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Global Remote Work From Home Opportunities

There are many people worldwide today who would like to augment their income for whatever reason.  I am definitely one such person and I am constantly seeking to find new and interesting companies that offer work online.

Especially those companies that cater to people who do not live in the first world countries like the USA, Canada etc

A little extra cash is never a bad idea as far as I am concerned.  Especially if it is earned by totally legitimate means.  I am sure you will agree.

In this article I am presenting the companies that I believe offer the best opportunities to earn money online no matter which country you live in.  So take a look.  See which represents an opportunity for you to find legit work online and as a result make some extra money.

Companies That Offer Opportunities for the Global Remote Work Force

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Click Worker
  • Cloud Peeps
  • Fiverr
  • Flex Jobs
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Hubstaff Talent
  • People Per Hour
  • Remote Ok
  • Service Scape
  • Talmix
  • Time Etc
  • Upwork
  • Workana

Read on for interesting details about these companies


This is an online marketplace created by Amazon which operates basically using the principle of Crowdsourcing.   What this means is that Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk as it is called enlists the help of a large group of people (the crowd) to perform tasks or projects that require human intelligence.

These are tasks that a computer cannot do.

Amazon’s crowd consists of over 500 thousand people residing in 190 countries around the world who work on a variety of small tasks or hits as they are called on a daily basis.

Hits can range from audio transcription, data research, surveys and a myriad of other interesting tasks.  They are usually real quick and easy to do.

As a Turker you get paid for each task that you complete and payment varies depending on the task given.  You can sign up and get up and running in as little as a hour and a half.  That means you can start completing tasks and getting paid in no time

If you like the idea of joining the Amazon crowd as a new Turker then you should check it out and click on Get Started With Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Companies that offer work online - Become An Amazon Mechanical Turk


Click worker is a company that is based in the US and Germany.  It takes a client companies projects and breaks them into small micro jobs which are then given out to it’s thousands of Click workers to do.  In essence leveraging the knowledge, resources and labor of the crowd.

As a Clickworker you are an independent contractor, utilizing your own computing equipment and your own schedule to get the work done.

Companies that offer work online - In 136 Countries

You can sign up  and become a part of the crowd as long as you live in a country where you can receive Paypal payments or are in a Single European Payment Area country where you can receive payment via your bank account.

Tasks assigned do not take a lot of time to complete and there is a lot of interesting variety.  Some tasks may only take a couple of seconds to do and on average a Click worker is expected to make $9 per hour.


Cloud Peeps is a remote work centred community marketplace that was launched in 2015.  Currently only accepting prospective members who live in countries where payouts from can be cleared.

At this time there are only 26 such countries worldwide as follows:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India
Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

The services are free for clients posting job offers, and for members who are there to find work there are 3 available plans.  The Free plan, the Standard plan for $9 per month and the Plus plan which is for $29 per month.

There are also transaction fees of 0.5 – 15% and a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 which members have to pay as well.

Cloud Peeps is a relative newcomer to the wider community of online job sites and in time may grow to become an industry leader.  So if you like the idea of joining an up and coming internet community with thousands of other professionals, you can get started here.

Companies that offer work online - How I Make Money Online


Fiverr is currently one of the top marketplaces for online freelance gigs.  The site is available for freelancers from all over the world to register for free and create a profile telling a little bit about themselves and the services, or gigs as they are called that they are offering for sale.

There are basically eight categories currently available for freelancers.  Each with many different sub categories and one can create multiple gigs offering different services.

Gigs on Fiverr right now range from services like programming and web design to teaching, game reviews and even tour guide services etc.  So you can say that basically anyone, from anywhere can get setup to make money on Fiverr.

To get started take a few minutes to create your profile.

There are 4 levels.  As a new user you begin at the Seller level, but as you complete your gigs providing high quality service and on time delivery you will be evaluated on a monthly basis.  The results of this evaluation is what will move you upwards through the levels.

At the top level, which is that of Top Rated Seller.  You can have up to 30 gigs running and you also have the option to create custom offers for up to $10,000.  This level is definitely the place where you want to be.  So start your upward climb through the levels here.


Are you a very highly skilled professional in the areas of graphics & design, writing & translation, music & audio, programming & tech, digital marketing or video & animation?  Or their many and varied offshoots.

If you consider yourself to be top class, upper echelon in any of these areas or their offshoots, then Fiverr Pro can be your gateway to insane income as you are able to price your gigs much higher than other members.

To sign up for pro is also free but you have to go through a vetting process to make sure you are as good as you say you are.

Companies that offer work online - Fiverr Pro Example

See the earning potential available for pro sellers?  Do you think you’re up to Pro?  Well let’s find out.


Flex Jobs offers both online International job seekers and those based in the US the opportunity to find legitimate and flexible remote, part time and freelance jobs which are hand screened by the company.

This means that every job has to go through a vetting process to make sure that it is up to standard before it is placed on the company’s job boards.

At Flex Jobs one can sign on as a free member or paid member.  However only paid members will get access to the full job database of over 30,000 jobs.  There are of course other advantages of paid membership as well.

Including the availability of over 170 expert skills tests which will provide prospective employers with a guage to determine a members aptitude in a particular area, thus allowing better matching of members to available jobs.

What about International Jobs

Even though Flex Jobs posts jobs that are mostly available in the US.  There are still plenty of high quality, high paying jobs that are available for members who wish to apply for the international job positions

Companies that offer work online - FlexJobs

Here are the success stories of a few of their international job seekers.


Freelancer is also one of the very popular online marketplaces.  Actually among the cream of the crop of such sites.  At time writing was touted as actually having over 30 million registered users.

Companies that offer work online - Freelancer Registered Users

Quite impressive numbers, Yes?

If you do a search of the jobs available at this site you will come to realize that practically every job imaginable is represented here, and yes there are innumerable numbers of internationally available projects in the listings that you can do from almost anywhere in the world.

Just select a project you are interested in and submit your bid for the job.   If your bid wins then there are apps

That allow you to keep track of your progress and keep in touch with your client throughout the process.

There are also interesting options for payment.  You can receive incremental payments when you reach pre set goals or get paid in full upon successful completion of the entire job

If that’s not enough.  There’s also lots of interesting contests that you can take part in and earn additional income as the winner.

You can sign up at Freelancer absolutely free, but you will be limited to only 8 job proposal submissions for the month.  There are also paid memberships available which unlock much more in the form of additional earnings potential for the paid member.


Founded in 1998.  This is an online marketing platform that serves as a meeting place for teleworkers and clients seeking to retain their services.

Members are accepted globally and can join for free or purchase a paid membership.  If the free option is chosen you will be able to make 10 free bids each month.

Companies that offer work online - Guru

If more bids are needed then they can be purchased and these purchased bids do not expire.

There is also another nominal fee for members of between 4.95% and 8.95%, charged from the sum that is earned at the end of each job.

Once a teleworker is hired a workroom will automatically be created.  From here communication between teleworker and client can be established.  As well as communications between team mates.

There is also an optional time tracking software tool that will track the time spent working.  This can assist with the billing process for the client.

This company has been around for 20 years now so they must be doing something right.  If you want to become a part of the community on Guru click here.


Hubstaff Talent is a subsidiary service of Hubstaff.  The company that was created back in December 2012 to provide time tracking and monitoring software.

There has been a lot of growth over the years and now this company is providing a Job Board for International Freelancers register and find work online as contractors.

Companies that offer work online - HubStaff Talent

There is also the option to register as an agency and have contractors work through your agency.

There are seven skills categories each with multiple subcategories that the independent contractor or agency can be listed under.

And the greatest thing right now is that there are absolutely no fees for all of this.  You heard right.  Absolutely no fees whether you are a client, a freelancer or an agency.

Hubstaff is providing this service because they want to help businesses find great freelance talent for their projects, and they also want to help remote agencies to showcase their services to the world.

This is like a gift horse for freelancers looking to find legitimate online opportunities and is basically open to all countries.  Click here to start with Hubstaff Talent.


Provides clients with access to over 1.5 million expert freelance professionals in over 89 countries who want to offer their services to help businesses worldwide achieve success in many different areas.

The experts at People Per Hour can create a self-tailored offer to sell their particular services or they can bid on projects posted by the over 750,000 business clients who use the site.  Just as long as their skill set matches that necessary for the project.

Companies that offer work online - People per hour

There are 15 such free bid opportunities available each month.  If more are needed then additional proposal credit can be purchased as necessary.

People Per Hour has an artificial intelligence system that works at matching the best qualified freelancer with the clients project.


Remote Ok is not as popular as some of the other more established job boards, however it still has quite a large job board and over 1 million registered remote workers worldwide who use it to find jobs online.

There are some Industry leading companies that post jobs on this board seeking to find skilled freelancers to fill these openings.  Among these are companies like Microsoft, Amazon, ESPN, GoDaddy etc.

Companies that offer work online - Remote OK

A very interesting aspect of being a freelancer working from Remote Ok is the fact that you don’t actually apply to join the website itself.

No instead you just apply for the listed jobs directly and await communication from the company that posted the job itself.  And there is a really wide range of jobs on offer that run the gamut of skill requirements.

See for yourself.  Apply for a job now.


Service Scape provides opportunities for qualified professionals offering services in only 4 categories.  These are Editing, Translation, Graphic Design & Writing.

The company currently employs a service charge which equates to a whopping 50% of member earnings when a job is completed successfully.

Companies that offer work online - Service Scape

In order to get paid members who are not US citizens and reside outside of the USA have to complete and submit a W-8BEN form

But on the other hand there is no need to bid on available jobs.  Professionals are required to sign up, create their profiles with details of their qualifications.  Submissions will be verified and once verification is complete the profile will be posted to the directory.

Clients are then able to browse this directory and choose the professional they want to work with.


At Talmix they believe in the right mix of talent and with a workforce that numbers over 35,000 independent consultants worldwide covering every sector at all levels they undoubtedly would have achieved that mix.

The company considers itself to be the home of independent business talent and prides itself on the quality of it’s talent pool which includes consultants with anywhere from 5 to 40 years of experience.

Companies that offer work online - Talmix Opportunity

If you happen to be someone who has attained extensive career experience in your chosen field and you feel that now is a good time to get aligned with a company at the cutting edge in online consultancy services, then you should definitely check Talmix out


The opportunities here are geared specifically to persons who want to make money working as an online Virtual Assistant

Companies that offer work online - Time Etc

Since 2007 the VA’s here have assisted entrepreneurs and business owners with over 1 million tasks, and the company’s directorship includes the likes of Ms. Penni Pike who was personal assistant to Sir Richard Branson for 31 years.

An AVA working with this company can look forward to flexible, interesting variety packed work.  A starting work at home salary of $11 per hour and support, help and guidance from the team at Time Etc.  Check out the site to learn more.


Upwork is another one of the top freelance marketplaces around today.  This company came on the scene in 2015 as the result of a merger between it’s two predecessors oDesk and Elance.

Currently millions of freelancers worldwide find quality work online using their website.

One thing users must be aware of before starting on Upwork is the fact that currently they charge the freelancer a fee which is deducted from the payment they receive from clients after successfully completing a job.

Companies that offer work online - UpWork Charges

The client also has to pay a small percentage as a payment processing fee.  Despite this Upwork is still a top quality marketplace.  So if you’re fine about working with the fee click here to get started.


This platform is one that is specifically geared towards freelancers who reside in the countries of the Latin American region.  As a result of this it is available in English, Portuguese and also Spanish.

Workana is based on similar principles as those used by such platforms as People Per Hour etc..  Employers will create a project and post it on the site. Companies that offer work online - Workana

Interested freelancers will submit their proposal for doing the project and the employer will simply choose the proposal that they believe is best suited to their needs.  Payment will be deposited and held securely until the project is completed, submitted and passed as satisfactory by the employer.

Then and only then will the funds be released to the freelancers account.

So if you reside in the region of Latin America then Workana may be a great choice for you as you seek to earn money online.

Companies that offer work online - How I Make Money Online


As we can see the opportunity to work online is not limited to just people who reside in first world countries.  There are a lot of companies that offer work online where there are lots of opportunities available for people from all over the world.

One just has to search through the resources available online.  Do a little research into the companies that are out there and choose the one that best fits the skill set we have.  Then apply to them to get started using your expertise to provide worthwhile solutions in exchange for money.  And if by chance you were wondering what would be the benefits of online work.  Then read this post about the benefits of online work to get some insight.

What do you consider to be the best opportunity online right now?  Please feel free to give us your insights and ideas.   Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Also share the article with your network on social media so they can benefit and also spread the knowledge about these companies too.


Doreen · at 9:47

Wow, this was a very informative and interesting article. It brings working online to me in a different light because I was not aware that there were so many other opportunities apart from the familiar few. As a Jamaican who has always wanted to work online, I will definitely explore these possibilities.

Thank you.

    Donald · at 11:01

    You’re welcome Doreen. Yes there are a lot of oportunities out there for those of us who choose to work online, and the number of available options is only going to increase as time goes by. I hope you will have found at least one of the options presented to your liking and will look into it further. And if you are really serious about working online then I happen to know of an “online university” I have to call it, that would benefit you.
    It’s actually a community on the internet and there you can learn all that you need to become a success online. They teach you everything. Including how to find a niche, build a website, find affiliate products, how to promote, how to get traffic, how to make money from advertising on your website. Really everything you need, and they even provide you with websites and hosting as well.
    You can go check them out for yourself here

    admin · at 7:17

    That’s great Doreen. We need more Jamaicans and other people from third world nations around the globe to begin to take advantage of the oportunities available online.

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