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I think we can all agree that the internet, AKA cyberspace, the web, the net or whatever other moniker we may choose to give it is the place that we go to for an ever increasing number of very important activities.

This includes our social interactions, entertainment, shopping, our communications, our schooling etc.  Nowadays we are also using the internet for work as well.   It can be a great tool for things like research, but it is actually now used as well for actually finding jobs.

However right now it’s not a level playing field worldwide when it comes to finding jobs online.  Residents in some countries for example the USA, Canada, England can find an online job much easier than someone in Jamaica, other Caribbean or in Africa. 

Hold on a minute.  If you are considering finding legit work online, then do not be discouraged by what I just said.  There are quite a few companies out there that offer the opportunity to find remote work online.  There are also Jamaicans who are literally “killing it” online too.

Today we are featuring one of these companies. 

This one is named Fiverr.  You are going to learn a bit about this company and also you will be taken through detailed step by step instructions on how to create a Fiverr account in Jamaica and the Caribbean.   What you will be creating today is a Fiverr Seller account, which you will then be able to use to create gigs and make money with Fiverr.  More on that later.

Fiverr what?

Yes.  Of course there will be people out there who have never heard the name Fiverr before.  You might even be one of them.  No problem there.  I will be telling you a little bit about this company and providing you with links to resources where you can learn a whole lot more.  Just don’t get lost in a case of paralysis of analysis, ok.

In answer to the question of what is Fiverr?  It’s actually the name of a company.  This company was founded in Tel Aviv Israel in the year 2010, which makes it currently eight years old as we approach the end of 2018.  It provides an online platform that serves as a marketplace for freelancers to offer their services in eight main categories.  

Each of which is further subdivided into numerous subcategories. With a total of about 150 service categories in all, there is a place to fit practically any service on Fiverr.  That is in within reason of course as they won’t accept anything illegal, obscene, pornographic or anything immoral in any way, shape or form.

The platform has grown over time and currently accommodates an estimated two million plus users worldwide offering services in 196 countries, with roughly one million transactions taking place every single month.

They have also grown by virtue of acquisitions, having acquired 2 companies over the past 2 years.  These being VeedMe which is a video creation marketplace that was acquired in 2017 and then in January 2018 And Co was acquired too.  At the time this company’s business was the creation of software for use by Freelancers.

The reality is that Fiverr has grown to become one of the worldwide leaders among companies offering a place for freelancers from all over the world who are looking for a legitimate way to make money online.

Would you like to learn more about Fiverr?  If yes, you can check out the resources here.  Or take a look at some of the Gigs (micro-jobs) that were posted on Fiverr not long ago.  Find some here.

Now let’s look at how to create a fiverr account.  These are the steps as they are at the end of 2018.  Hopefully the following will benefit the peoples of Jamaica and the Caribbean as well as people from other countries around the world.

Steps to create a Fiverr account

Step 1 – Click on the image you see below to go to Fiverrs website.  Once there click on the link “Become A Seller”

Note:  Clicking the image below will take you directly to website in a new browser window.  Just come back to this window to see what you need to do in each step then switch back to the Fiverr window to actually execute the step.

How To Create a Fiverr account

Step 2 –  For this step you need to click on Join or on Become a Seller.  Don’t worry, both links will take you to the exact same place.  Se the image below for a view of what this page will look like.

Online Money Gigs - Create a Fiverr account

Step 3 – To complete this step you will need to choose the account that you want to use for signup on Fiverr.  The options for Facebook or Google will take you to a page where you enter your account information (user name and password) then click on Create Account . 

However for this step by step guide we will be using the third option which utilizes your email address for the signup process at Fiverr. 

Ok then.  Let’s  get started.   What you need to do here now is enter your email address and hiit Continue. 

Note:  My personal choice for email address to use for creating a Fiverr account is a Gmail email address.  Reason being that I find Gmail to be more stable, more reliable and less susceptible to being hacked than the other email service providers.

See the image below for a preview of what this page looks like.

Create a Fiverr account - Choose account

Step 4 – Here you are going to be asked to create your user name and password for the Fiverr platform.  Choose a user name wisely as this will likely be the very first thing that your prospective buyers see.  So choose your desired user name and password.  Then click Join.  See image below.

Step 5 – Make sure to watch the video that should now have popped up on screen.  Michael gives a lot of insights into how to properly create your seller user profile and on selling on Fiverr in general.

Your profile is where you are going to be able to showcase your talent, skills, education, certifications etc.

When creating your profile you should be yourself, make sure to upload a profile picture in order to add a personal touch to your profile.

Be aware that if you close this video intro without watching it, there will be no way to retrieve it.  Therefore the initial information it provides will be lost to you. 

After you’ve finished watching the video.  Click Let’s Go.   See a screenshot of the video window below.  

Next let’s start creating that profile.

Step 6 – In this step you are required to enter some of your personal info.  Nothing to worry about though.  What’s needed is your name, the languages you speak and the upload of a photo of you.  This photo will be your profile photo.

See the image below to get a feel of what this Personal Info page will look like.

Step 7 – Now it’s time to impart some Professional Info.  You need to fill in the following. Your occupation, your skills, education, certifications.  If you have a website for your online freelancing etc., you can give the website address as well.

Don’t be scared off by them requesting all of this information.  You definitely don’t have to have a college degree or high level certifications to make money on Fiverr.  Don’t have to be a computer geek either. 

After you finish signing up, browse through the categories and you’ll see for yourself.  People make money doing lots of low tech and basically no tech stuff on Fiverr.

Check out the image for this step below.

Step 8 – This is the step where you connect any existing account that you have with the following services.  LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Dribble and Stack Overflow  Simply click on the plus sign beside the name of the service you want to connect to and input your user details.  Then click on Allow.

If you followed my recommendation about using a gmail account then make sure you connect to Google here in step 8.  See image related to this step below

Onlinemoneygigs - create a fiverr account

Step 9 – This step is for verifying your email address and your phone number.  Verify your telephone number first.  Click on Verify telephone then enter your telephone number.  Fiverr will send you a text message or call the number that you give.  Whichever option you choose to use the system will generate a verification code which you then have to enter in order to complete the verification process for your phone number.

Now verify your email address.  Click on the option to verify your email and an email message will be sent to your email account.  Go to the account and click on Activate account to verify your email.

See image below

Create a Fiverr account in Jamaica and the Caribbean

Step 10 – After account activation via email you are taken to this page.

See below image

Make money with Fiverr

Step 11 – Click on the link to Complete your profile

See related mage below

Online money gigs - make money with fiverr

Step 12 – Here you can set  your online / offline status or edit your existing public profile.  Remember to save any changes you make.

See image below

Step 13 – Now go to your Dashboard.  See image below for pointers.

Step 14 – From the Dashboard you will be notified of any final tasks that you may need to do to complete the setup of your profile.  In the image below you can see that (1) something else needs to be done with the user profile (2) a security question and answer needs to be setup and (3) we need to get to creating our first gig.

See image

If you are faced with similar tasks to complete, then I would suggest you start with the security question.  Click the link to do so.  Then Click on Set to choose your desired security question from those provided and set the answer that you must provide when Fiverr asks you for it in order to verify that you are indeed to account owner.

Note on User profile completion. – You must edit “What’s your Story In One Line”.  This is located just below your profile photo.  Basically you want to promote your services in 1 line here.  Try to make it something that will attract prospective buyers of your gig.  You have a 70 character limit for your 1 line and your text can only include letters, numbers and the exclamation sign (!) Surprisingly that means no full stops either folks.  I tried it with a full stop at the end of my sentence and it just wouldn’t update.  Make it count.  Woo your prospective buyers with that 1 line.

That’s it.  We have completed the steps to create a Fiverr account.  Now you can go on to create a Gig and begin to make money with Fiverr.  I sincerely hope that these step by step instructions will benefit people worldwide who are seeking legitimate ways to make money online.  Especially those people residing in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

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Sandeep · at 11:40

I have used Fiverr before and have engaged with a web developer for some development work. Also, the quality of work done was very good. There is a system in place for feedback. It is an excellent platform to launch your business and sooner or later you will be contacted by potential clients. The process of signing up with them is critically important and well laid out in the post. Thanks for the informative and enlightening article.


    Donald · at 1:57

    You’re welcome Sandeep, and as you can see from your own personal experience there are very qualified, very talented people on the Fiverr platform.

Gomer · at 11:22

I think this is not only for Jamaicans but for Filipinos too. A lot of people here are opting to work from home instead of the usual work style of traveling to offices since the explosion of the Coronavirus problem. This needs to be shared with my countrymen and I’m sure they will not only like the post but will easily follow the instructions given here on how to create a Fiverr account. Filipinos like this kind of work arrangement, as most people here like working as freelancers. I’m sharing it now to my social media accounts.

    Donald · at 1:55

    Oh yes. Definitely Gomer the opportunity to create a Fiverr account and make some money online is not for Jamaicans only. It is for the people of the Philippines and people from all over the rest of the world too. You are so right too. With the Coronavirus pandemic many people are going to seek to find work online. I would like to help persons to do that and i have written an article that i hope can help persons who have lost their job because of this virus. Click here to see the article.

Julius · at 11:21

Very nice review of the Fiver. I agree with you that the internet nowadays became the place where “all” is happening. Definitely much more like some 10 years ago let’s say. With this in mind, plus the ability to travel is one of the biggest reasons why people are searching for to find suitable online, ideally remote work. I am en EU citizen, so for me, it is hard to imagine that I won’t be able to be suitable for some job because of passport limitations, but I know for some it can be problem, and that is further advantage for every one skilled in some field to search and find a job online. I am sure that your guideline is going to help many people to make an account on fiver and in the end they will be ready to take another step in their career thanks to you. Great job!

    Donald · at 1:47

    I do hope that a lot of people worldwide will find and use this guide to create a Fiverr account. Fiverr is such an amazing website and there are so many very talented people internationally who would just love to hear of a platform like that.

Nuttanee · at 11:21

I love Fiverr, it is a perfect place for me to look for an extra income through fiverr. I am a freelancer and when work is slow I use Fiverr from time to time. Thank you for the tips though. i will have to edit my story into one line. I guess there are many competitors out there so I have to be quick and stand out. Will have to come up with a better line. Thanks again. 

    Donald · at 1:43

    you’re welcome Nuttanee.

Abir · at 11:20

Thank you very much for this useful & informative article about how to create a fiverr account in Jamaica and the Caribbean. I was Thinking about to create a account in fiverr for earn some extra money by online work. Now it’s clear all about my question by this article… 

Thankful to you for this informative article. 

Thanks Again…                     

    Donald · at 1:42

    You’re welcome Abir. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you do create your Fiverr account. Have you decided on what kind of service you are going to offer yet?

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