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Best Ways To Make Money Online in Jamaica

As in many countries around the globe, the economic situation in Jamaica has been seen to get increasingly harder over the years. Especially for those who are among the poorer class in the society. Faced with increasing prices and mostly stagnant salaries more and more people are beginning to look for ways to earn more money to alleviate the situation that they find themselves in.

One available avenue for increased earning potential is the world wide web. Jamaicans are now waking up to the fact that the internet is not just a source of entertainment and the place to go to socialize, but also a place where they can find jobs online and earn in much needed US dollars.

I would like to help this process of awakening along, and therefore I am presenting here the opportunities that I strongly believe represent the best ways to make money online in Jamaica and the caribbean region at this time.

My dream is that even a few people from this beautiful island. This land of wood and water will find some opportunity from those portrayed here. One or two opportunities that they resonate with and that they will take hold firmly, invest of their time and energy and use that opportunity to make their dreams an unstoppable reality.

That is my dream. To see more and more Jamaicans and other caribbean nationals shine in online jobs and business. Just like they excel in almost every other area, every other endeavour all over the world. Let’s look at some of the avenues that they can use to achieve this online.

Ways to make money online in Jamaica and the Caribbean

1.  Affiliate Marketing

 My number 1 way to make money online

Affiliate marketing is basically a method of business advertising which saw it’s inception in the late 1980’s. Using this model, businesses will invite qualified marketers to promote their products or services online.

There are now advertising companies that act as middlemen between companies with affiliate programs and the affiliate marketers.

Once you sign up with one of these companies you are given access to a number of potential clients who require affiliate marketers to promote their product or service. You can then choose a company whose products are the right fit for your website and apply to become a marketer of their products.

To qualify to work with one of these companies though you may be required to have a website with content relevant to the products of the company in question, and have a significant level of traffic (visitors) visiting and interacting with your website.

If you choose to become an affiliate marketer your job will be to refer customers to the merchants website. Here the word merchant refers to the company who’s products or services you are promoting. For every customer you refer that makes a purchase you will earn a commission. This can potentially translate to thousands of US dollars in affiliate income for you each month.  

Interested in learning more about becoming an affiliate marketer?  Check out my #1 recommended source for both the best training and coaching.  Also the best affiliate program on the internet for new marketers to join.  When i saw what was being offered including free websites too.  i was literally blown away, and got started right away.  

But don’t just take my word for it.  Check it out for yourself here.   

2.  Freelancing

This is one very good way to earn money online. Basically if you have a professional skill or are very adept and experienced at providing a service that other people are in need of then this may be the way forward for you.

In a nutshell a freelancer is someone who offers a service in return for a financial reward. As a freelancer it is not expected that you will be offering your services to a single client, but instead will market your services to multiple clients.

Sometimes you will be contracted to do a quick single job for a client while other clients may need to utilize your services for a much longer period. The freelancer then is like a self employed contractor.

This way of making money online is ideal for:

Persons who are in a job but want to work and earn extra money in their spare time.

Persons who are unemployed.

Persons who are retired, but would still like to work and contribute.

Freelance services that Jamaicans can offer online

A)  Virtual Assistant services – Virtual Assistants provide support to businesses in many different ways. A VA’s tasks can include such things like administrative assistance, document formatting, sending emails, placing phone calls, update blogs or social media etc. A VA can be tasked with just about anything that’s support related and you can be contracted to do one task. Such as placing phone calls or to do multiple tasks as needed by the client.

To succeed as a VA one should ideally possess the following traits

Reliability – Your clients must be able to count on you to carry out the tasks given successfully.

Integrity – You must be able to manage your time and workload. Clients must be able to trust that the hours you bill for is time actually spent working diligently and not time spent goofing off on social media.

Flexibility – You may be required to work at odd hours, especially if you and your client are living in different time zones to each other.

Professionalism – This one is definitely mandatory, no matter what kind of freelance work you do online. You have to be professional when you are working on tasks for your client.

B)  Social Media Management Services – A Social Media Manager is responsible for administering a clients Social Media accounts. This can include the responsibility to create and post original content in the form of videos and text, as well as communicating with followers, monitoring customer reviews and also responding to queries.

Social Media Managers should be up to date and informed regarding the latest related technologies and trends on Social Media. Ideally they themselves should be a regular user of the available Social Media Platforms.

C)  Transcription Services – Generally transcription services involve taking an audio recording of a conversation whether from a meeting or any other such event or recordings from dictation and transcribing it to written text usually word for word. Transcription services are also provided for transcribing the audio component from video recordings to written text.

To be a top level freelancer in this area you should possess the following qualities:

Very good understanding of grammar, punctuation and spelling

Ability to listen attentively

Good typing speed and accuracy


Tons of patience

If you decide to freelance as a Transcriptionist there are 3 basic formats that you may be asked to do. These are:

Verbatim Transcription – What this means is that every single word that is spoken in the recording needs to be transcribed. Even emotions audibly displayed may need to be noted. For example a person laughing etc. Close attention has to be paid to every word, sound and intonation in order to capture and portray the correct message. Verbatim transcription is usually required for transcribing recordings from focus groups and research studies, legal documentation and legal statements.

Edited Transcription – In an edited transcript the transcriber can edit or omit sentences in order to make them grammatically correct as long as the edits do not change the sense or the meaning of what is being said by the speaker. This type of transcription is normally used for conferences, seminars.

Intelligent Transcription – This kind of transcription is basically about getting the understanding of what is being said in the audio and communicating it through text. You do not need to try to capture every word that is said. The transcript must be accurate and also make sense. This type of transcription requires good analytical skills and a good understanding of the purpose and the meaning of what is recorded on the audio.

D)  Web Development Services – the term web development encompasses all the work involved in developing and maintaining websites for the world wide web. It also encompasses the work involved in developing web applications to run on distributed computer networks such as a private Intranet.

There are 2 basic areas in web development.

Front End Development or Client Side Development – Developers in this area are responsible for creating and implementing everything that a user sees visibly displayed when they access a website, or opens an application or a piece of software.

Below are some of the elements you need to know in order to be a front end developer.





Back End Development or Server Side Development – Back end development encompasses what happens behind the scenes. It involves the scripts, databases operating systems and other software that supports the visible front end of a website or web enabled application.

Database Development – This is another very important area of web development that falls under the umbrella of back end development. It involves the design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of new and existing databases. A proper database enables the storage and management of data such as customer details, stock inventory etc.

As a back end developer here are some of the things one should be competent in.






E)  Writing Services – This kind of freelance work actually encompasses a wide variety of possible services that Jamaicans can provide to clients anywhere in the world. Some of the possibilities include:

Creation of documents in MS Word or Excel

Presentations in PowerPoint

Speech writing

Data entry

Writing of assignments and thesis

Writing of lesson plans

Edit and proofread documents

Write content for blogs and other websites

F)  Accounting Services – If you are proficient in accounting you can take on work as an accountant for both businesses and individual clients alike.  As a freelance accountant you may be required to examine and even record the funds coming into your clients accounts  as well as the outflows from these accounts too.

G)  Graphic Design Services – A Graphic Designer is responsible for creating visual concepts by creating and combining symbols, images and also text.   The aim of the Graphic Designer is to communicate ideas that will help to inform, inspire, educate and captivate the consumer.   Some of the methods  that designers  can use to achieve these goals are the creation of brochures, flyers, magazine and newspaper ads.  The creation of company or brand logos.  Also signage and displays for trade shows.   

H)  Customer Support Services – Freelancers in this area will be contracted to provide high quality support to the customers of the client company.  A Customer Support Representative (CSR) may be tasked with the job of helping the customer to use products or services correctly.  As well as taking reports of malfunctioning equipment or disruptions in services and trying to resolve these issues or escalating the report to the relevant technical support department for resolution of the issue.

I)  Voice Artist Services – A voice over artist is involved in the provision of voice over services which usually involves the reading of a prepared script.  Voice artists provide services ranging from the reading of a promotional script or even a testimonial at the lower end of the scale to providing the voices for characters in animated movies and English voices for foreign language movies.

As you can see freelance work can take many forms and it is my strong belief that this represents one of the best ways to make money online in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean because there is so much potential in the great diversity of online job options for a person to choose from as long as they possess some skill or knowledge in the chosen field of work.  Or are willing to put in the effort to learn more about the field as they go along until they are able to achieve mastery.

3.  Buy and sell websites

If you have experience in creating or improving websites then you can consider doing this as one of your best ways to make money online in Jamaica.

An online business is actually quite similar to any other sort of business.  Whether it be a Real Estate business, an Investment business, a retail store or any other kind of physical brick and mortar business.  They all have similar needs and are all geared towards making a profit and sustaining growth and development. 

Also just like brick and mortar businesses an online business can be bought and sold, and this is where you as a website flipper will find opportunities to make some good money.  Your tasks will be to find and research websites that are available for sale, to determine income potential. 

Then purchase the site and optimize it for increased traffic and income potential.  Finally resell it for profit.

4 –  Online tutoring

An Online Tutor provides academic instruction outside of the traditional classroom.  He or she delivers courses in an online, virtual distance learning environment, and currently there are online tutors providing instruction to students in a large variety of subjects and disciplines.  They also provide services where they assist students with homework and other assignments as well.

To become a tutor it is not always necessary to possess a Batchelors degree or better.  If a person is an expert in a particular vocational subject matter or a particular skill.  Then it is possible to become a tutor as long as you have High School certification.

Here are a few good websites that you can go to start out as an OnlineTutor.




5 – Write and publish your own books 

Do you have a good story in that head of yours?  Just waiting to be expressed in a great book.  Or do you have a vivid imagination, awesome life experiences or just real honest to goodness expertise in some area or other.

Well all of the above can be expressed in a book, possibly a great one at that.  And today getting a book written and published is not nearly as difficult as it was decades ago.  Here are 13 tips to get you started on writing your very first book. 

Just like my friend Rohan did and published his book to Amazon.

6 – Create a Youtube Channel 

You use Youtube don’t you?  Of course you do.  Everybody does these days and Youtube is a really awesome resource to learn new things, watch music videos  and even some movies and just a host of other things as well.

But did you know that you can make money on Youtube too?  Yep it’s actually a great resource for that as well.  Take for instance all those ads you see.  Sometimes they may seem a bit annoying to you but not so to the owner of that Youtube channel you’re watching because everytime a viewer watches a minimum of 30 seconds of an ad the channel owner gets paid.  It’s not a whole lot but believe me it adds up. 

Quite a few Jamaican and people from other Caribbean nations are on Youtube with quite a following.  They’re probably making some good money from this ad revenue.  Plus they can also make money using any one of the other ways that we will mention below.

For instance Youtube can be used to promote other money making methods we discussed previously.  Such as:

Affiliate Marketing


Create something to sell

Here are some of the Jamaicans that are doing good on Youtube.  Check out what they are doing and see if you can’t come up with an idea of your own to develop and monetize a Youtube channel.  If you should decide to create one.

Dating a Jamaican – 259,000 + views

Trick Questions – 49,000 + views

Birthday Celebration – 447,000 + views

The 2 best ways to receive your payments online

1)  Paypal

Paypal is an online solution that facilitates the transference, payment and receipt of funds in over 200 countries worldwide.  The company has been in operation since 1999 and has grown to become one of the most widely used processors for online transactions. 

Because of it’s popularity a lot of freelancers and other online business people use Paypal to make and receive payments securely online.  Jamaicans are no exception as this method is widely used here as well.

To setup your own Paypal account you will need to have the following ready:

An email address with a reliable email service, such as Gmail.  Your email address will be what you use to log in to Paypal after you complete your account setup.

Your bank account details.  You will be linking your bank account to your Paypal account.

Your credit / debit card.  Also to be linked to your Paypal account. 

Do you want to setup a Paypal account now?   See a detailed step by step guide on how to create your own Paypal account here.

Some companies that use Paypal to make payments:



2)  Payoneer

Payoneer is a great alternative to Paypal.  Also available for use in Jamaica.  They offer similar services but with a Payoneer account you have the option to apply for a Payoneer card.  With this card you will be able to withdraw your funds directly from ATM machines here in Jamaica.  

If you like the idea of the Payoneer card and would like to create your own account, then I have a post that will provide you with a step by step guide (with images of each step) that will take you right through the account creation process at Payoneer.   To view the step by step guide please click here.   Make sure to have your account details and a valid email address ready as you will need this information during your account creation.

Companies that use Payoneer to make payments: 





NOTE:  You can create both Paypal and Payoneer accounts.  This will not pose a problem and in some cases can actually provide you with alternative payment methods that you can choose from.


I hope that the methods i have presented here in this article will inspire some of our people here in the Caribbean region to make the move to earning an online income.  Whether on a part time basis to augment what they already earn or on a full time basis providing income to make their dreams become a reality.  Online income definiteyl has the capability to do both.  It just depends on you the individual and your commitment to do the work necessary.

As stated i believe that these represent the best ways to make money online in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Of course there are other ways as well.  We are a creative people and we can use that creativity to earn.  I have seen people who have Fiverr gigs where they say or sing something in Patois for pay, or they provide tour guide services or recipes or even take photos of certain places etc.  What we can do is only limited by our imaginations it seems.  

Therefore i implore you.  Go forth use your creativity and your skills.  Live your dreams.  No matter how big they may be. 

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