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Pinterest and Your Business

Now that you have created your new Pinterest business account you can almost immediately begin to access the marketing tools and analytics that are available for business users on the Pinterest platform.  Before you begin though there is a very important step that you need to take in order to gain access to these tools.   This step allows for the verification of ownership of your business website that is to be linked to Pinterest in order to give you access to the aforementioned tools and analytics.  In this post we will deal specifically with the process for websites built on the WordPress platform.  AKA Wordpress sites.

In effect what I am going to be showing you how to do in this post is how to claim a website on Pinterest.  The method that I am going to show you is very simple to do, and  I am also providing images that will make the process even clearer to you.  Before you begin the process though, it is necessary for you to have either Yoast or All In One installed on your WordPress website. 

If you don’t have either one installed, then please follow these links for Yoast SEO plugin and All In One WordPress SEO plugin to get and install one of these plugins.  Then activate the plugin from your WordPress administrator dashboard.

Once you have either one of the plugins installed, the steps to claim your website on Pinterest are somewhat similar in a way to the process you follow when you claim a website for Google Analytics.

How to claim a website on Pinterest

Step 1
Ok so here we go.  As we mentioned earlier by now you should have your Pinterest Business account created.  If you haven’t then please click here to get it done.   So now that we have that account up and running, make sure that you are logged in to Pinterest and begin by clicking on the 3 little dots seen at the extreme top right of your Pinterest screen.  Then click on Settings from the drop down menu that appears after you click the dots.

Claim a website on Pinterest - Step 1

Step 2
After you’ve clicked Settings you are taken to the Edit Profile window.  Here you need to click on Claim.

Claim a business website on Pinterest - Step 2

Step 3
Type the website address of the business website that you want to claim with Pinterest.  Do not include the http:// or https:// portion of the address.  After you’ve finished then you need to click on Claim.

Note:  Make sure that the website you are claiming is yours as you are going to need to log in to the dashboard of the website as part of the process detailed here.

Claim your website - type website name

Step 4
Select the option to add HTML tag.  Don’t worry about what it says about pasting into the <head> section of the site’s index.html file.  Our plugin is gonna deal with all that complex sounding stuff quickly and easily for us.  So select add HTML tag and click Next.    Then move right along to step 5

add html tag

Please Note:  The 4 steps as listed above are the same whether you have All In One SEO or Yoast SEO installed on your WordPress website.  However steps 5 to 8 of the process to claim a website on Pinterest are not exactly the same for both All In One & Yoast.  Therefore i will list them separately below.  Beginning with steps 5 to 8 for All In One.  If you are using Yoast SEO instead, please scroll down and you will find Yoast’s steps 5 – 8 right after step 8 for All In One.

Step 5 for All In One SEO users
Highlight only the characters in double quotes “” after the word content and copy them.  Then click Next.  Remember, just the characters in the quotes.  Do not copy the quotes themselves.  DO NOT close the Pinterest page.  Open a new browser window and use that new window for the next step.

Claim a website in Pinterest with All In One SEO

Step 6 for All In One SEO users
Go to your website that you are claiming and log in to the WordPress administrators dashboard.  Then click on All In One SEO, and then on Feature Manager in the drop down list.  If you did not install the All In One plugin, then please follow this link to get it.

All In One SEO

Step 7 for All In One SEO users
Click on the Activate button under Social Meta.  Doing this will allow you to add Social Meta data to your website using the All In One SEO plug in.  We need this so that we can input the html tag you copied previously.

Activate Social Meta Data for All In One SEO

Step 8 for All In One SEO users
From your WordPress website dashboard click on General Settings under All In One SEO & Scroll to Pinterest Site Verification. Then paste the html meta tag copied earlier in step 4.

Pinterest Site Verification - All In One SEO

Step 8a for All In One SEO users
Scroll to the bottom of the All In One SEO window and click on Update Options to save the html tag into your website so Pinterest can find it to complete the website verification process.  Now scroll down to step 9 below (after steps 5 to 8 for Yoast users) to finish claiming your website on Pinterest.

Pinterest site verification - Update options

Steps 5 to 8 for Yoast users

Step 5 for Yoast users
With the add HTML tag option selected, highlight the entire html tag and copy it.  Yes that means everything including the opening < and closing /> html tags.  Then click Next.  Open a new browser window and use that new window for the next step.

Claim a website on Pinterest using Yoast SEO


Step 6 for Yoast users
Log into your WordPress site admin dashboard.  Then click on SEO and then on Social.

Add social profiles to Yoast SEO

Step 7 for Yoast users
Click on Facebook and make sure that the open graph option is enabled.  if it isn’t, then enable it.  Next scroll down and click
Save Changes.

Enable open graph for Yoast SEO

Step 8 for Yoast users
Click on Pinterest & paste the meta tag you copied earlier into Pinterest confirmation area, then click on save changes.

Claim a website on Pinterest using Yoast SEO

Final steps to claim a website on Pinterest – Steps 9 to 11

 Please Note:  Steps 9 to 11 will take you to completion of the process.  These steps are the same whether you are using All In One SEO or Yoast SEO.

Step 9 
Go back to the browser window where you have Pinterest open and click next.

Finalizing website verification on Pinterest part 1

Step 10 
Click Submit to submit your verification request for review.

Finalizing website verification for Pinterest step 2

Step 11 
Look out for an email within the next 24 hrs.  This will in effect serve to notify you if your site has been successfully verified.  If your efforts were successful then you will now be granted access to Pinterest Analytics and the other available Pinterest for business tools.

Pinterest site verification email notification

Sometimes verification only takes a few minutes instead of the stated 24 hour period. Wait a few.  Say 10 minutes and refresh the Pinterest page. A green tick like the one in the image below indicates successful verification.

Successfully claimed website on Pinterest

In Conclusion

There we have it.  The completion of the process to claim a website on Pinterest.  Follow these steps for each business website that you want to link to Pinterest.  You can only claim one website per Pinterest account though.  So to claim multiple business websites you will need to have multiple Pinterest accounts.  One account for each website you want to claim.

Another good social media platform that can prove helpful in bringing traffic to your business efforts online is Instagram.  This can be a very powerful tool for your marketing efforts.  You can find information on Instagram and the procedure to open your own Business account on this platform by visiting this page.

I hope the information provided in this post was helpful in some way as you seek to start or enhance your online business(es).

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