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Hello there everyone, and welcome to Online Money Gigs.  My name’s Donald and like you and a lot of other people around the world.  I’ve got a real interest in finding great ideas for earning money online.  Lots of it.

From my late teenage years, I’ve been really keen on the whole idea of having my very own business.

You know being my own boss, having the time and resources to spend with family, do the things I want to do, travel and all that desirable stuff.

The Journey Thus Far

Since those early years, I’ve been involved with a few business ideas.  Like most people I’ve had some success and some failures.  Luckily just a bit more successes than failures, and I’m happy for that.

Some of it was offline stuff though.  For example, I’ve run a small taxi service and a grocery business.

I’ve also provided services as a contractor as well and even created a website or two.

About 10 years ago I was introduced to Multi-Level Marketing and then came the eureka moment.

That moment when I realized just how wonderful the internet was and how I could use it as a tool to help and inform so many more people online.

I’ve been hooked ever since, and along the way, I’ve also learned that there are actually many legitimate work opportunities online as well as business ops.

For those among us who would like to earn a bit of extra income on a part-time basis or even develop a full time, consistent income stream for themselves.

Online Money Gigs Vision

The Vision for Online Money Gigs

What I want to achieve here is quite simple really.  In a nutshell, I want to help people all over the world to discover ways to reach their goal of starting to earn an income online, or if they’re already earning, help them to increase their earnings.

Currently over 51 percent of the world’s population has access to the internet.  That’s a mind boggling over three billion people.  I want to help as many as I can with their own unique online journey towards the worthwhile and very achievable goal stated above.

On the pages of this website, you will be introduced to a variety of real online opportunities which are not just available in the US, Canada, The UK etc., but are available to people worldwide.

Yes actually available all over the globe.

My recommendation

See my # 1 recommendation for you to start your own profitable online business.  Or learn about doing business online.  A 10 lesson free course is available as well.

Recommended Online Business Course

Too long have we lived with the misconception that there’s no good opportunity available online for the peoples of Africa, the Caribbean, south and central America, Asia etc.

Let us dispel that misconception.


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