Time to settle in for 2019

Now that the holiday festivities and all that are over and we’ve basically begun to settle down in the new year it’s time to begin to look at the crisp new resolutions we made of all the things we decided we want to achieve over the course of this year, and if we never got around to thinking of what we want to achieve in 2019.  Then it’s definitely time to start.

If one of your New Years’ resolutions was to start a new business this year.  Then there’s no time like the present for you to start making your preparations, doing your research etc., and basically just getting the ball rolling on your new venture.

The burning question now is.  Have you decided on what business you’re going to start? 

Well if it’s going to be an online venture, then here are some of the best online businesses to start in 2019.  Hopefully you will be able to choose something from the ideas presented below that really resonates with you and you can move towards getting started in your new business.

Just remember though. An online business is going to take a little time to grow into what you want it to be.  So, If you currently have a job.  Whether it’s a regular white collar 9 to 5, or some other type of J.O.B.  Be prepared to stick with it for a bit. 

Plan on running your new business on a part time basis for now.  At least until it’s developed enough, to the point where you can tell that boss of yours adios.  If you so desire.

On that note let’s go on to look at.

Some of the Best Online Businesses to start in 2019

I always try to showcase businesses and opportunities that are available to start anywhere in the world.  One or two of these below may only be currently available in 36 or maybe 64 countries around the world but there are others that you can do virtually anywhere.

So here are the best online businesses that you can start worldwide this year.

1.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very good business model to follow globally.  As an affiliate marketer your task will be to recommend other peoples products.  Typically this will be a company’s products and can be both physical products or information products. 

The products that you choose to put your stamp of approval on (ie. The products you recommend) should be ones that you would be comfortable using for your own needs.  My personal favourite among affiliate programs is this one which will pay you up to 48% commissions on sales and also provide you with all the training you need to succeed.

With some affiliate programs you are able to make money online even if you don’t currently have a website or blog.  Others require you to have an active website that is attracting traffic.

Some companies whose products are currently being marketed by affiliates are Amazon, Walmart, Goodyear, JC Penny, AutoNation, Dell, GoDaddy, Kaspersky, Lufthansa, Swarovski and Namecheap.  Just to name a couple.

You get to sell the products of the company you’re affiliated with without any hassle because as an affiliate marketer you don’t have to deal with the hassle of creating the product, product delivery or after sale customer service

2.  Online courses

Are you really, really knowledgeable in some area?  Do you have a personal talent, or maybe a professional skill?  If you answered affirmatively to any one of these.  Are you willing to share it with the world?  If yes, then maybe creating and selling a course for online learning is the way forward for you. 

If you think that there is something that you know which can help others in some area of their life or help them with work you should seriously think of creating a course to pass on your knowledge.  This could be incredibly rewarding for you in more ways Best online businesses to start in 2019than one.

Step 1 – Decide on exactly what your course is going to teach the student.

Step 2 – Decide on the best forms of content that will help you to bring out and convey the learning objectives to your students.  Content types can include information slides, videos, documents, web pages.

Step 3 – Create your courses Storyboard.  With your storyboard, you will be putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Placing each piece of content in the correct order in your lessons to help drive the learning objectives home.  From your completed storyboard you can tweak where necessary to come up with a definite outline of the course.

Step 4 – Finalize your course.  Have others look at your course outline to critique it.  Make any necessary changes and tweak it to produce the final product.

After completion of all the necessary steps, you now need to promote your newly created course and begin to acquire students. 

There are platforms online that will host your courses.  Some good ones are Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare.

Now go forth and share your knowledge.

3.  Drop Shipping

The E-Commerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year and drop shipping is a means by which one can earn some income from this huge industry.

What is drop shipping anyways?   

Dictionary.com defines the term to mean.  To ship (goods) as a drop shipment.  That doesn’t say a whole lot does it?  Let me see if I can expound on that a bit. 

Drop shipping is a method that’s used in retail sales where the retailer doesn’t keep a stock of the products that they are selling.  Instead, the wholesaler or manufacturer keeps the stock. 

The retailer then generates sales through some sort of marketing method and when a sale is made customer details are forwarded to the wholesaler who collects payment, ships the product off to the customer and then pays the retailer who generated the sale a beforehand agreed upon commission.  That’s drop shipping in a nutshell.

How can you make a profitable online business out of this?   Well, first of all, you can create your own e-commerce web store and link with drop shipping wholesalers whose products you can sell.  Or you can sign on with a company that will provide you with a ready-made web store and sell the products from their inventory. 

The second method is definitely the easiest of the two and you can have your store set-up and ready for business in just a matter of minutes.  Places where you can get your own store this way include;  Shopify, Etsy, Volusion and Big Commerce.  

If you’re opting to use the harder method (the first one above) and create your own store yourself then the steps you need to take will be.

Step 1 – Choose a niche that you want to be in.  Ideally, this should be something that you are really interested in or passionate about.  Apart from this, your niche should provide attractive profits for the products you are going to sell and should have good product appeal.  Make sure to do a Google search to ensure that people are searching using search terms that are related to the niche that you are interested in.

Step 2 – Check out the competition.  Do searches to see if there are any others selling competing products to the ones you are thinking of.  If you find any then visit their websites to try to determine the amount of traffic they get and the keywords that they are using.

Tools that can help with this:  SimilarWeb, Alexa.

Step 3 – Find your suppliers.  Aliexpress is currently the top supplier for drop ship products.  Other contenders that you can also choose from include:  DHGate, BangGood, DealeXtreme and LightInTheBox.  Once you’ve found the suppliers that you want to provide you with products, your next step is to.

Step 4 – Build out your website.  If you have no knowledge of how to build a website this could be a rather daunting task to do it yourself.  Or you could have somebody do it for you, and that could turn out to be quite expensive.  Another alternative is to use this easy website creation
method to get your website up and running and hosted on the internet.  Totally for free.    

Step 5 – Drive traffic to your new website to start generating customers for your new drop shipping business.

4.  Information Products

Information products are usually products that teach people how to do things or how to fill a need. 

These products can be created and marketed in a wide variety of niches and the term information product can include a video or video series, a pdf report or audio.  Even an Online course as described earlier is a form of information product. 

Best online businesses to start

If you create your own information product as opposed to selling products from someone else you will have the highest possible income potential from the sale of that product as your only deductible from the sale price of your product will be the usually minimal cost to make and sell it. 

In most cases for Information products that represents no more than 5 to 10% of the sale price, leaving you with 90 to 95% profit from each and every sale.

Of course, as mentioned before that’s if you sell your product yourself on your website.  If you use a third party to sell your stuff then having to pay that middleman is definitely going to eat into your profit margins.

If you decide to give this type of business a try then the easiest way to start would be to sell the products of others and I will point you in the right direction by suggesting two good places where you can find products to sell. 

These are:  Clickbank and Payloadz

5.  Make money on Youtube

If you are contemplating making a choice from one of the business models we list here as the best online businesses to start in 2019.  You should bear in mind that a successful online business can practically revolutionize your life by providing you with the income that you truly desire. 

Whether that desired income is $3000 a month to $10000 a month, or $150000 a year and even up to $1000000 a year and more. 

Take this little boy named Ryan for example.  He made an amazing $22 million in 2018 as the number 1 earning Youtuber in the world, according to research by Forbes.


We can therefore, see that the earning potential on Youtube is simply enormous.  With over 1.8 billion people logging in every month according to Business Insider Youtube has become Googles’ most popular service beating Gmail into second place and it also holds the second place position among the most popular search engines. 

Big businesses like Nike, Adidas, Colgate, and General Electric and many others all use Youtube as a means to market their products.  But how will you make money from the enormous market on Youtube?

Well, you could do like Ryan and review toys for big bucks (just kidding about the toys there), but in reality, doing product video reviews is one way to generate an income on Youtube.  Product reviews are what Ryan and other top-earning YouTubers do.  Other methods include:

Sell products on Youtube

This is one of the better ways by which you can make money on Youtube.  So if you have a great product that you want to get out there, you can do a Youtube video to promote it.  Another way to make money with products is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer. 

You could use a product review to introduce the product.  Then have a link available to purchase it.

Become a Youtube Star

Are you a regular laugh riot? Can you sing like a canary? Do you like travelling?  Whether within your country or without.  Are you a good cook or maybe you’re great at something else?

Well, you could create videos of yourself doing what you do and start a Youtube channel.  Then when you’re up to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you can join the Youtube Partner Program.   Once in you can earn money from Youtube ads on your channel, from brand sponsorships, from paid subscriptions to your channel and also from the selling of merchandise.

Still having doubts about the possibility of finding any real benefits in the idea of becoming a Youtube star.  Well just remember this.  At least 12 major artistes got their start on  good ol Youtube.  Including Carly Rae Jepson, Charlie Puth and Justin Bieber.  

Yep, all of them were Youtubers.  Just putting their talent out on their channels before being discovered by the music industry moguls.

6.  Run an online store

This kind of online business comes under the umbrella of e-commerce.  Kinda like Drop Shipping does and the steps to set up an online store are similar to those for setting up a dropship store.   

You should put as much thought into your online store as you would do if you were going to open a physical storefront.  Points to give serious consideration to include: 

What you are going to sell – Will it be a physical product that will need to be shipped?  And will require you to maintain an inventory.  Or will it be a digital product that can be delivered online?  No inventory necessary.

Are you going to sell only one type of product in your store?  Or are you going to sell a wide variety of things?

What sort of e-commerce solution will you utilize for your store?  Do you want to create a store where you are given a website and hosting?  Or do you want to create your own website from scratch and find your own hosting provider?

What do you want to name your new store?  And how will you promote the site in order to get traffic and sales?

So those are some of the considerations that you have to make.  After all these preparations are squared away.  It’s then time to go ahead and start to create your new store website.

7.  Freelancing

The term freelancing refers to a novel new way to work.  Without having to do the commute to get to a company office or work site.  Instead, you are able to work from home, from your favorite Starbucks, and depending on the work you’re doing even from the beautiful white sand beaches of Iberostar Grand Hotel in Jamaica. 

Freelance workers come from many different disciplines and skill sets, but all are basically self-employed skilled workers and professionals in whatever areas they specialize in.  There are certain advantages that accrue to a freelancer as opposed to someone working in a regular 9 – 5 environment. 

Very obvious advantages are:

Not having to commute to an office

Having more time to spend with family

Possibility for flexible work scheduling

If you have a marketable skill that you believe can make you more money as a self-employed contractor than is possible working for a company then here is a list of companies where you can find freelance work online from virtually anywhere in the world.

8.  Amazon FBA

FBA means fulfillment by Amazon and this is a novel way for sellers to sell products on one of the largest and most recognized retail companies in the world.   With this method, there is no need to worry about the wearisome logistical issues Best online businesses to start in 2019that a seller can face if they were to handle warehousing, order processing and shipping themselves.

So how this works is that the Amazon FBA seller decides on what products are to be sold via this method.  Then the products are added to the FBA inventory by the seller.   Next step is to prepare the product for transportation.  This includes packaging the product as you want it to be sent to the customer when a purchase is made.

After that’s all done you send the product out to Amazon.  It is received, inventoried and stored at one of Amazon’s large fulfillment centers.  Then listed on Amazons website.  All ready for delivery when a sale is made.

When a customer sees your product on the website and makes a purchase.  Amazons automated process will handle the entire transaction for you. 

After the checkout process is completed successfully your item is taken from its warehouse location, packaged and shipped to your waiting customer.  And even after the product is received the company will check with the customer to verify that everything is in order.

For its services, Amazon will charge the seller a fee which is basically $1.00 on each item sold if the seller is not a professional seller.  However, if you are a professional the fees for you will be $39.99 per month.

Now here’s one innovative way that someone who doesn’t manufacture their own products could do this kind of business, expensive though it may be.  The idea is to go directly to the manufacturers. 

Say in a country like China.  There you would source and purchase the product you’re going to sell on Amazon, preferably in bulk.  (usually, you get better prices the more product you buy).  Then ship it back home.  After that follow the procedures to get it into Amazons FBA process and after that’s done, do an aggressive marketing campaign to generate sales of your product on Amazon.

That’s it folks!!

Yes, that’s it my friends.  Those are the choices that in my opinion represent the absolute best online businesses to start in 2019 for people all over the globe.  I do hope that this article will provide the information you need to make an informed decision into what business you will start now to begin to augment your income this year and moving forward into the future.  Wherever you are on the globe.

Please pin, share and tweet this article using the Social Media buttons below, and feel free to leave a comment to share your success story with using any of the methods above.  Or your insights into how they can help you to make money this year.


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