The Wish App.  Your Gateway to savings And More

Have you ever heard of the Wish App?

Wish is a trending e-commerce platform that has its own shopping app.  It’s the brainchild of Piotr Szulczewski who at one time was an employee of Google and Danny Zhang who used to work at Yahoo.

The two joined forces and founded a company named ContextLogic in 2010, and came about as a product of their efforts at ContextLogic..

In basic terms Wish is a global online marketplace that provides an internet-based platform that facilitates commerce between buyers and sellers all over the world.

Using Wish, you are able to make purchases and receive your purchased items wherever you are on the globe.  Whether you are in South Africa, in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, Asia, the Pacific region or anywhere else in the world.

Wish has even launched its own shipping service.  Called WishPost it is a joint venture between Wish and China Post.  Created exclusively to deal with the shipping of purchases from Wish merchants to their end-user customers worldwide.

WishPost even provides shipping to the smaller countries of the world including small nations such as Jamaica, Seychelles, the Maldives, Grenada, Antigua, and Tonga.  Visit this page if you want to see whether your country is included in the worldwide Wish Shipping List or not.

If you hadn’t heard of this platform and the app that goes with it before now, then you have been truly missing out.  Wish is the place where you get almost impossible discounts on a wide selection of great items.

I’m telling you.  Honestly, i’m amazed every day that i open the phone app version of Wish and look at the deals i see there.

Simply crazy deals i tell you.

Wish App Items For Sale

My friends and i have bought a few items off of Wish already and they were delivered to us in every case without any damage during shipping,  Items of great quality too, and just take a look at the dirt-cheap prices of the stuff in the picture above.

When i tell you that you will be able to buy stuff for cheap on Wish.  That picture gives you an example of just what i meant.

As you can see for yourself.  When you create an account and shop on the Wish website or using the Wish App you are going to be able to get stuff dirt cheap for yourself, your family and your friends.  That’s all well and good, but…

What i am going to say to you next just might come as a big surprise to you.

I want to let you know that Wish is not just a great place for you to go to find great products at the cheapest possible prices.  Yes being able to do that is really cool i know, but this is just as good or even better.

You can make money with Wish.

Yes, you can make some money by leveraging Wish to do your own business, and it’s actually quite easy to start to make money with Wish using either the website or the app.  I’m going to show you a few ways that you can start making money online very quickly and easily with this global ecommerce business platform.

Ways To Make Money With Wish

Buy On Wish & Resell To People In Your Circles

Some of the items on Wish present great potential for you to make a profit from selling them.  There are even items on sale for as little as $1.  So here’s the first way you can make money with this online ecommerce platform.

What i propose is that you scour the Wish site to find items that you believe will sell well in your area,

Once you have found a few such items.  Choose the one that you believe is the best among them.  The one you think is easiest to sell.  This is the one you are going to start your business with.

Now, buy a few of the items.  I recommend a quantity of between 1 to 5 to start off with to test the viability.

When the items arrive then it’s time to market them to your friends etc.  Show them around to your friends and acquaintances.   Tell them about what your item can do for them.

To help with your marketing efforts you could take one of your items and use it yourself,  Let people see the virtues of having the item and some people will follow you and make a purchase from you so they can have one for themselves.

When you’ve sold these test products, the next time you can buy more with the money you’ve made.  Over time more and more people will hear that you have that item for sale and your business will grow if you manage it properly and understand the importance of patience in growing a business..

As the business grows and matures you can incorporate new methods of marketing.  Such as advertising in the local newspapers, also posting information and pictures about them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I know of persons in Jamaica today who are using this means to make money online with Wish, and they do this even without having a credit card.

Make purchases in Jamaica Without a Credit Card

In order to do this kind of business in Jamaica without a credit card, what these people do is to approach one of the local banking institutions.  In this case, it was either Sagicor Bank or National Commercial Bank.  I’m not completely sure which one they used at the time but i do know that both of them now offer the kind of card i’m going to tell you about next..

So they approached one of the local banks and requested an International MyCash Debit / Credit card which would allow them to transact business overseas.

With this card, you are able to benefit from the convenience you get from a credit card.  In regards to being able to make online purchases.  But instead of borrowing money from the bank like you basically do with a credit card, you will be using your own funds that you deposit onto the card for this purpose.

Once they had that card in hand they were able to register this card as their payment method at Wish.  Once that step had been taken they could go shop on Wish.  Find the item they wanted to buy using the Wish app and place it into their shopping cart.  Then deposit the funds needed to make the payment onto the card.

As soon as that step was taken they could then finish their shopping experience by going to their Wish cart and making the payment for the items being bought.

Then all they have to do is sit back and wait for their package(s) to arrive as Wish is one of those International online shopping sites that ship to Jamaica.  It’s possible to even use the Jamaica Post services and have your package delivered to you by one of your local Jamaica Post representatives.

Using the Wish website or app and your local postal services this method of making money online can be emulated in any country that you live in worldwide.

You Can Make Money Selling On Wish

Wish is one of the top online marketplaces today primarily because of the huge discounts on prices that buyers can take advantage of when they buy on this platform.

As a result, a lot of bargain hunters flock to this marketplace looking for savings on purchases.  This has its pros and cons for a prospective seller.  For example, huge discounts mean less of a profit margin for sellers on Wish as opposed to other marketplaces where similar items sell for higher prices.

However, on the flip side, there is the fact that because of the cheaper prices a lot more people will flock to Wish to find bargains.  This will benefit sellers because they can sell larger quantities due to the large influx of buyers.  So sellers sell at cheaper prices but benefit from a larger volume of sales.

If you want to start selling on Wish, there are a few things you need to know.

How To Sell On Wish

With an estimated 75 million users visiting Wish each month.  The platform has the potential to provide a lucrative source of income for those people who have an active Wish Seller Account.

To open your own Wish seller account and begin to sell on Wish, you first need to visit the platform and take an in-depth look at the products that are being sold there.  This is to help you to decide on what you yourself are going to want to sell on the platform.

Once you’ve made your decision about what to sell, the next step to take is to visit the Wish Merchant page to open your Wish Merchant Account.   Please take care though to be certain of the name you want to use as your Wish store name, because once it is set.  It cannot be changed.

Creation of your seller account is free, but they do charge a fee which is a percentage of the list price when you sell an item

Make Money With Wish Dropshipping

The items available to buy on are perfect for Dropshipping.  The cheap purchase price at which you can get the goods means that as a Dropshipper you are able to pass some of these savings on to your dropshipping customers.  This, in turn, can mean more customers drawn to your online store because of the price benefits you can offer.

For you to do dropshipping from Wish, you should first set up your own online e-commerce store.  I don’t mean a store as mentioned above under the heading “How To Sell On Wish”  I’m talking about creating your own WordPress website and setting it up as a store.


You might think this is super technical to do.  And you’re right it usually is, and also very expensive.  But don’t worry.  You can learn to create your own e-commerce store business and be up and running very quickly.  I tell you how you can learn to do all that at the end of this article.


Once you have your own online store up and running you can add the products you want to sell from the Wish app using the selling price that you decide on.  That’s using the price that you will purchase the item at plus your own markup to determine your final price to the customer.

You can also use the product images on Wish for the items you are listing in your store.

There is one thing about dropshipping on Wish that you must remember to inform your customers about, and that is the fact that shipping takes some time.

Because wish does not offer e-packet shipping as a shipping option your customers’ purchases are going to take a bit longer to get to them.  As a result of this, you need to inform customers upfront that it will take on average between 2 – 6 weeks for them to receive their purchased products in whatever country they live.

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Pablo · at 1:41

Interesting post. I never heard of this particular website before. I have bought from the chinese site Aliexpress before though. Products I bought were ok. Do you know anything about the quality of the products they sell on Wish?
Have to be careful where you buy from in China cause some chinese stuff is pure rubbish.

    Donald · at 4:45

    Yes Pablo. I know what you mean. I have bought from Aliexpress as well and what i got was ok. I have also bought stuff on Wish and i received good quality stuff as well. The key is to carefully select what you buy on these sites. If the item looks like low quality or you can see from the description that it’s made from inferior material then stay away from purchasing that sort of stuff.
    From my own experiences with the Wish site i would say you can make purchases but just be careful and make sure to carefully read the item descriptions.

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