Create Tik Tok account

I believe everyone who uses social media must have heard of Tik Tok by now.  I am going to look at the steps needed to create Tik Tok account for those who are interested in logging on to this new social media craze that is sweeping both the young and the old alike.

Especially in this current crisis that we find ourselves in the opportunity to watch some funny Tik Tok videos and have a hearty laugh provides much-needed stress relief as we hunker down waiting for this situation to pass, and for those amongst us who do not have one of those fancy Smartphones.  I’m here to tell you that you can view these videos as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.  

Once you have those you won’t be left out of the fun.  So let’s do this.  Let’s create an account.

Create Tik Tok account

Before I get into how we create an account on Tik Tok I must first tell you guys that there’s an age restriction for those who want to create their account.  Most people will not have to worry about it though, but young people who are under the age of 12 years old are out of luck.  Yes, youngsters, you have to be 12 years old or older to create an account.

Ok with that little age restriction scenario out of the way let’s move on to how we actually create an account.  The first thing you need to do is get out that smartphone and go to Google Play store if you’re using an Android phone, or the App Store if you’re on an iPhone.  Once you get there we are going to:

Download the Tik Tok app

To download the app search Google Play or the App Store for the Tik Tok app.  Once you’ve found it tap the button for Install.  Doing this will then download the app.  Once it’s finished downloading you need to tap on the Open button to open the app.

Create Tik Tok Account - Steps 1 - 2

When the app opens you can then Choose your interests, or if you’re not ready to make the choices as yet you can choose the option to skip this step.  If you make the decision to skip you need to tap the word skip.  That’s to be found in the area at the top right of your screen.

Whether you chose to make selections or to skip that activity, for now, you will now be taken to the screen below.

Create Tik Tok account - Start Watching

There’s only one thing that you can do when you get to this screen.  That’s to tap that big red button that says Start watching.  After you’ve done that you can begin to watch Tik Tok videos right away if you want to.  Just swipe up to move from video to video.

Create Tik Tok Account - Tap On Me

Then, when you’re ready to continue creating your account tap the word “Me” at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on Sign Up. You now have a variety of options available to use to sign up. You can use your phone number or email address, your FaceBook account, Google account or your Twitter account.  

Let’s use the email option for this example.   

Create Tik Tok Account - Choose Sign Up Method

So tap the option on the screen for email or phone and you are taken to a screen where you enter your date of birth. Then tap the arrow at the bottom right to continue. Next tap Email to use the email option (tap phone and enter your phone number if you want to go that route instead).  

When you’re done tap the arrow at the bottom right of the screen again to continue. You are going to get a little puzzle for Tik Tok verification. So complete that. Next type a password that you want to use. Try to use a strong password that will be hard for anyone to guess in order to properly secure your account.

Create Tik Tok account - Verification Puzzle

The app will now take you back to the videos and you can continue watching.

Create Tik Tok account - Continue watching

There is now only 1 final step that you need to take.  The app doesn’t mention it really but it will have sent you an email at the email account that you have used for sign up.  Please log in to that email account and look for a Tik Tok email.  Open that email and click the red verification link.  Check the image below to see what that email link looks like.

Create Tik Tok account - Verify email

Tik Tok on the PC

I bet that there’s going to be a couple of people who are going to read the subheading above and ask themselves “Can I use Tik Tok on my computer?” Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, you can actually use Tik Tok on the computer. No kidding.

I know that this app was designed to be used on a smartphone and not a computer. However, there are now ways that you can utilize to be able to watch the funny videos right from your computer. I’m going to introduce you to two methods that I know of.

The first method is quite simple actually. It turns out that the company has a website that you can visit to watch the trending Tik Tok videos posted by the community. That’s about all you can do on the website though. Watch trending videos from the home page, and discover new ones from the suggested accounts listed.

You can’t create a Tik Toc account and can’t follow Tik Tok accounts or anything like that either. So if you’re cool with that and just want to use the website to view funny videos in this way then all you have to do is go to the official Tik Tok website and have fun. No sign up needed or anything like that. Just watch and have fun.

The second method I have for you is not as easy as that first one I just gave, but it will give you more functionality in terms of what you can do on Tik Tok from your Windows or Mac computer.

In order to get the app to work on the PC in the way I’m talking about you need to have what’s called an emulator. What this emulator does is make your computer operate in a similar way to how your smartphone operates. This allows you to download and run the apps that you are usually only able to use on your Android phone. Apps like Tik Tok.

Learn how to do other cool stuff on your computers and smart phone. Click here.

Here’s how to install Tik Tok

The emulator that we are going to use is called BlueStacks, and another great thing is that BlueStacks runs on Mac computers too. Allowing Mac users to experience what it’s like to be using an Android phone. Let’s get started then. Because we’re going to be running Tik Tok on BlueStacks I think I’ll call this installation the BlueStacks Tik Tok. 🙂

Create a Tik Tok account - Download BlueStacks

The first step is to download and install BlueStacks on your computer. To do that for both Windows and Mac computers you go to the Bluestacks website and download the proper version for your computer’s operating system. Whether that’s the Windows or the Mac version.

Install BlueStacks

After you’ve downloaded it, you now have the installation file for BlueStacks. You need to locate it in your computer’s downloads folder and just run the installation as you would for any other piece of software. On a Windows computer that means double-clicking on the downloaded installation file, then clicking on Install and accepting the usage agreement for the software. Then allow the installation to run until completed.

On a Mac computer, you need to double click on the installation file as well. When asked if you are sure you want to open the file, select the option to Open. On the next screen make sure the option to accept the software license is ticked and click on Install Now. If you get a System Extension Blocked pop-up just click on the Open Security & Privacy button. Then click Allow on the next screen. BlueStacks will continue until the installation is complete.

Now let’s add the app to BlueStacks

BlueStacks should now be listed among your Apps in the Start Menu on Windows and the Applications folder on a Mac. Double click on Start BlueStacks to open the program. Once the BlueStacks dashboard opens you’re going to need to select your language and click on Let’s Go. That’s all because it’s the first time you’re using the software. Next, you’re going to be asked to log in with your Gmail account. If you don’t already have one you can create it quickly at the Gmail website.

So do that and let’s move on. Now open the Google Play or the App Store. It should be visible on the screen. If it isn’t, click on the Home button and you should see it there. Another way to get Tik Tok is to look for the search icon on the right of the Home screen. It’s going to look like a magnifying glass. Click that and then type TikTok in the search window. Once you find them follow the steps I gave earlier to do the installation.

Click here to go to the Installation Steps.

After you’ve completed that you’re done and you now have access to TikTok on your computer.

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Have a great day!

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