How To Create a Free Paypal Account

Create a free Paypal account in Jamaica

In this post i’m going to show you how to create a free Paypal Account in Jamaica, or in any country over the world that you may reside.  I show you detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow so you get it done.

See the steps below, but let’s take a second so you fully understand What Paypal Is.

Paypal is a US registered company founded in December 1998 that operates as a Global Payment Gateway.  They provide a global payment service which allows both individuals and businesses worldwide the opportunity to transfer funds internationally and send or receive payments for goods or services bought or sold.

The company’s services are used extensively by online businesses to make and receive payments and also by freelancers who provide various services online in exchange for payment deposited to their Paypal account.   Creating your own free Paypal account is a very wise step to take as it also protects your Credit Card information because when you shop or make payments you are not required to enter your card number etc.  If you don’t already have one then follow the steps below to create a free Paypal account.

Steps to create your free account

Step 1 – Go to the Paypal Website

From the Paypal Homepage click on the Sign Up button at the top right of that webpage (there’s a link to the Paypal website home page at the end of this document)

Step 2 – Choose your desired account type.

Here you are given the option to choose between a Personal or a Business account.  Click on the Sign up for free button that appears below your choice of either Personal or Business account

Note here that for Business accounts there will be 2 options.  The first of these options is the Standard Business account and the other one is the Full Business account.

With the Standard Business account you will be able to sell stuff online as a single person business.  You can receive Paypal payments on Ebay, and also accept credit or debit card payments as well.  This account does not attract monthly usage fees and is ideal for Ebayers who buy and sell online
The Full Business account also has the benefits that Premier accounts have, but in addition holders of these accounts can accept bank transfers, utilize special features like Express Checkout and even grant limited access to a number of employees.  Ideally this kind of account is suited for anyone who wants to transact business online on behalf of a company or organization.

Unlike the standard Business account, use of this account will attract a monthly charge from Paypal.

Step 3 – select gender, interests & annual shopping limits

This step might appear a little bit strange to some, but basically Paypal is trying to ascertain a bit about your top 3 interests that you are likely to spend on online and the amount of money you tend to spend on an annual basis.

Step 4 – Enter Country & valid email address

Enter a valid email address at this point because this will be used for verification of your Paypal account and also will be the address where you receive all email communications about your account transactions.  Make sure also to create a very strong password in order to enhance account security.

Step 5 – Enter your personal info

When you get to this point you will be required to enter your personal details for your account creation.  This will include your correct name and street address as well as a valid phone number.  All of this is required information in order to create your account.  Make sure to enter the correct information as entering fraudulent info will definitely cause problems later.

Step 6 – Link your Credit Card and / or Bank Account

At this point you have almost completed the process required to create a free Paypal account.  It is possible to skip this step now and do it later, but that would not be the best thing to do.  You should add the card now because it will be used to authenticate your account and there are also benefits such as the removal of sending limits etc.

When you link your bank account to your Paypal account you will then be able to receive money and have it transferred directly to your local bank account.

Step 7 – Final step.  Verify your account

After you have completed Step 6 above you will have completed the process to create a free paypal account.  There is still one thing to do before your new account is ready to receive funds.  That is to verify your new account by confirming your email.  At this point a “complete your Paypal setup” message would have been sent by Paypal to the email address that you specified during step 4 of the account creation process.

To verify your new account you should log in to this email address and check your inbox for this message from Paypal.  If you don’t see it in your inbox, then you should check your spam folder.

Once the message is found click the “Confirm Email Address” button.  This will take you to Paypal where you will log in to your newly created account.

That’s it.  You have completed the process to create a free Paypal account.

Click the button below to go to Paypal now and create your free account.

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