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Would you be interested in making money online while at the same time providing a valuable service?  Well, website user experience testing is one way to achieve both goals, and you can actually earn decent money online doing it.  

In this article you are going to learn where you can go online to earn $50 an hour with website testing gigs, and this is a worldwide available opportunity.  If you’ve been reading the articles on my site you would have noticed that i like to showcase opportunities that are available in multiple countries whenever i come across them.

This is one such globally available opportunity and all you have to do to earn that money is answer some website user experience survey questions and submit your feedback for the company to use.

I’ve discovered almost 20 websites that offer to pay for website user experience testing and what i’m going to show you here are the best ones out of the lot.  The  crème de la crème so to speak.

Why would a company pay to test websites?

It’s kinda like this.  When a company has a website built in order to give their business a presence in the cyber world they do so with the aim of increasing their reach and market share.

It is therefore very important for them to know if the website is in proper alignment to the needs of the company’s target audience online.  Making sure that the visitors user experience is a good one while they are on the site.  If website visitors have a good experience when they visit a companys site then it is quite likely they will come back to visit again.

Quite a few large companies use website testers to gain feedback about how user friendly their website is and what issues there are if any.

Such companies include the likes of StubHub, Google, Amazon, Liberty Mutual, Microsoft, Uber and Symantec among others.Why employ website UX testers

How does this work?

Typically a company will contract with another company who is in the business of providing website testing or app testing services.  The company providing the service will have a number of individuals who have agreed to test websites and submit feedback for monetary compensation.

So company A contracts company B to do this user testing on its website.  Company B then contacts suitable website testers asking them to carry out tests and then submit feedback

Once the task has been completed and the evaluation submitted and accepted then the evaluator is eligible for payment.

Which companies offer this opportunity?

As i mentioned earlier i found almost 20 companies out there that offer this kind of opportunity in some way.  I’ve done quite extensive research on them and that research has guided me to a few that i believe represent the best choices.  I tell you about these companies below.


Validately was founded in 2013 in New York, U.S.A.  It’s a Market Research company and it’s stated mission is to help companies to build products that their customers will love.

Validately was designed to bring 2 categories of internet users together.  One category being the big corporations and other online businesses who want to create new websites and need to check to make sure the new site is as user friendly as possible.  Also included in this category are those businesses who want to check to make sure their existing site provides the best user experience.

The second category is made up of those internet users worldwide who seek ways that allow them to earn money online by providing a service.   

With Validately you can provide such a service by testing the websites of the client companies and submitting your feedback.

It is easy to sign up with Validately as a tester and it is totally free for those who want to try this out as an online gig.  There are however a few requirements as follows.

To qualify to become a tester you must be at least 18 years of age.

You must have high speed internet and be able to communicate in english.

Your computer must have a microphone or alternatively you can use an Apple or Android Smartphone for doing mobile studies.

You must use Google chrome and you also must have a Paypal account

Finally as a part of the sign up process you will have to take a screener test.  This test will be used to determine how well you are able to perform.  As well as to determine if the computer you’re using and your internet speed and microphone are at the standard required by the company.

Once you’ve completed the entire sign up process as a user experience tester with Validately the company will start to send you tests based on the criteria that you’ve specified during sign up.   Tests are usually sent via email.

Payments are made via Paypal within 7 business days after you have completed a test and the money you earn will vary depending on the test, but according to Validately many of their studies will pay in the $100 range for a live remote research session.

There are basically 2 types of tests that are available to you on Validately.  These are moderated tests and unmoderated tests.  Validately Website User Experience Testers

For an unmoderated tests the minimum payment is usually $10 to $15 for a 10 minute to 15 minute session.  Therefore if you get to do 4 unmoderated tests in an hour you will generate income of between $40 to $60 dollars minimum.

With the moderated live tests you will usually be speaking via webcam on your device and doing screen shares with a moderator.  For these sessions you will get paid a minimum of $25 for each 30 minute session.

If you like what you’ve heard about Validately and would like to get started as a tester, you can do so by clicking here to visit the website.

Once on the site click the Get Paid To Test link at the top of the main page and then click on Start Making Money on the page that loads.  Then on the next page click on Create an Account.

Fill in the necessary information.  Take and pass the screener test and that’s it.  You’re in.


UserTesting is possibly the biggest website for finding work online as a website user experience tester..  They don’t only deal with website testing though.  You can get gigs to test apps and games as well when you sign up as a tester here.

The company was founded back in 2007 by Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr.  

What this company does is provide a platform where other companies can get their products tested to see how they perform when a user interacts with them 

According to User Testing, Great customer experience start with human insight.  So my guess is that they aim to provide that human insight through the interaction of their registered testers and the websites, apps or games of the client companies.

The client companies benefit because their developers get insights about how their apps, game or website will behave before and even after it’s officially rolled out to the general public for use.

If you become a part of the User Testing team of UX testers you can expect to earn $10 per test which can last for up to 20 minutes.  There are also shorter tests that you can do for which you will be paid $3.  Payments for completed tests are usually made within 1 week and you will receive your payments in your linked PayPal account.

If you are interested in becoming a tester then as a part of the sign up process you will be required to take a test to verify that you and your computer etc meet the requirements of the company.

Additionally, if you are accepted to the program you are also going to be required to install some software on your computer or phone that is going to enable the company to record your screen while you work through the series of tasks that you are asked to do as a part of the weebsite or app testing.  

This is how your feedback is collected in order to help the client to improve the project for which you are a part of the UX testing team.

Note:  I have not provided a link to the sign up page at UserTesting because when i last checked a day ago they were stating that for the moment they already had all the testers that they needed.  My guess is that this situation will change in the near future and they will again open the doors to take on new testers.

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