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Do you consider yourself to be a decent writer?  If so you can make some good money with your writing skills.  Today I’m going to tell you how you can do that and i’m also going to point you to some of the highest paying freelance writing jobs that can be found anywhere in the world.

There are actually many areas that you can make money with your writing.  For instance, if you love to write poems, there’s a market out there for that.   If you’re good at describing things so people get a proper understanding of the item you’re describing there’s a market.  

If you’re an expert at anything at all that people would be interested in learning, there’s a market for that.  And there are so many additional areas where you can make money as a writer.

Writing is big business and you can leverage your writing skills to make money as a freelance writer.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is the process where a self-employed writer will take on contracts with clients who could either be individuals or companies, with the aim of satisfactorily completing assigned writing projects for which the freelance writer will receive monetary compensation from the client.

Freelance writers will typically offer their writing services to many clients.  Therefore, they are likely to be carrying on tasks for more than just one client at any particular time.

As a freelance writer, you have the opportunity to earn a little extra money on the side if you decide to take on freelance writing jobs as an online side hustle.  Or if you decide to make it a full-time business you can earn a substantial online income.  

Online Money Gigs - Freelance writing

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make?

This is one of the questions that every one who is considering becoming a freelance writer will ask before they take the plunge.

It’s also a difficult question to absolutely pin down as different writers will earn different amounts depending on certain factors.  Such factors include the experience level of the writer.  Naturally, the more experience the writer has, the more that he can effectively charge his clients. 

Another factor here is the type of writing you are going to be doing.  Are you going to be writing blog content or other website content?  Are you going to be writing magazine articles or maybe you’re going to be ghostwriting content for a book?

Finally, there is your own determination of how much your work is worth.  That is another key factor in determining just how much you charge your clients.

Average charges for freelance writing jobs should fall within the following ranges.

For writing blog articles and other web content charges should fall within the range of $10 – $60 USD per article, taking into account the number of words to be written and whether or not SEO content is to be included or not.

If writing for e-books a freelancer can charge between $10 – $30 USD per page

When writing magazine articles the charges can range from $500 to about $2000 USD

For web related news articles you can charge between $15 – $50 USD

Like i mentioned before, if you’re doing this on a full-time basis you can see decent money.   As an example writers who work with The Motley Fool are said to get paid a minimum of $62,000 and up to $95,000 per year.  Of course, some freelance writers still make a lot more per year than even those figures.

Highest Paying Freelance Writing Jobs.

Aside from writing for the Motley Fool, here are some of the places that one can go to find the best-paying jobs for freelancers.  Some of these writing gigs are even available for international freelancers anywhere in the world.
– Motorhome is an online lifestyle magazine that caters to motorhome enthusiasts with articles onsite covering such topics as travel, motorhome tech, and gear and the motorhome lifestyle itself.  

They pay their writers between $100 to $900 USD per manuscript that is accepted for publication by the magazine.

See how much Motorhome pays writers

A List Apart – This webzine is always looking for new writers.  Their target audience is people who make websites and their content is intended to explore the design, development, and meaning of web content with focus placed on best practices and web standards.

They have been paying writers anywhere between $50 to $200 for writing web content articles that fall in the range of 600 to 2500 words.

Vibrant Life – To put it simply.  This is a health magazine with a difference.  They aim is to help people to live more abundantly by providing necessary information and encouragement with a spiritual inclination.   

Writers submit articles of 450 to 1000 words in length and get paid between $100 and $300 for articles that are accepted for publication.    

TheContentAuthority – Content Authority pays freelance workers from all over the world based on the number of words written.  To get started you need to sign up as a writer and submit a writing sample.  

After you’re accepted to the program you will then be able to choose from projects at your writing level.  Writers at Content Authority can undertake projects that include, ebook ghostwriting, copyrighting, article marketing, writing press releases and writing for social engagement. – At Asia Writers freelance writers can to earn up to $30 per page of written content.  Opportunities available for freelancers include writing for research, presentations, proofreading opportunities, resume writing and writing for academic papers.Highest paying freelance writing jobs

The company’s goal includes a promise to produce competent and well researched academic papers on any topic.  Because of this, they strive to recruit writers who are highly proficient at writing in the English language. – IWriter claims to have links to thousands of freelance writers worldwide and says it’s the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have web content written for websites.

As a writer, you can expect to get paid 65% of the amount charged by iWriter for each article you write.  Writers are placed in 4 levels depending on the quality of their writing.  These levels are Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus.  As a Standard level writer, you can earn $25.35 for a 500 word article  – This company employs writers in 24 countries and the stated mission is pairing the best clients with the best content writers.  

When you are a writer with Scripted you should earn an average of over ten cents per word.  That means on average a writer will earn $50 for a 500 word article, or $100 for $1000 words

Some of the 24 countries from which Scripted accepts writers are:  

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Sweden, and Portugal.  Please visit the website to find a complete list of countries. – As the name suggests this one is all about woodworking and wood craftsmanship.  If you are knowledgeable about this field and able to write on any or all aspects of the craft. 

For example expertise regarding the proper use of tools, woodworking techniques or woodworking projects would make this one of the perfect freelance job ideas for an individual who commands such knowledge or skills.

Such a specialist writer for Popular Woodworking can earn up to $250 for a 600 word long article if accepted.

List of writing skills for a freelance writer

There are certain things that every freelance writer needs to know how to do, and skills that they need to have to succeed as a content writer.  No matter what area of freelance writing they are involved with.

Some of these i consider to be “must haves” meaning that every writer must have the skill or be able to do the tasks.  Others would be considered supplementary skills.  Basically, things that it would be good to know because it can help you with what you do.

Must have skills and required knowledge

A developed writing habit – To cultivate this you should practice writing whenever you have some time to spare. Make writing a habit. If you’re a beginner then practice writing a 450 word piece. then once comfortable there increase your word count. 

Let’s say try for 800, then once comfortable again aim for 1000. Continue in this way until you’re comfortable with articles of 2000 words or more. But don’t stop there. Continue to improve and strengthen the habit.

Mentors and peers – Join a community with fellow writers. Make friends and mingle with others of like mind. This will help in those times if you ever get to feeling that you’re doing something wrong, or feeling that writing is hard. Or any other kind of obstacle that your subconscious mind throws up at you as the writing habit begins to take hold in your psyche. This is just your subconscious bucking at the creation of a new habit that will likely benefit you for life. An attempt to stay within its comfort zone. As the very popular saying goes. No man is an island.

Mentoring for Freelance Writing

Researcher skills – It makes no sense just going off half-cocked on your next blog post or writing assignment. Do some research on your chosen topic, create a framework for what you are going to write. Include the headlines you want in the article. Create a natural progression. Once you have your framework and your research done, writing your next piece will be so much easier and much more fun.

Ability to market your freelance writing business – As an up and coming freelance writer you are going to need to be able to market your skills.  You can start to do this for free when you are just starting out.  For example, you can market yourself on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Join groups on Facebook and include mention of your business in your Instagram and Twitter bio.  Then post short, interesting little ads via text and pictures on all these platforms.

Another way to get your name out  there on the world wide web is to join discussion groups and forums.  Especially ones related to your chosen business.  

Make mention of your business in the bio here as well, and try your best to be helpful to as many other members as possible by answering their questions and 

Supplementary skills for freelance writers

Understanding of and ability to write for SEO – Freelancers who are able to win the highest paying freelance writing jobs should have an understanding of just what SEO means and possess the ability to write in such a way as to maximize the SEO potential of their copy without affecting the quality of the work they produce.  


Freelance writing and SEO

Some graphic design skills – Having even a basic understanding of graphic design can help to make writers more marketable and can increase what they can charge for their services.  

Content writers also may have to collaborate or partner with an expert graphic designer and at such times an understanding of the fundamentals will make it easier for you to format content to make it fairly easy for the designer to work with.

Knowledge of WordPress – Sometimes you may be hired as a content writer and given access to post content to a WordPress blog.  For this, you need to know about the WordPress Content Management System in case you need to do things like edit the text of your post or add images, etc. 

Apart from that, a knowledge of how to install and use plugins will mean you can also do things like add metadata using an SEO Plugin, or place your new blog post into a certain category or subcategory, add a Table of Contents to give your readers a better user experience while on the website, etc.

Where can you learn Freelance writing

If you have an interest in learning what you need to know to succeed online with WordPress, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, buying and selling web properties, selling expert services or running a successful blog, then i know of just the place for you.


Freelance writing can be a very interesting and lucrative career if you decide to take on the challenge as a career choice, and if you really have a love for writing you will quite likely experience that sense of fulfillment that comes from doing a job that you truly love.

While the job opportunities listed here represent some of the highest paying freelance writing jobs to be found, they are really just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the myriad of opportunities that are available for an experienced freelance writer in many countries around the world. 

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