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Work from home jobs are great, and more and more people are realizing that working remotely is the way of the future.   Back in May 2018, scientific researchers released a study which stated that 53% of the global work-force work from home at least half of the work week.

So far the statistics haven’t been released for 2019 but I look forward to seeing how the numbers of remote jobs worldwide have increased from 2018.

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to be able to work remotely or telecommute as it’s officially referred to?  I sure wish I was able to, and I can’t wait to see the day when such an opportunity becomes available.

If you’re not quite sure just how to respond to that question, here are a couple of the benefits of telecommuting for the Work-from-home jobs - The Telecommuting Lifestyleemployee.

==>  Increase in time flexibility – As a telecommuter, you are able to have flexible work schedules.  There is no stipulation to get to work by X time or face the wrath of the boss.  As there usually is with a traditional 9 to 5.

Instead, you can choose to start working at say 1 pm each day or at different times every day.  Your work schedule is entirely under your control.

Another great advantage of this time flexibility is that you now can attend to all those other personal matters that previously you could hardly find time for or had to get others to do for you.

Things like attending to the kids, taking care of the shopping and doing what you need to around the house would be easier when you have one of these telecommuting jobs.

==>  Decreased costs – No longer will you have to bear the costs of transportation to and from work.

You won’t need any expensive business suits to wear to the office either.  No sir.  When you are working out of your home something like sweatpants and a t-shirt is quite ok.  Unless you’re going to be taking part in a video business call or
something like that of course..

You will also save on the cost of lunch as it’s usually cheaper to have lunch at home as opposed to having it at the office.

So there you have it.  We’ve looked at just a few of the benefits of work-from-home jobs.  There’s more that we could mention here but that’s a subject that we can continue in a different article.  Instead let’s move on to the real focus of this post.

13 of the best companies for work from home jobs

As the world’s job markets move progressively onwards towards greater adoption of the telecommuting job model there are now hundreds of companies that have already incorporated this model as a part of their business practices and procedures.

For the past couple years, FlexJobs has been compiling a list of the top 100 companies that provide remote work.  However in keeping with the overall worldwide inclusion theme of Online Money Gigs, I want to take it a little farther with this post

Therefore, the 13 companies that are listed below do not just provide remote jobs locally in their own countries, but remote jobs worldwide.  That means that these companies provide international jobs and as a result will accept applications from remote job seekers in multiple countries.

In the future, i will definitely be providing additional listings for companies that cater to the global job market, but for now please go through the 16 here.  Find something that is a match to your qualifications and skills and apply.

If you are successful you can then develop your own personal telecommuting policies and procedures or work within the established policies of your new employer if they have such defined policies.  With that said.  Here are the companies.


Appen Limited has it’s global headquarters in Sydney Australia.  This company collects data by way of crowdsourcing in the form of voice, image, text, video and alphanumeric data types. 

Read more on crowdsourcing

This raw data that is collected is then used by Appen to provide its clients with high-quality training material for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications and products.

If you are seeking to find genuine, internationally available work-from-home jobs, then this company is one that you should definitely look to as it seems to be one of the front runners for global remote jobs with more than 1 million contractors in 130 countries worldwide.

A recent blog post on their website at the end of January 2019 stated that the top 6 roles that they are looking to fill in 2019 are those of:   Appen - Click To Play

Internet analyst

Social media evaluator

Microtask worker


Web search evaluator


This doesn’t say that these roles represent all that they need to fill because Appen utilizes remote workers in other areas such as content-reviews. business development, information technology, crowdsourcing, and data science.  To name a few.

According to Indeed.com Appen hourly paid employees reportedly received pay at an hourly rate that varied between $9.00 per hour to $30.00 per hour based on the particular category of job performed.

If you’d like to apply for a remote work position at Appen, then you should do so by all means.  Click the logo below to get started

Work From Home Jobs at Appen

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Citi or Citigroup Inc., as it’s officially named, is a multinational banking and finance corporation which happens to be the 12th largest in the world with 1.79 trillion dollars in assets. The company was created back in 1998 and is now doing business in 160 countries, encompassing 200 million customer accounts and 214,000 employees worldwide.

As a result, Citigroup has become a truly global employer and from time to time requires remote workers for various purposes which can range from client engagement to data analysis and financial reporting among other things.  However, these opportunities are usually very specialized and therefore require highly skilled people to fill the vacancies.

To prove that there are really globally available jobs on offer at Citigroup I just did an impromptu search for international remote jobs in 3 geographic regions of the world on the Citigroup website and the search returned 135 current results from the following 3 regions:
Asia Pacific (97 jobs)
Europe, Middle East & Africa (30 jobs)
Latin America (8 jobs)

Work at home with CitiGroup Jobs


This is a technologically-enabled, high-value business services company that specializes in customer engagement and improved business performance. Providing services to customers in 10 industries including the automotive industry, banking, consumer electronics, and the communications industry.

The Concentrix customer base includes some of the world’s best brands and it’s staff complement, including the remote workers in work at home jobs spans some 40 plus countries and 6 continents worldwide.  Offering a unique next-generation customer experience that helps client companies to better connect with their customers.

Work From Home Jobs - Concentrix Job Fair

Concentrix actively encourages remote work arrangements and when I took a look for myself a few minutes ago I saw job openings on the Concentrix website for job applicants in Jamaica and 33 other countries around the world including China, Egypt, Honduras, India, Mauritius, Portugal, Slovakia, and Tunisia.  See for yourself here.

If you would like to search for and apply for existing jobs at Concentrix, then you need to follow the link from the logo below to begin your search.
Concentrix Work-from-home jobs


Groupon was founded in 2008 for the purpose of providing a worldwide e-commerce marketplace that provides its subscribers with discounts of up to 70% on services, travel, goods and entertainment activities provided by its affiliated merchants in 48 countries worldwide.

The international work-from-home jobs that are currently available at Groupon requires skills for work that range from simple tasks to work that require specialized skills.  The workforce is grouped into the following teams

Groupon Teams

Sales and Sales Operations

EngineeringWork From Home - Groupon deal Jamaica

Product Management

Accounting, Finance, and Tax

Administrative and Facilities

Human Resources and Legal

Operations and Data Analysis

Marketing and Editorial

Information Technology

Design and UX

Buying and Supply Chain

Customer and Merchant Support

There is also the Groupon Partner Affiliate Network – As a partner, one can earn up to 10% commissions promoting Groupons many deals and discounts.

If you would like to see what sort of jobs are available on the Groupon teams.  Click the logo below.

Work at Home Groupon Jobs

Kelly Services

They are an employment agency that has been around since the 1940s.  Over this period they have managed to become well established in this area of business. Now seen as one of the largest employment agencies they currently have over half a million job seekers registered worldwide in their global talent network.

That network currently spans over 30 countries across the globe and 18 different categories of job openings,  With such an impressive presence worldwide, Kelly services is truly one of the better companies to look to when seeking to find international work-from-home jobs.

Work from home - Kelly Job categories

Salaries at Kelly will naturally vary depending on the type of job you are doing, but for example, a customer service representative can look for a starting salary in the range of $13 US dollars an hour while a substitute teacher would find themselves starting at a salary in the range of $11 dollars an hour.

If you are interested to find the right job for you at Kelly Services.  Please click the logo below to get started.

Remote work - Kelly Services


LionBridge Technologies is a multinational company founded in 1996 that provides support to other companies around the world in areas including language translation, software testing, software development, and content development among others.

Some of the jobs that Lionbridge has available include positions for interpreters, linguists, data collectors, software testers, quality controller, games test associate, architect, systems engineer, office manager and many others.

The multinational has an arm that specifically deals with remote work opportunities worldwide.  This is the LionBridge Smart Crowd Team.  As one of the worldwide smart crowd team members you are able to work in the cloud, wherever in the world you want, whenever you want.  Night or day.

To become a part of LionBridge smart crowd please click the button below to see what opportunities are available in your geographic area of the world

Remote jobs worldwide - LionBridge


Up to 2015 this company was known as CrowdSource but has since changed its name to OneSpace in order to better represent the company’s mission which is to make it as easy as possible for their customers to identify competent and skilled resources for their projects and assignments while staying ahead of the competition.

This renaming can still be a source of some confusion here in 2019 as CrowdSource still maintains an online presence even though they have the OneSpace website up and running at the same time.  I’m not sure why this is so.  However, trying to access the workforce area from CrowdSource will take you directly to OneSpace.

Kinda like Onespace represents the recruitment arm for CrowdSource.

The OneSpace freelancer workforce is made up of millions of people in over 180 countries globally performing jobs that are usually short on-demand tasks like data entry and transcription.  As a newbie at OnesSpace, you start at proficiency level 1 and as such are limited to a certain number of online tasks.

As you receive positive feedback for completed tasks your proficiency level will move up to level 2 and can go up to level 4 or expert level.  At the expert level, you may be recruited for exclusive projects and offered a higher rate of pay

To find out more about the OneSpace workforce you can click on the button below.

Global Remote Freelancers - OneSpace


Study.com which previously went by the name Education Portal was started in 2002 by 2 university students who wanted to try and do something about the very prohibitive cost of attending a traditional college.  As such students can take a wide variety of college-level courses and earn credits that can be transferred to a large number of university and college programs.

Today this company purportedly helps over 1 million students worldwide to access engaging audio and video content delivered by study.com instructors.

Remote work is available for international freelancers in areas such as content writing, content editing, video editing, audio editing, and other areas.

Payment for these work-from-home jobs vary according to the specific jobs and the company pays out via Paypal twice a month for work done.

There’s not a lot of information available online for the company but if you are interested in helping to create content for the students who use the site you can visit to see what kind of jobs are available at this time.

To find out more about the job openings click on the button below to be taken to the company’s jobs page.

Global jobs - Study.com

Walt Disney

Most people can remember as a child hearing the name Walt Disney and wanting to visit Disney World or Disneyland.  Back in my time, it was all about Disney World in Florida, but these days the company has a total of 12 Disney Theme parks around the world.Work From Home Jobs With Disney

It’s not just about Theme parks either.  The Walt Disney Company currently fully owns or has part ownership in at least 13 other companies that don’t have the name Disney, and the total combined value of everything Disney is said to be nearing 130 billion dollars.

That’s a lot of carrots for Bugs Bunny right there.

Walt Disney is a global employer and one can find jobs available in over 40 countries when you visit the careers section of the company website.   Apart from corporate office jobs in the different countries there are also work from home jobs that can be found on the site.

So if you want to explore working with the Walt Disney Company you should click on the button below and see what’s available.  Who knows.  Maybe soon you’ll be working with Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Disney crew.

Disney International Jobs


To work with TTEC start by clicking the button below

Work From Home Jobs - TTEC International Jobs


To work with Unilever start by clicking the button below

Unilever Internationally available jobs


To work with uTest start by clicking the button below

Work-at-home with Utest Worldwide Jobs


To work with VIPKids start by clicking the button below

Great Global Work From Home Jobs With VIPKids

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I hope you were able to find something that works for you in this post.  To see other Internationally available opportunities to work online from the comfort of your own home see the article on Companies that offer work online from anywhere in the world.  Click here to read more.

Please also leave a comment below and share this post with your social media network.


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