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The social networking platform that we know as Instagram currently allows users to create 2 types of accounts.  Personal accounts and Business accounts.  Each user is allowed to have a maximum of 5 accounts on a device (mobile phone).  This means that one can have 5 personal accounts or 5 business accounts or any combination of business and personal accounts up to the above stated maximum on any 1 phone.  Instagram business

There is a stipulation though, that each account must be created with a different email address.  Below i will take you step by step through the process to create a Instagram business account.

If you only want to create a Instagram personal account then this is still the article for you as the steps to do this are also covered below.  So read on and let’s get you started with your own freshly minted IG account.

In order to create a new personal Instagram account please follow steps 1 to 8 as detailed below, or go all the way through the steps in order to create your new business account.

Ok then.  Let’s get started so we can have you up and running as soon as possible.

First thing’s first:  Download and install Instagram

Reach for your phone and go to Play Store .  If you’re using an Android phone.  Or go to the App Store on your iPhone.  Whichever type of phone you’re using, find and download the Instagram App.

Step 1

When the App has finished downloading.  Open it up and you will be presented with 2 options.  The first one to Log In with your Facebook account and the second one to Sign up with an email address or telephone number (for Android phone users) or Create new account (for iPhone users).

Select the option to Sign up with email address or telephone number on your Android phone or Create new account on your iPhone.   We will be using our email address as our account creation method for this tutorial.

Create Instagram Business Account

Step 2

Click on Email and enter the email address that you want to use. Then click Next. I personally prefer to use a Gmail email account for this process as among other things I like the security features that are available with Gmail.

Instagram business account email

Click allow to give Instagram access to your SMS messages. You can modify this setting later if you so choose. See image.

Welcome to Instagram
Click Next when you get to this screen below.  Then we will allow Instagram to Access your contacts in step 3.  Again you can revoke or modify this permission setting later if you wish

Step 3

Instagram now presents you with a list of current Instagram users who are in your phone’s contacts. Click Follow for the users you want to connect with on Instagram or click Follow All to follow all of the contacts that you see there. Then click Next.

Create Instagram account

Instagram account - Facebook login

Step 4

The app now requires you to log into Facebook to add Facebook Contacts. See image above. You definitely have to connect to Facebook if you are going to create a business account. Enter your login information and click login, or create a new Facebook account if you don’t already have one.
As you proceed you may be asked to confirm your identity.

Step 5

Add a profile photo. Choose a profile photo from the existing photo library on your device or choose Take Photo to take a new one right now to use as your profile photo.

Add Instagram profile photo

Step 6

Save your login info. If you wish. Or click Skip. What you choose to do here is totally up to you. If you like the convenience of having your log in details saved on the phone so you don’t have to enter them every time you log in to the IG app then you should definitely go ahead and save.

Instagram account - Save login

Step 7

Now you should see the Welcome to Instagram screen. Just a few more things to do from this point on before completion.

online money gigs - Welcome to Instagram

Step 8

It’s time to complete your profile.  To begin this process click the account icon (that’s the little icon that’s kinda shaped like a person and it’s located in the bottom right corner of the screen)

complete your Instagram business account profile

Click on Edit Profile or Complete Your Profile and enter the necessary information to complete your details.  Making sure to include your website and Bio details.  If you are creating a business profile then this is very important to creating a winning business account.

Learn more about earning with your IG business account.

Activate your Instagram business account

Step 9

From here on it’s all about the Business profile. Click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top of your phone’s screen. Then click on the Settings gear icon at the bottom of the screen. Then scroll down and click on Sign up for a Business Profile.

Click on convert existing account.  See image below

Step 10

Choose the category and subcategory that best describes your business, and then click next

Instagram business account - choose categories

Step 11

Confirm your business phone number and click on next

Step 12

Connect to your Facebook business page.  If you were already connected to Facebook on your phone you will be shown a list of any business pages you have on your Facebook account.  Choose the one you want to connect to.  You can choose not to connect but if you select that option then an anonymous Facebook business page will be automatically created for you. 

When done you will be taken to your business profile page.  After a few posts etc. your profile page should begin to look like the one below for

Online Money Gigs - Instagram Business account profile

And that’s it.  You’ve just finished the task to create a Instagram Business account.

I hope you found this post informative and helpful.  Please feel free to offer your insights on the use of Instagrams business profile feature or on Instagram in general.

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Raoul · at 6:58

Hi Donald, great step-by-step tutorial, thanks for taking the time to put it online! All the best with your site!

    Donald · at 8:22

    Thank you Raoul. I’m happy that you liked the post. If you have any questions about this or any other posts. Please feel free to ask.

Tekyia · at 10:30

Very nice detailed post here! Anyone having trouble setting up a business account should refer to this. You have made it so easy.

If I wanted to keep my personal account and use it for business purposes would that be ok? You mentioned that I need facebook in order to set up a business account. What if I don’t use or don’t want to use facebook?

    Donald · at 7:13

    Glad you liked the post Tekyia. To answer your questions. Yes you can use your personal account to promote your business on Instagram. The problem is you won’t have access to helpful features such as Instagram Analytics and the ability to run ads on Instagram.
    In regards to Facebook being required to create a Instagram business account. Yes you can create a business account without Facebook. However, Instagram is going to create a Facebook page for you using your Instagram name. You then have the option to claim the page or not, and there are no consequences if you don’t.

Selenity Jade · at 10:09

Excellent tutorial! I don’t really use Instagram in personal life, though I have an account. I plan on creating a Facebook page eventually and know how to do that, but never knew how to do it on Instagram. 

Excellent tutorial to refer to that anyone doing freelancing or gigs or their own business needs. Instagram market is HUGE asset, even if it’s not my preferred social network, people really need it to get their business exposure. Thank you!!

    Donald · at 7:19

    You’re welcome Selenity Jade. I hope you do make the decision in future to use Instagram for your business, and if you do then you will be able to just link that Facebook page you had created to Instagram. You wouldn’t have to create a new page.

Seun Afotanju · at 10:08

Thanks for guiding me through open my first instagram business account  this post helped me and I felt like you held my hand and led me all the way,  it was as easy as nothing I even  felt like I have done it before now whereas I have done nothing of such Thanks for an amazing guide. 

    Donald · at 7:20

    You’re most welcome Seun. I wish you lots of success with your Instagram business account.

Kris · at 10:07

I have a business account and it is great, the insights you get from it like where people are from, sex types, times of day that are best, days of the week that are best engagement, likes, dislikes, comments etc.

This is all great data so that you can target your campaigns better to your audience and create a more engaging business for your loyal followers.

Do you have a business account?  I found your article to be really helpful for newbies who are having trouble getting set up.  It’s great when people help each other out in life, like helpful tutorials.  Thanks for the great article.

    Donald · at 7:24

    Oh yes Kris. I definitely do have a business account and i’ve been using it to help me reach more people with my online business. Like you i think a business account is a great tool for people doing business.

Tina · at 10:06


It is funny that I came across your post about Instagram as I was just looking at my personal profile just a little while ago. I’ve barely been on this thing in the last year but since I started my online business, I’ve been looking into other social media networks to tap into. So far I find Pinterest the most helpful so I thought Instagram might be also work for me since it is very visually centered as well. 

Your tutorial is very easy to follow so I set up my Instagram business account as I followed along. Here’s hoping that Instagram will be as effective as Pinterest. Thanks for your help!

    Donald · at 8:14

    Glad i could help Tina, and welcome to the world of Instagram Business

Michele · at 10:04

Hi Donald – I am probably one of the few people who does not have an Instagram account, let alone an Instagram business account.  Your step by step instructions are easy to follow and informative.  I will look into creating one of each types of account.  What are some of the benefits you would say are to having an Instagram business account?

Thanks again for the information, nice job.


    Donald · at 8:00

    Hello Michele. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I believe you should think about creating a Instagram business account. Some of the benefits that you will get that you wouldn’t have with a personal account include:
    A Contact button that will give users the ability to email you, call you or find your location on a map
    Analytics tool which will give you insights into the number of people who view your profile or take some kind of action on your posts. Also their ages and locations as well among other things.

    The ability to create Instagram ads to increase your ability to reach a larger audience

Hollie Rose · at 10:02

Thanks for your very clear tutorial, when I started with Instagram I could have done with this because honestly, it was really confusing! 

I have had a regular Instagram account for my business for about 2 years now. Instagram keep asking me if I want to switch to a business account. However, I once read somewhere that your posts are more likely to appear on other people’s feeds if you have a regular account. Do you know anything about that?

    Donald · at 8:11

    Hi Hollie Rose. I hope i’ve helped to clear up a bit of the confusion about Instagram. I must admit though that this is the first time that I’ve ever heard of the possibility that posts from regular accounts are more likely to appear on other peoples feeds. I’m going to have to look to see if that’s a fact. I kinda doubt that it is though.

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