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Would you like to Make Money Online?

Have you been asking yourself the question of how can I make money online?  Maybe family obligations or some other kind of circumstance have now led to you beginning to think that you need to try to work from home instead of doing a traditional kind of job.  or maybe you’re just tired of working for someone else.

Whatever the case may be.  You’ve come to the right place.

On this website, we look at opportunities that you can use to accomplish your goals of making money online and working from home.  In this particular post, our Affiliate Future review we are going to give you a detailed review of one such company. Our aim with this review is to present you with facts regarding the money making opportunity that this company represents.

As you read you are also going to discover other important, but related information that will increase your knowledge about the goals you have in your sights.

So, what is Affiliate Future?

Affiliate Future is a company that started in 1999. The company runs an affiliate network and works with companies who are looking to advertise and advertising agencies as well. The advertising is done on the websites of people who sign up with Affiliate Future as Publishers.

An affiliate marketing publisher can be an individual website owner or it could also be a business that consents to run ads on its’ website in exchange for commissions paid to it for the referrals and / or sales that come to the advertiser as a result of the advertisements that are run on the publisher’s website.

Publishers can also provide high quality, informative content about particular products or services.  When someone who is searching for such a product or service finds this content, they may choose to purchase it, based on their need for the product as well as the information provided by the publisher.

If the prospective customer does decide to buy and clicks on the links from the Publisher’s website, video, etc then makes a purchase the publisher receives a previously agreed percentage of the sale figure as his commission.

So in essence what Affiliate Future does is it helps to facilitate the boosting of sales for the advertiser’s who become clients. This is done by greatly expanding the advertisers reach. Allowing them to now reach new audiences who visit the websites of the affiliated publishers.

It also allows affiliate marketing publishers to make some money from their websites.  Or in affiliate marketing terms it gives the publishers a way to monetize their website.  Now let’s look at some terms we just mentioned.

If you already know a lot about affiliate marketing, then you can click here to skip by this section, but if you are new to online business and the concept of affiliate marketing then I would recommend that you continue reading this section on affiliate marketing as there is a lot of good information contained within.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one type of performance-based marketing that provides affiliate marketing publishers with the opportunity to earn money from promoting goods and services from companies or other individuals.  Publishers will do this promotion on their websites, blogs or their social media profiles.

This marketing method represents the easiest and most inexpensive way for somebody new to the idea of online business to make money, and it also has huge potential for one to make large amounts of cash each month.  Later on, in this article, I will show you some proof to back up that claim.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

As an affiliate marketer, you can choose to search for affiliate products to market by yourself or you can sign up with an affiliate marketing network where you can find many products to market.  All under one roof.  Whether you choose to go with a network or find individual companies to promote their products the first step you take is to sign up as an affiliate.

When you sign up you now have an agreement with the company whose products you will promote.  These companies that offer products for affiliate promotion are loosely called Affiliate Merchants.

After you have signed up with a company, your next step is to choose the products that you want to promote.  Choose products that are aligned with the direction of your business.

What I mean is, if you want your online business to be about helping people to find the best solutions and products for home defense.  Then you would choose affiliate marketing companies that have good products for home defense systems.

After you’ve chosen your products then the next step is to promote these products.  When you do this the result will be that you send visitors to that company’s website as a result of your promotions.

These visitors will potentially purchase products on the company website and the company will reward you with affiliate commissions because those visitors who came and made purchases did so because of your promotional efforts.

Get started to affiliate marketing

How will the company know that the purchasers are visitors coming from you?  The answer is that the link that your visitor clicks on to go to the company website includes some coding that is 100% unique to you.  The company uses this bit of code to track all visitors that originate from you.

So they know how many people came from your website over any given time frame, and how many people made purchases.

What is the difference between an affiliate network and an affiliate program

You may be wondering right now about the difference between an affiliate network and an affiliate program. The quick answer to this question lies in the fact that an affiliate program refers to a program that is hosted, run and maintained by a single company.

Such a company will manage its own affiliate program and you as a Publisher will have to approach the company directly to gain acceptance to their affiliate program.

An affiliate network, on the other hand, is comprised of a group of affiliate merchants, each with their own affiliate programs, grouped together and managed by a third partner. This third partner is the company that runs and operates the network.

So how it works is that these affiliate merchant companies join the network, and the company that operates the network then becomes responsible for managing the merchant’s affiliate marketing program. Publishers also join the network, and once they’ve joined they can search for companies within the network whose products they wish to promote.

Typically there are thousands of merchants listed on these networks, and signing on to a network like this is a very good move for a new affiliate marketer. Once you are signed to the affiliate network, you can then apply to start an affiliate partnership with those companies you’ve chosen on the network.

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Now that we’ve taken a look at what affiliate marketing is.  Let’s get back to our Affiliate Future review.

How Does the Affiliate Future program work?

Affiliate Future operates an affiliate network, and as mentioned before it seeks to help its’ clients to expand their advertising reach by allowing them to reach new audiences.  This new audience is made up of the visitors to the affiliated websites of the publishers.

Affiliate Future connects advertisers and publishersto achieve this advertising expansion which is expected to result in increased sales for the companies who advertise, and of course commissions for the publishers as well.

Sign up with Affiliate Future Affiliate Marketing Network

Sign up as an Advertiser at Affiliate Future

To sign up as an advertiser at Affiliate Future go to the advertiser’s page on the Affiliate Future website and scroll down to the end of the page where you will see a link to Apply Online.  Click that link and you will be taken to the advertiser registration page.

Next, you fill out the little form that’s there (shouldn’t take more than a minute or two).  After you’ve finished with the form hit Submit.  The next step is for them to call you to discuss your application.  This can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

As an advertiser, you can choose from 2 advertising plans.  The first one is the Self Managed plan, while the second one is the Account Managed plan.

If you opt for option 1, the Self Managed Plan this will mean that you will have Full Access to the Affiliate Future network and the Integration and Support teams.

You will also get the Affiliate Future platform training and access to helpdesk support.

Option number 2.  This is suited to those advertisers who do not have the necessary resources needed to run their own campaigns.  In that case Affiliate Future will do it for them.

This type of account includes the following features:

An initial consultation

A dedicated account and one on one training for success

Promotions on Industry forums

An event planning and marketing schedule.

Monthly analysis and reporting

Inclusion in the Perfect Partners program

Contacts with top relevant publishers and also vertical relevant publishers.

Benefits for advertisers

Advertisers will have certain benefits if they decide to use the Affiliate Future network to take their business into the realm of affiliate marketing online.  The benefits that they will gain include the following.

Access to high-quality support

Training on how to use the platform

An estimated 300,000 plus listing of publishers.  If your advertising offer is popular then this could mean a huge amount of visitors coming to your website.

Sign up as a Publisher with Affiliate Future

If you would like to become an Affiliate Future publisher or just want to take a quick look at what the publisher sign up page looks like you can find it here.  If you want to go on to sign up as a publisher then you need to scroll down to the end of the page and click on Apply Online.

You are now taken to the Affiliate Future publisher registration page.  Again there is a quick form to fill out.  The form is pretty easy to fill out though.  Requiring things like your name, email address, country, desired user name, your website name, and website address.

If you haven’t gotten a website yet, then you are going to need one.   Enter your desired website name below to reserve it for your website and then move on to the free training to quickly create your website.

Enter the website name that you want below.

Continuing on with our look at the Affiliate Future Sign-Up form.  There are just 2 fields on the form that are not as straightforward as the rest.

Those are the Publisher Type and Sector fields.  For Publisher Type, you need to select the type of publishing that you plan to do from the list of options.  There are 29 options available including blogs, email and mobile advertising networks among others.  So just select the one that best describes how you intend to promote affiliate products and move on.

The next field is the Sector field and there are 53 sectors from which to choose here.  The sector basically refers to the category of online business that you are into.  So just select the appropriate sector and move on with the form.  The form should take you no more than 3 minutes to complete.  When you’re done just click Submit.

One more very important thing to note.  The field that says Network will give you a listing of 3 available networks.  The UK, the USA, and the EU.  I would recommend choosing the network for the USA.

Why do I say that?  Simply because the UK and EU networks do not have a lot of affiliate advertiser listed in them.  While the USA network, on the other hand, will give you a listing of hundreds of advertisers.

You won’t see that information from the signup page though.  You will notice the difference only after you have completed the signup process and moved on to the selection of advertisers to work with.

This particular affiliate marketing network should work well for people who are blog owners, website administrators, Youtube stars and Social media influencers.

Some of these people will be able to utilize a sizeable following to influence and successfully promote the advertiser’s products online generating a significant amount of sales.

After I sign up as a Publisher what’s next?

After you’ve completed  and submitted that registration form it will be reviewed to see if you are suitable to partner  with the company’s affiliate marketing services.  You will be notified of the decision that has been made regarding your application.  This notification will be sent to the email address that you provided.

Once accepted to the network you are now ready to work with the Affiliate network Marketing advertisers on the platform.  You now have access to all the tools that are available on that network to help you to succeed.  Your next step now is to search the network and find affiliate programs to join, so that you can start promoting.

Let’s run through the steps to do this.  First, you need to log in to your account and go to the home page.  That’s the first page you are taken to after logging in.  On it, you will see your account summary, etc.  The next thing you need to do is click on the word Programmes that you see on the left side of the dashboard.

That will now expand a bit showing you programme-related options.  Click on the option that says Programmes not joined.  This is supposed to show you the listing of merchants that you have not joined yet.  Seeing as you haven’t joined any merchants yet you are now seeing a list of all the merchants for the specific network you signed up with.

Now you can start your search.  You can search by sector (categories) or you can search for a particular advertiser’s name, or just scroll through the visible list of companies right there on that page.  When you find a company that you are interested in look to the right of the company name and click on details / add.

This will take you to the merchant overview page for that advertiser.  That page will give you more details about the company and the offer they have available.  If everything is acceptable to you then click on the Join button to be accepted to the programme.

If you do not see a Join button, but instead a button that says Apply then it means you have to apply to that programme and acceptance is not guaranteed.  They will look at your details and the details regarding your website and then make a decision based on their findings.

Once you get accepted to your chosen program(s) then you’re ready to go.  There will be promotional tools for you to use, provided by the merchant and you will also be given affiliate links to use when you are promoting the company’s products.  Remember, as mentioned earlier those affiliate links for bloggers include an affiliate ID code that is unique to you, and this is how the company will track the results of your efforts.  So make sure to use the link assigned to you to send visitors to the company website.

Here’s an idea of what an affiliate link looks like.

Affiliate links for Bloggers

As we can see from this sample affiliate link for bloggers, the first section of the link is the company website URL.  The second section is your unique affiliate ID code.  When you create a link to the company website to send traffic over there you have to use the complete affiliate link, including your code.  The company cannot know it’s you if you don’t.

How much can you earn with Affiliate Future?

That depends on a few variables.  The first such variable is the commission that the merchant / advertiser is paying for each successful sale or lead.  You would have seen that from the merchant profile on your Affiliate Future account dashboard before you signed up with that particular merchant.

Another variable is how many sales you can generate from your marketing.  This will vary for each publisher, but variables such as these will determine how much money you make using the Affiliate Future network marketing platform.

The beauty of the affiliate marketing business model is the fact that you can start your own business online cheaply or even for free and be earning 24 / 7 / 365.  Meaning that once you have placed high-quality content on your website online as a part of your marketing efforts, then you can be earning money from that content every single day of the week.

From visitors coming from all over the world.  Seeking to find the items that you are promoting.  That is why affiliate marketers can earn thousands of dollars every month from their online businesses.

My Number 1 Recommendation

This is the best opportunity for persons who want to make money online.  No, it’s not Affiliate Future.  Affiliate Future is a good company and yes you can make money with them, but frankly, it is not my number one recommendation to make money online.

I found this company that I’m recommending myself after many months of research into ways to make money online, and they taught me every single thing I know.  I’m telling you.  I was a total newbie who knew absolutely nothing.  I started off with a free course they have, I learned a whole lot from it and I’ve never left.

Now because of them and the training they provide.  Plus the great community there.  I am making money online.

Read more about my journey here.  Or, start on a free 10 lesson affiliate marketing course right now.  You can check out the course here

See images below for the kind of financial transformation that can happen in your life with this opportunity.  All of us start out as newbies, but with the training and community, this is what we achieve.  You can do it too.  We teach you.

Your Affiliate Future - How to make money on Youtube training

Your Affiliate Future - Linked To Wealthy Affiliate

Results like this can be in your future as an affiliate marketer.  Take the first step.  Start the free course.

We show you how you can have 100k in your future

Your Affiliate Future - You Can Make Money Online

We’ve now come to the end of this Affiliate Future review.  I trust you have found it to be informative and will now act on my recommendation as you move forward to learn how you can start making money online from the comfort of your own home.

Please share this post with others via email, your social media accounts or whatever other methods you may have at your disposal.  Let us share the knowledge that Yes you can make money online.  No matter where in the world you reside.

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