypal business account you can receive and hold balances in foreign currencies in your account. Payoneer is similar. After you create your Payoneer account you will see that the Payoneer platform supports over 150 currencies worldwide.

Feochadan · at 4:17

I had no idea that Payoneer was accepted and used by so many companies.  This really makes that yearly fee a little more acceptable.  I know that Payoneer is also used with many affiliate programs to pay their commissions.  It’s great that they give a $25 sign up bonus!  I will be keeping my eyes open for this to use in the future.  Thank you for the detailed tutorial, too!

    Donald · at 1:31

    You’re welcome Feochadan.

Audrey · at 4:14


Thanks for your post about on line payments this seems like a great resource especially with so many online B2B transactions. This type of financial services is our future and we all need to understand the value in the directions our world is moving in relating to moving funds.

I know people will benefit from your post.

Best Regard

    Donald · at 1:30

    Thank you Audrey. I’m glad you liked my step by step guide to creating a Payoneer account. It’s good to have access to both Payoneer and Paypal. If you browse through the posts on Online Money Gigs you will see another guide, this time about setting up a free Paypal account.

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